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Monday, April 9, 2012

What was that reason again?

Oh, that's right, I forgot. ST never needs a reason. If he doesn't have one, he makes one up. (put-upon eye roll)

Tonight, he was in quite the evil mood. Had a new and special way to mess with my head; he kept giving me light little taps with the implements, running them over my skin, brushing them against me, more light taps. And then when I'd least expect it, WHAM! I never knew when to brace myself, when to take a deep breath, when to hunker down. And that's exactly what he wanted.

At one point, he took soooooo excruciatingly long, teasing me with the strap, that I finally blurted, "Oh, for fuck's sake!" He laughed. "Am I boring you?

Before I could answer, he gave me several fast and hard whacks. "Was that boring?"

"I never said anything was boring!" I shrieked. Damn these tops! I can get myself into plenty of trouble without them putting words in my mouth!

Later, over the ottoman, he started up with the taps and brushes again. "Take that!" he teased. "Bet you won't do that again... whatever that was."

"AHA!" I yelped in triumph. "I knew it! You don't even know what you're spanking me for -- you just make shit up!"

No more tapping. "You wanna take that back?"

"I can't take it back! It's said! You can't unsay things!"

"I suggest you try. Say it backwards."

Oh, good grief. "UP SHIT MAKE JUST YOU!" I yelled.

Thank goodness he was satisfied with that; I didn't have to actually say the words backward. Uoy tsuj ekam tihs pu sounds like a foreign language.

He switched gears somewhere in the middle; went from playful to his more sinister side. His voice deepened, roughened; his hand fisted in my hair. When his fingernails dragged across tenderized flesh, I had to bury my face in the pillow.

"Please!" I cried. "Please, please!"

"Are you begging me?" he murmured. "I like it when you beg. I like it when you struggle, too." And I was doing plenty of that, writhing all over the ottoman. My mind screamed, "When is he going to stop??" My body sent a clear and opposing message: "Don't stop."

I don't know why tonight's photos don't show the red. Because it was most definitely there.

Finally, I felt cool, smooth wood moving back and forth, back and forth across my cheeks. "You know what's next, don't you?" I nodded.

"Ten more." I nodded again.

"They're going to be hard and fast." I moaned, clutched the pillows.

"Are you ready?" One more nod. But still, he didn't strike. More caressing, back and forth. I waited, shaking, legs twitching. "You sure you're ready?"

"I'm as ready as I'm going to be," I managed to say.

He delivered. So fast, I couldn't count. But I knew after 10, he'd stop.

Several minutes later, he asked me how I was. "Spacy," I murmured. I was bonelessly relaxed, mush-brained, and had the urge to giggle. Perfect.

We talked for a long time afterward, and it ended up being later than his usual time to leave. So guess who was in trouble for that?? Of course, he had to test all the toys before he put them away. Just to "make sure they still worked," he said.

"This is so wrong!" I protested. "Next week I'll remind you to leave on time, and you'll tell me I'm throwing you out and I'm a rude hostess!"

He didn't deny it. Rather despicable, isn't he? And I wouldn't have him any other way.

In other news: VOD (Video on Demand) site just put up its very first clips from Spanking Court! In Spanking Court Cases Vol. 1, there are two scenes, and Scene 1 is one of mine. :-) It's the one where the Court Disciplinarian and I face the judge, I have to confess to the name I called the C.D., and I get 200 wooden paddle strokes (and break down and cry). Scene 2 is with Alex Reynolds, the friend I met last week. I believe she cries in her scene as well. So this is a great clip for those who enjoy tears. (I wonder if it's the clip of hers where she broke the C.D.'s paddle? hee hee)

Here's a photo, speaking of red -- probably the most marked you will ever see me:

That's Judge Spanks, AKA Feenix on Fetlife. You can read all about the clip (and download it, if you so desire) here.

Two-and-a-half weeks to BBW!


  1. Some tops can be fiendish. LOL If I had someone teasing my like that, I would go nuts! I mean, get on with it for crying out loud. But, as you say, you wouldn't have ST any other way and that testifies to a good top.

  2. Bobbie Jo -- it's a way of changing things up, keeping me guessing. Definitely never boring, despite his accusation to the contrary! :-D

  3. Hi Erica-- I am happy that you get what you need and want :-)It is COOL how ST doe's a mix of stuff to keep you guessing :-)At least it's not boring. Sound's like a lot of fun :-)I also like your pic's they are AWESOME.Much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  4. HE'S a brat! :)

    But I know it's so fun and worth it for you to "lose" the battle of wills. It's a shame you can't get him to go to party sometime.

  5. Jade -- thanks. Yes, it's great fun. :-)

    Kelly -- he certainly is! He'll go to a smaller house party, but he's shy. Those huge weekend parties would be a bit much.

  6. I swear that in pictures a bottom NEVER shows up as red as it really is. I've noticed this before when looking at my own pictures. I have a post about ridiculous reasons coming up this week. Maybe you shouldn't let ST see it, he doesn't need any more. ;-)

  7. "UP SHIT MAKE JUST YOU!" -I'm impressed! Don't know many bottoms that could come up with that while they were ass up in the middle of a spanking. (Also those marks on the promotional still are pretty impressive too.)

  8. Lea -- I'm sure he knows them all already. (rolling eyes) Like "OK, that's it, you're breathing. I told you what would happen next time you did that."

    SS -- I've used this line before, but it's one of my best: I think fast off my feet.

  9. I don't believe that picture from Spanking Court hasn't been enhanced. You never get that red! ;-)

  10. Dana -- honest honest honest! It's for real! :-)