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Monday, April 30, 2012

Boardwalk Badness Weekend, Part 1: Pre-Party

I'm home. It's Monday night, and after months of anticipation, our first BBW experience is behind us. My mind is crammed with so many details and the task of recording it all is daunting. I know I'll forget things, as always. But I need to make a start. Especially since I'm being nagged by the Peanut Gallery on FetLife! :-)

First and foremost -- WE HAD A BLAST! Yes, getting there was stressful for me. But it was well worth it. Thursday afternoon until very late Sunday night were crammed with fun and laughs, play, new friends and old ones, and tons of hugs and kisses. The SSNY people really know how to put on a party and please the masses.

Thursday morning, I got up at 1:30. Yes, a.m. John came over at 3:00, we piled his stuff into my car and headed for the airport. There were some stressors early on: 1) We couldn't find Parking Lot C at LAX (what a zoo that place is!); 2) it was raining and we got drenched heading for the shuttle depot; 3) the TSA agent held back John's carry-on and made us sit and wait while he went through it, not saying a word of explanation to us. Turned out he didn't like the Thermos John had in there; 4) the A/C on the plane wasn't working properly and we were boiling; 5) the plane ride and elevation aggravated John's knee and his lower leg swelled up like a balloon. But we got there in one piece, regardless. And Sarah and RG, bless them, were there waiting for us. So very nice of them to offer us a ride! It was fun to finally meet them.

We rode with them and Becka (who was a hoot!) to the Resorts Atlantic City hotel, which took about an hour. By the time we got there, around 5:00, I was exhausted. John had slept on the plane, but I couldn't, so all I wanted to do was get to our room and sleep for a while before the socializing began. I so wanted to greet everyone we saw as we made our way through the hotel, but part of me was screaming, "SLEEEEEEP! I need sleep! And some peace and quiet. I will put on my party face later; right now, I am running on fumes." I was afraid anyone who saw me at that time would think I was most uptight and unpleasant.

So we finally got our room keys and straggled upstairs. However, sweet peace and comfortable bed eluded me a little longer -- we stepped into our room and found a disaster area. The beds were unmade, the carpets were wet and there was a fan blowing in the middle of the room. The bathroom was trashed, wet towels everywhere and mold in the shower. I called the front desk, explained what we were seeing and he put me on hold. Finally, when he came back on the line, he said the room had been flooded and we shouldn't have been put there. He apologized and said they'd switched us to another room on the same floor. Of course, we had to shlep down to the front desk again with all our stuff and get the keys. (groan)

I cannot tell you how lovely that clean, neat room looked, how good that bed felt, when we finally checked into #4203. :-) We unpacked and then hit the bed for a nap.

The official party wasn't starting until Friday, but they'd organized an Early Registration event for the early arrivals at one of the hotel's restaurants, Gallagher's Burger Bar. This hotel was huge, with multiple floors and towers and corridors, and it took a while to acclimate ourselves and find things. But we wound up where we needed to be, and the greetings began in earnest. Hugs and introductions swirled through the crowd lined up to get our information bags and name badges. One of my favorite random moments was when Sarah Gregory and I caught sight of one another and started shrieking and jumping up and down. The next hour or so was a blur of names and faces, some so dear and familiar, others new and friendly. John and I were both welcomed warmly and it gave me that lovely fuzzy feeling I get nowhere else quite like at a spanking party. If I try to name the names of everyone I was delighted to see, I will inevitably forget some of them and upset someone or another, and I so don't want to do that.

The restaurant was very crowded and loud, but we managed to join a table with Sandy and Rad, Brad and Geeeee, and a few others. I had my first food shock of the week when I saw the menu and all the rich, heavy, meaty and cheesy choices. I was not in California anymore! John and I both ordered a spinach salad, hold the bacon. (I will now pause while the bacon-lovers assault me mercilessly.) We enjoyed the company, but neither one of us could handle the noise and having to scream above the decibel of it to be heard, as we were exhausted, so we finished our food, gave Sandy some money and asked her to please pay for us, because we were heading off. We decided we'd call it a night, and the next day after a proper night of rest we'd settle into the party fully.

