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Monday, April 23, 2012

"This is mine"

Tonight, ST came over to give me my pre-BBW warm-up. Of course, he teased me, saying he was going to give me enough for two weeks, since I won't see him next Monday, and if I was still sore when we left for Atlantic City, oh well! But I knew he wouldn't do that. :-)

It was delicious to laugh and play after feeling so sad last week. My mood is shifting and I can feel the excitement (and nervousness) building. Tomorrow, the crazies really strike, with all the errands and chores and odds and ends I have to take care of in the next two days. But tonight, it was all about giving myself over for a couple of hours.

About halfway through the scene, when I'd gone past the smart-ass stage and was quieter and more compliant, ST said, out of nowhere, "I want to make sure you don't forget me in the next two weeks."

As if! "I could never forget you," I murmured into the bedspread.

"Well, I'm making sure that you won't. After all, you'll be off in Atlantic City, playing with all the tops... I don't mind. The others can play with you. But this," he caressed my behind, "this pretty bottom is mine. I want it back. You're going to bring it back to me, aren't you."

You know, from a stranger, hearing that would make me feel like a disembodied ass. But from him? Damned if it wasn't the hottest thing. I just about dissolved into the comforter in a puddle of girl goo, as Danny used to say.

"Yes. I promise."

He let me choose the implement for the finale. Feeling mushy, I said there could only be one choice -- the heart-shaped paddle he made for me.

Stupid, stupid me. A little sweet-talk and I lose my mind. Wait, there's more. He let me choose the number, too. Said it could be anywhere between seven and 900. (!!!) So I could have picked eight, right?

Nah. I said 30. Like I said, blame it on temporary insanity.

Later, we watched the two clips that Lily sent me. I noticed he took off his glasses to view the computer screen, and commented that he looks very different without them. I like his glasses; I think they're sexy in a Clark Kent-ish sort of way.

"Do they make me look smart and studious?" he asked, slipping them back on.

I shrugged. "I wouldn't go that far."

Wrong thing to say. Round Two. Fortunately for me, all the toys were still in the bedroom and we were now in the living room.

Still hurt like @#$%, though!

"Have you learned your lesson?" Tops and their inane questions. But I figured it was in my best interest to say yes, so I did.

He didn't pull me back up. "Would you say you've seen the light?"

WTF?? Before I could answer, I felt something gently nudge between the tops of my thighs, at the base of my cheeks. "What the hell is that?" I screeched. "Don't move," he said, and fired up the camera again.

What is it about my ass and lights?

I told him he's a very disturbed individual. I'm quite fond of him, despite that. Or perhaps because of it.

I'll miss seeing him next Monday. But I'll be back... and so will he.


  1. 30 is a good number to pick. Tops try to trick us, if you pick the lowest number on the scale they won't like it and will just pick their own number that'll be much higher. I'm on to them.

  2. Lea -- good point. John always adds zeroes.

  3. Hi Erica -- WOW there were lot's of impliment's on your bed :-)I wouldn't mind getting spanked with every one of them,they look like so much fun.I Love ST's humor he is so funny sticking that light bulb in your butt hehehe LOL :-)I am happy you had a GREAT session with him tonight.Much love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade

  4. I think you should have told ST you wanted 900. His arm probably would have given out before your bottom did.

  5. Jade -- Fun? Uhhhhhh.... maybe. :-)

    Anonymous -- wanna bet? He's pretty tough!

  6. Hopefully you'll have at least ONE day of comfortable sitting until the weekend. :)

  7. Kelly -- I am counting on that!

  8. Do you have brake lights to go with that tail light?


  9. John -- nope, there was only one bulb handy.

  10. Aw, I'm glad you were able to play from a more positive place! The lightbulb moment made me cackle out loud, what a genius that man is - and what a good sport you are to share it with the rest of us!

  11. LOL that lightbulb was sheer genius! Thanks for sharing it with us.


  12. Pandora -- I dish it out quite liberally, so it's only fair that I have to take it too, sometimes. ;-)

    Hermione -- glad you enjoyed. But really, y'all, you have to stop calling ST a genius. The inflation of his ego could be perilous!