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Friday, April 20, 2012

Some disjointed thoughts on a Friday

I'm all over the place today, but perhaps another post will help me collect my thoughts a bit.

Yesterday was a wasted day. I barely left my computer from morning until evening after reading about Jonathan Frid. Cyberville exploded with the news, with Twitter chirping and tribute blogs and posts rolling in by the hour. I was busy commenting and commiserating and the day slipped away, until I found myself in the evening, my eyes swollen shut, my head aching. I hadn't gotten to the gym, but I managed to wrench myself away from the computer and exercised with my weights for an hour. It helped.

The Internet is amazing. The camaraderie one can feel, connecting with like-minded people from all over, instantly, sharing experiences and thoughts. Years ago, when John Lennon was killed, I remember sitting home alone crying, feeling lost and sad and disconnected, wanting so much to talk with someone who felt like I did but not knowing who that might be. Yesterday, thousands of Dark Shadows fans connected, and it was so gratifying.

I know most of you aren't interested in this, but if you'd like to read a particularly lovely and well-written tribute, go here. This woman could have been speaking for me.

LokiDarksong posted this for me on his FetLife page yesterday. Of course, I asked for the link, so I could post it myself:

Sorry, Johnny Depp. But to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen: Barnabas Collins was a friend of ours, and you're no Barnabas Collins.

Wanna know just how upset I've been? On Wednesday evening, Lily Starr sent me RapidShare links to two of my three clips for her. I downloaded them and planned to watch them yesterday. As of this writing, I still haven't watched them. This is unheard of, people. Perhaps I will watch them today. But if not, they will keep. I'm just not in a spanky mood.

That said, I am grateful that if this had to happen, it happened this week and not next! Good lord, this would have trashed me for BBW. Just writing that makes me feel incredibly obsessive and silly, but it is what it is.

But life goes on, and it's getting closer. Today, I booked our shuttle from the hotel to the airport on Monday after the party. Thanks to Sarah Thorne, we have a ride from the airport to the hotel on Thursday; I look forward to meeting her and her hubby. 

On happy notes: 1) I got Chrossed today, despite all my melancholy posts this week. And 2) Alex Reynolds wrote a blog about our visit a couple of weeks ago, here. She had been posting about her vacation to L.A. in parts, and when she posted Part 2, I teasingly wrote on her FetLife page: "Where's the one with ME in it, dammit?" So today, she wrote on my wall, linking me to Part 4 and saying, "Here's the one with you in it, dammit!" LOL  Anyway... I read it, and it started those damned waterworks going again. But in a good way, this time. Thank you, sweet girl. I'm really, really touched.

Would you believe that just this minute, I finally got that freaking phone delivered? Guess I'd better get myself to Verizon so I can get it activated and all that good stuff. Better late than never.

Thanks for bearing with me, everyone. I promise next week, no more sad stuff. Just lots of excited, back-on-topic stuff about Boardwalk Badness! 

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. I'm glad you liked my post! You're so great. :D
    I hope you feel better soon. I bet BBW will perk you up!

  2. Erica, my sister was also obsessed with Dark Shadows. We ran home from the school bus every day so she could catch the last few minutes of the show. She passed away a number of years ago due to breast cancer. Sometimes I'll watch a few minutes of the show simply because she liked it. I wonder if I keep coming back to your site because you look a little like her and you have some similar mannerisms (she also liked to write). However, I don't think she would EVER take a spanking, so I guess the resemblance goes only so far.

  3. Hi Erica- I am here for you no matter what,I am a good listener and if you ever need anything don't be afraid to ask,You are a VERY dear friend of mine :-)CONGRATS on getting Chrossed.I am so happy you finally got your phone :-)Good luck with it.I can't wait to hear your report about BBW that is going to be so TOTALLY COOL :-) Much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade

  4. Alex -- it definitely will. As did your post! Thank you again. ♥

    Mick -- I'm sorry about your sister. Yet another person who "ran home after school" every day. So, so many of us who did that!

    Jade -- thanks, sweetie. So far, I can't figure out a damn thing on my phone, except I did figure out how to charge it, so I'm doing that now. :-)

  5. Thanks for the Fangirl Link, Erica! (And when I went to the page, I read it as "Fang Girl" and not "Fan Girl!") I had never seen Young Johnathan Frid. Holey Socks!

  6. Dave -- wasn't that a cool tribute? I loved that photo of him; quite the handsome devil he was in his youth.

  7. Even so, Erica!

    Oh, I forgot to say, "I always like coming to dis joint."

    Probably just as well that I did.

  8. I'm glad your phone is finally here. Just thought I'd give you a word of warning about pictures. If you see all the pictures you have posted on your blog appear on the Android, DO NOT delete them from the phone. If you do, they will disappear from the blog too, thanks to the fact that they are stored in only one spot - Picasa. I've seen it happen too many times over on the Blogger Help Forum, and once they're gone, they're gone.

    I'm on my way to read about your visit with Alex.


  9. Hermione -- really?? Wow. How weird. Thank you for the heads up. Well, right now, I can't figure the damn thing out to save my life, so I'm avoiding it. I know, I know. I need to hunker down with the manual and familiarize myself with it. Probably after I come home from John's.

  10. Erica, Verizon offers free workshops for their smartphones. They are very helpful, you may want to check online for one in your area before BBW there is a lot to learn with them. I purposely chose my Samsung Charge because my friend had one and could help me with it. I love mine. I suggest getting a good case, I dropped mine a couple times.

    The pictures come out great.

  11. Kaki -- unfortunately, there aren't any in my area for this phone anytime soon; I did check. But that's a great idea. For now, I will look up the online manual (with diagrams), hunker down and try my best to learn what I need to know immediately. Oh, and I did buy a protective case plus a scratch cover. :-)

  12. I'm sure BBW will be a blast! I returned from my vacation and party over the weekend and coming back to reality sucks. But have to get back to work so I can pay for the next party. Lol.

  13. Lea -- ugh, post-party drop is the pits, isn't it?

  14. I am glad that you liked the poster, Erica. Say if you want any others, I am sure that I can get creative. Have fun at the BBW!