Friday morning John got up to find a gym and work out, as he always does at these hotels, letting me sleep until 11:30. The hotel had several restaurants, and we chose to check out a café called Breadsticks. Once we were seated, I looked at the lunch menu and was surprised again -- nothing I could eat. I know, I know... I'm an obsessively picky eater. So I also know how to make things work for me on a menu. I saw they had a turkey club sandwich with bacon and mayo, so I asked if I could have just a plain turkey sandwich on wheat, no mayo, no bacon, and our server said sure, why not. Then she indicated my purse on the floor at my feet and suggested that I might want to move it closer to me, or put it on the table, or else someone might snatch it. Really?? John and I couldn't help laughing -- welcome to Jersey!

Later that afternoon, there was another meet-and-greet, this time in a large airy room with a bar and a balcony where people could go smoke. John and I got there promptly at the beginning so John could get a seat on one of the couches and stay off his leg. What a fun afternoon! Lots of folks showed up and the room was buzzing with activity. We did a lot of chatting, and eventually John felt OK to get up and move around the room a bit.

We ended up at the other end of the room near the balcony, talking with DaChief, his friend Lolo and IMmsunderstood. The three of them were BBW newbies as well, so we hit it off. Then along came my old pal Jersey John, who was up to his usual tricks. He untied my shoelace, then pulled off my sneaker. "What are you doing??" I cried, and my John yelped, "Throw it off the balcony!" So the two of them ran out to the balcony, where a few others were smoking, and made like they were going to toss my shoe away. I went frantically hopping after them, yelling "Give me that!" and managed to snatch it away from JJ. Off to the side, a beautiful redhead was having a cigarette, and she motioned me over. I hopped over to her, and she held out her hand for my shoe. How nice! I thought. She's siding with me and she's going to help me put my shoe back on. But nooooo! Once I handed it to her, she reached around and gave me four smacks with it! Everyone started cracking up, including me, and then she did indeed kneel down and help slide the shoe back onto my foot. Upon standing, she gave me a huge hug, which I returned, giggling madly. This lovely copper-haired woman was none other than Caroline Grey.

John and I stayed at the gathering until around 5:00, then decided it was time to decompress a bit and prepare for the Friday night festivities. The party proper was just about to begin, and already my voice was cracking from overuse! I was determined to pace myself and not burn out early. There was a whole lot of fun to be had and I wanted to be up for every bit of it.

To be continued...


  1. Didn't waste time getting your first spanking for the weekend, eh?

  2. I was on the balcony when your infamous shoe came flying through the door :) I was like wow what the ??? It was so funny to see you hopping out. lol ((hugs))

  3. I am so glad you had fun, but I knew you would! Had no idea that your initial room was a mess when you arrived - that sucks, especially being as tired as you were!!

    It was so nice to meet you and John! :)

  4. WOW Erica how EXCITING :-)I wish i could of been there.That is the first time you got spanked by a lady with your own shoe hehehe LOL WAY TO GO GIRL :-)I can't wait to hear the rest,much love and hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  5. I love your writeups! Every funny exciting moment, captured for posterity. Posteriority. :D

  6. ROFL! Fun recap ( so far)!!
    Glad that flight didn't do John in!
    Can't believe Caroline (very much a WOMAN- LOL) swatted you once.. MUCH LESS 4 TIMES!! ROFL!

  7. John -- nope! :-)

    flcw -- Heehee... yes, I'm often involved in those "WTF" moments!

    Sarah -- yeah, it was a complete wreck! But I'd say we got all the glitches out of the way immediately and settled in to have an absolute blast. So great to meet you and RG, finally.

    Jade -- lots more coming!

    Heather -- I will do my best to remember everything!

    Zelle -- you were missed, girl! And yes, I was swatted four times with my own shoe by a woman. This weekend was quite the departure for me in many ways! (snicker)

  8. How did I not see Caroline spanking you with your own shoe????????? Now I feel like my life will never be complete. :P

  9. Beth -- LOL! See the things you miss when you don't smoke?

  10. I was so excited to meet you, even if it was only very briefly!! Next year, for sure!! :)

  11. Jai -- glad I got to meet you as well! I hope you had a wonderful time.

  12. You slept until 11:30 at a spanking party weekend?? Unheard of! Lol! Sounds like things were off to quite a start!

  13. Lea -- I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination! LOL... I know, it's lazy of me, but I figure if I don't sleep in, then I won't be worth a damn later when I REALLY want to be awake!

  14. I realize I'm late to the game here, but this is a great start.