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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fun shoot with Lily Starr!

I had a great time today with Lily and her man Robert. Sorry I don't have any pictures from the clips yet, guys. We didn't actually take any stills, so I believe Lily is going to pull some screen grabs.

But in the meantime, please do enjoy this photo of Robert's hand:

(in best Urkel voice) Did I do that?? Yup. :-)

I arrived at their hotel at 10:30 this morning. We'd planned three scenes: 1) I'd play a teacher and Robert, formerly my student, is now the principal and my boss (gulp); 2) I'm the Boss From Hell, treating Robert like a slave, and he rebels, and 3) Robert takes me to task for being an online troublemaker, engaging in flame wars and getting online restraining orders on a "social media site." (Can't imagine where we got that idea!)

It was a bit of a challenge, shooting office/school type scenes in the hotel room, which was small and was mostly usurped by the bed. But we did our best; fortunately, there was a desk and we made good use of that. We did the teacher scene first, and besides a hand spanking, I got quite the vengeful caning. (With a Cane-iac cane, no less -- and one of the thicker ones, too!) Apparently, when I'd been Robert's teacher, I wasn't very nice to him. Fancy that.

Next we did the Boss scenario, and I got to chew up the scenery, sending Robert to fetch my dry cleaning, ordering him to bring me bottled water and then complaining because he brought me the wrong kind. Finally, I tell him he needs to work overtime, even though he's got $100 tickets to the Philharmonic that night. He quits in a huff, but not before some substantial payback. More hand spanking, and then his belt this time.

All kidding aside, I have to give Robert props here; he's one hell of a spanker! I'd never played with him before and I was impressed with his prowess, especially with the implements. Perfect aim, no wrapping, careful positioning. And he asked beforehand what he could and couldn't do; very respectful. I gave him the OK to smack on my upper thighs a bit (and yes, I lived to regret that!).

Oh, and he likes to make you repeat phrases. (groan) During the teacher scene for the final ten, he had me saying, "It's not so much fun when the shoe is on the other foot." I couldn't resist, midway, saying, "It's not so much fun when the cane is on the other ass."

Yes, we did that stroke over.

The roleplays are fun, but I really do like it best when I just get to be myself. Our third scene was the "Online Menace" one, and I think we had the most fun with that, especially since it was based on something real. We never mentioned any names or specifics, and FetLife was never mentioned either, but all our friends will know what we're referring to! Robert and I had great banter and kept up with each other well. So I was little perplexed when, in the middle of the OTK spanking, he just stopped.

"What?" I said. In reply, he stuck his hand in front of my face, and there it was -- a big fat blood blister. His first ever. Bionic Bottom strikes again! He was quite the trouper, though -- he still continued with the hand spanking for a while, but then switched to implements. Ouch, ouch, ouch.... a whole lot with a wooden paddle (thank goodness that was the last scene), and then the finale with a leather strap called the "Attitude Adjuster." By the end, I was kicking and shrieking and apologizing.

Lily was quite the trouper herself, following through with this visit so shortly after her dreadful hospital stay. It was fun to be able to hang out with her a bit; we're mostly online buddies. She's a sweetie!

We did the three scenes in record time; by 12:45, we were out of there. Robert and Lily were heading over the hill to shoot with Bliss Evermore, so we parted company after goodbyes and hugs. What a blast! Thanks, you two! I can't wait to see the final product, and I hope you had a safe drive back home.

Quick aside: Speaking of Cane-iac, they have a new section on their site for Professional Disciplinarians. It's new and has four women listed there so far, but they plan to add more. If you're a pro top and you'd like to advertise on Cane-iac, check out the pro page here and email them for more info.

Pictures soon, I hope!


  1. "Bionic Bottom"... (takes)strikes again!

    Poor Robert! (not.) .. LOLOLOLOL!

    You are like the SUPERHEROIN "SCARLET!" (of G.I. Joe comic book fame!)

    (taking liberties here) LOL
    Scarlet's primary specialty for the Spanko team is counter intelligence, but her secondary SPANKO specialty is "taking out the hand"! Her final specialty has remained classified in all of her file cards (to protect the not so innocent). Scarlett is additionally skilled in OTK arts and spankoobatics. She started training as a young adult, where she earned her first black belt from a "Top" agent she sassed!

