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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Post-party odds and ends, and a dumb question

OK, here's the dumb question first: How do you guys, my readers, see my blog? I'm talking purely visuals here.

Let me explain. I have viewed my blog from my AOL browser and through Internet Explorer, and I've viewed it signed in and signed out of Blogger. No matter how I look at it, I see the same thing: All the print, the photos, etc. are on a white background. Then, surrounding that white background is a red-and-pink floral border.

This weekend, a friend came to me and said that he loved my blog but found it a bit hard to read with the floral background. Huh? I said the background is white and the flowers only surround it, but he said no... the entire background is floral and all the copy sits over that. Ugh!

No one else has commented about the readability or the overabundance of flowers, but that's certainly not what I want. I am not that girly! So please let me know what you see. It frustrates me to think that I'm seeing one thing and everyone else sees another.

The post-party drop is setting in. Nothing too heavy, no weepiness or anything like that, just a general blech. Perfectly normal after so much excitement. The party feedback, comments and messages have been flying all over the Shadow Lane board and on FetLife, and I've been having lots of fun with them. I got my blogs out rather quickly (I have to, so I won't forget), but others are just starting with theirs, so there is more fun reading to come. 

Oh, and Mike Tanner sent me the cell phone shot taken of my bottom on Saturday. It had already slightly faded, but here I am after five with the "family strap":

And allow me to amend something stated previously: I had said that our friend CO Carolyn had taken 20 with the family strap. She had not; she only took 18. That wimp. :-D

OK... I really do need to do something or another that's not post-party related. This week has been a complete wash!



    that's how I see your blog. Ask that dude what browser he's using.. and tell him to get Mozilla Firefox and be done with it. LOL

  2. It is easy to read- the text is on a white background and besides I love the flowers! But I suppose I would, wouldn't I? (Have you not seen what I call your blog on my links?)

  3. Zelle -- that's so bizarre! I wonder why he sees it with the flowers all over, no white. Oh well, I'm glad others see it the way I do.

    Poppy -- yup, I did see that description! And yes, by the very nature of your name, one would figure you're a fan of flowers. :-) OK, good. I feel relieved.

  4. I see text against a white background , so i have no idea what he is seeing. I do personaly think that Times New Roman one Font bigger is easier to read , however thats just my oponion !

    I do love the pic of your lovely bottom my dear . Thank you !

    " puffs up feeling all important " roflmao

    No if I could just figure out a way for it to be me swinging the belt hmmmmmm....... :-)

  5. Alan -- nope, Times Roman is far too generic for me. And I'm partial to sans serif fonts, anyway. Glad the pic turned out well for you!

  6. I love your blog the flowers are very pretty i am very girly anyway.there is white i don't know what that man is talking about.keep it that way its very readable :-) you always have a tough bum its barely pink what a great pic.Love you big Hugs xoxo from your naughty girl Jade

  7. The way your blog appears to me is as a blazing pink explosion bursting from the mouth of a clown skull, with wriggling, bouncing Technicolor bottoms and spanking sounds swirling around the edges, and little demon cherubs tossing out gifts of canes and heart-shaped paddles.

    Isn't that how everyone sees it? Oh, and I have to say, the "magic mushroom" pizza from the local hippy take out place is surprisingly good. Just needs more bacon.


  8. Hmmmm... explosions from the mouth of a clown. Funny, but that's what I think of every time you speak, sweetie. :-) And you and your damn bacon!

  9. Jade -- well, it was only five swats. And we had to wait a couple of minutes for someone to find a camera phone, so I faded a little. Glad you like the blog colors. :-)

  10. Pssssst, Erica- they are poppies. :)

    And you have a very pretty bottom, people should really stop thwacking it.

  11. wohoah nellie,

    i read this many hours ago but kittys needed feeding and play time, sons called with the usual "hey pop, you know anything about this???"

    i know my eyes are going bad but i never saw any flowers until now when i really looked. oh...that little border???? who [in their right mind] gives a flying ferkin??

    blogs are about content. yours is fine. if you "want" a fancy border then make one of photos of you!!!

    sorry....just an old man going senile.

    best always,


  12. I see black text on white, and if I choose the option NOT to load images automatically, then the poppies go away and I see only a pink background. it looks fine in IE 7.

    You are right about not using Times Roman. That's a good font for printing on paper, not for web pages.


  13. When I worked for a Design house for 7 yrs.. rule of thumb when designing websites was NO SERIF FONTS.. as they were hard to read.. and a SANS SERIF font translated well from mac to pc..

  14. ddon -- my friend wasn't trying to criticize, he was just pointing out the way he saw the blog, and that it was a little hard to read. I am truly baffled, however, since no one else sees it the way he does. I wonder what browser he's using.

    Hermione -- glad you agree and like!

    Zelle -- serif fonts are classy and nice-looking in books, but I agree; web sites call for a cleaner look.

  15. Erica: (LMAO)

  16. Funny huh? ROFL.. I have no clue how to make a link active in our blogspot blogs.. so ya don't have to copy and paste (just click and go) .. so if ya know how to do that.. let me know! LOL

  17. White body with two pinkish banners along the side. Words are perfectly clear. Using Apple Safari.

  18. Congrats on your Chrossing! He liked the Family Strap.

  19. Hermione -- how about that, huh? Thanks!

  20. Hey, look-- Erica's got a little behind in her blog!

    Well *somebody* had to say it.

    And it's such a cute behind. I almost want to call it a "tushie" just to hear you holler.

    Your blog on my computer looks as you described it, except that I don't see very much of the pink floral border. I'm in favor of pink borders.

    Now I'm going to go find Danny's pizza joint.

  21. Dave -- BLECH!!! The "t" word!

  22. Hi Erica

    Like the photo of you over the bed on two pillows,looking graciously awaiting a really good spanking - you did mention your friend the wimp only took 18, but you obviously take 20 from the family strap.
    You are looking great your bottom is super and would love to cream you afterwards...yes I know - get you.