  2. Hi Erica i am so VERY happy that you had a GREAT time that is WONDERFUL to hear :-) WOW your bum is SUPER EXTREMELY BIONIC, that blood blister is huge and look's like it hurt's like BLOODY HELL.I bet your still sore from all that spanking,I hope i can see the clip's it would be fun and funny to watch :-)much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  3. John -- I don't think it's cardio. I think it's the gazillion squats and lunges. :-)

    Zelle -- LOL! "Spankoobatics"? I admit, I'm not familiar with Scarlet (except for the color).

    Jade -- I'm very sore! And it was worth it. :-)

  4. It keeps your tush very fit for spanking anyway.

  5. It sounds like it was a really fun shoot! Looking forward to seeing the video and how you acted out the ellipses! ;-)

  6. At first I thought that was a bug on his hand, and I was like OMG! They were playing with bugs!!

    Then I read, and it made sense. Good for you! Poor Robert (NOT!)

    And yay for ellipses!! LOL....that will be an interesting one to see!


  7. We had a great time working with you as well! You were great and these videos look awesome. I have 8 to edit from the trip to work on, so won't have them all ready right away, but I am doing one of yours first. It's processing right now and I should be able to get it released st sometime today. :-)

    Went with the evil boss one first, I just love the dialogue. I suggested emulating Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada and you nailed it! So we decided to call the clip "The Devil Wears A Red Bottom" hehe. I will have stills for you soon. Thank you again for coming out to work with us, and doing such a stellar job. We would be happy to do it again! <3

    1. HaHaHa! From "The Devil Wears Prada" to "The Devil Wears a Red Bottom".. hahahaha! THAT is gonna be a hoot!

  8. Lol, oh yeah, it is pretty sad about Robert's hand too. I'm not teasing him about it incessantly or anything, not at all. :-)

  9. Ugh, typos in that first paragraph, so tired still!

  10. Lea -- HA! Welllllll. No acting out ellipses. I could say that I decided to be discreet about that, but I just plain forgot.

    Sarah -- yup, it's a new fetish -- spanking with bugs! (blech) :-)

    Lily -- Oh, I love that title! LOL! So glad the videos are looking good and that you're happy with them.

    Please get some rest and take good care, OK? Hugs (and a hand smooch to Robert)

  11. I didn't think there was any spanking going on with the bugs, only maybe, perhaps, you had found a rare one or something....I dunno. I didn't know how it was gonna relate to the post! For all I know, you coulda found it munching on your premium wood paddles! :P


    Now wouldn't THAT be something??


  12. CUTE title, there Miss Devil.

    That would have been hilarious to watch the shoot up close and personal. You guys did make excellent wrap up time.

  13. Sarah -- That is one scary thought indeed! LOL

    Kelly -- yup, bing bang boom, we knocked 'em out. It's probably a good thing they checked out of the hotel room right afterward; I made a lot of noise!

  14. Tip of the cap to Robert! I bet if an exhaustive poll of everyone into spanking was taken on their favorite implement, the uhm, hands down favorite would surely be, well... the hand. And a spanker that's willing to give and give and give some more until his hand literally wears out is quite the generous soul. Glad you had a good time. Can't wait to see the pics.

  15. Emailed you the pics to the email you have listed here, hope that was the right one. :-)

    This video is now available through Direct link for download here: or to purchase a flat rate 30 day site membership where you can stream any of my videos (including Erica's) as many times as you like online, go here:

  16. This link for the member site might be better, to directly see which videos are available, with this one currently topping the list.

  17. Erica, as we start observing the Passover(Pessach) holidays, there are five former Jewish comedians looking down from the heaven's above. Charlie Chaplin, Eddie Cantor, Danny Kaye, Jack Benny, and Sid Caesar, and in Yiddishe they all say. "She sure is a nice piece of ASS. That leaves a good kosher taste in my mouth". Of course I certainly agree with that. XXX luv.

  18. SS -- oh yes, it's all about what the top gives. What do you think he was pounding and pounding and pounding on to get that blister, hmmm? I give too, dammit! ;-)

    Lily -- got 'em, thanks! I will relay this information on the next blog I write, and post a couple of the shots.

    Six -- don't be in too much of a hurry to put Sid Caesar up there. He's still very much with us, due to turn 90 next September. :-)

  19. Erica thanks, for correcting me, on Sid Caesar. As I am sure he would say "Et tu Brutus".