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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday treats! :-)

Hey y'all -- do I have a sweetheart of a guy, or what? Just look at my beautiful birthday flowers!

He sent them a day early, so they'd be a real surprise. I love that man.

Wishes have been coming in -- on FetLife, via email and even on good old vanilla Facebook. No spankings yet, and none planned for tomorrow, but in my usual fashion, I'm going to milk this birthday for at least a week. You know, if I must have these freaking age-markers, I'm going to enjoy them, dammit. So we'll see what the coming days may bring.

My dear friend Dave Wolfe, talented creator of WolfieToons, has had a tradition for several years in which he draws an original birthday cartoon for me. This year, he is swamped with work and didn't get a chance, but he made sure to send me something cute nonetheless:

(I'm a huge Marxophile, in case you guys didn't know!) Thanks, Dave!

And just so you can see his wonderful work, here's my birthday toon from last year:

It's now 1:00 a.m. and I should be tired, but I'm too wound up. How dumb is that -- what am I, five? Am I getting a pony? Tomorrow is Wednesday. Period. It's the middle of the week. I'm going to the gym. But I can't help it... there's that goofy leftover giddiness from long ago, when birthdays were as exciting as any holiday, with the promise of treats and surprises. Cake calories didn't count. I couldn't wait for the mail to come, because mixed in with all the boring grownup stuff (read: bills), there were cards for me. My birthday was my day. Sure, a bazillion other people claimed the same date, but it didn't matter -- I didn't know them. For that one date on the calendar... I was special. The rest of the year I felt invisible, but September 22 was mine.

For all those who make me feel special every day... thank you. :-) For now, I'm going to make popcorn, eat peanut-butter Oreos and watch Dark Shadows until I get sleepy. Yes, at this hour. I get to -- it's my birthday!




  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY ERICA :) OMG the flowers J sent you are BEAUTIFUL i love them so pretty, i love the pic you look so happy and i love your smile you are VERY BEAUTIFUL.J is quite the man. i see the orange beanie cat i sent you is on your desk how cool is that :) you will be getting the presents i sent you very soon i am excited about it YAY.when i saw the pic of the marx guy i laughed my butt off it is so funny hehehe,i loved the pic that Wolfie drew for you it's so cool and funny hehehe.HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY MY SPECIAL FRIEND MAY ALL YOUR WISHES AND DREAMS COME TRUE.lots of spankings to you too.I LOVE YOU, BIG HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO LMAO

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!

    I wish that you have a great day both today and everyday ! I would Love to be able to give you a birthday spanking, butt I can only dream of that. Now remember to behave yourself or better yet, misbehave yourself ...LOL

  4. Your flowers are beautiful. Happy Birthday Erica, have a wonderful day.


  5. Happy Birthday, beautiful! Hope your day is a special one and you get all the attention you so justly deserve!

  6. he's baaack!!!!

    happy berthday!!!

    oh you look so wonderfull.

    24 hours with microsoft security girls but they solved it. now i have 3 new girlfriends in their early 20's. they don't have a clue who the've hooked up with. one of them refused to believe i was 69, the little sweetie.they were so wonderfull!!!!you and zelle think you have gotten stuff from me...i've filtered out 90% because you're older and from the usa. these poor things are in for a storm.

    anyway best wishes...the robin williams is the best preseant i can give.

    luv you much,


  7. Zelle -- LOL! I love that picture! Thank you so much, my friend.

    Jade -- see, told ya I had the kitty on my desk! You're a sweetheart -- thank you.

    Bonnie-jo -- thank you!

    Ronnie -- aren't they gorgeous? Thanks!

    Craig -- thank you, darling. xo

    ddon -- glad you got your computer woes all straightened out! Those viruses are murder, I know. Thanks for the good wishes. :-)

  8. Ooops! Skipped one -- yada_luke, thank you. Behave? Whazzat? :-)

  9. Happy 30th birthday (yes, I know you've reached that milestone, as I recall wishing you happy 28th birthday two years ago, so by my calculations, you are now 30). I hope you have a great day, a great upcoming year, and a great life. And, no, for once, I won't presribe a birthday spanking (I suspect you don't need me to recommend one). Happy birthday.

  10. Paul -- you need a new calculator, dear. :-) But thank you. And I'm going to fill that prescription as soon as humanly possible.

  11. One of my favorite Marxist lines is when Groucho says to the Queen in Duck Soup "I'm fighting for your honor, which is more than you ever did." Only, I don't need to fight for your honor. Everyone realizes you are youthful, witty, beautiful, and vibrant. If you might possibly be a little over 28.

  12. soooooooooooooo thats how many spanks my dear ? I would say 54 and anothe couple hundred to grow on ? lol

  13. Paul -- I have no honor to fight for! :-D Still, the compliments are much appreciated.

    Alan -- I do not need to grow anymore, thankyouverymuch! :-)

  14. Happy Birthday to you...
    Happy Birthday to you...
    You deserve a good spanking...
    Maybe a few! :)

  15. By the way, great teeth, dental torment seems to work for you. lol!

  16. Happy Birthday! The flowers are gorgeous!

  17. Kelly -- Har! Yeah, after four years of braces, they damn well better be great teeth. :-) And those spankings are coming, I promise.

    Iggy -- he always uses the same florist and they know us, so they make the bouquets extra nice. I think this is the best one yet!


  19. I am late but as your birthday lasts at least a week I suppose I am still on time (ish).

    A very, very happy birthday too, may you be kissed and spanked and adored not just this week but every day of every week.

  20. Poppy -- "ish" is just fine! You're right; it's birthWEEK. We needn't settle for anything less. :-)

    And thank you for the beautiful wish.

  21. Happy (belated) Birthday! Love those flowers!

  22. Dana -- thanks! My apartment smells quite rosy! :-)

  23. Hapy Birthday and many more. xoxo!

  24. "" Alan -- I do not need to grow anymore, thankyouverymuch! :-)""

    SNORTS uhhhh huhhhhh suuuuuuuuuuurrrreeee


  25. Very belated birthday good wishes. You get more beautiful, inside and out, with each passing year.


  26. Hermione -- you're so sweet; thank you. :-)

  27. Oh WOW! I missed it! DAMN!
    Funny thing, your Birthday and our anniversary are on the same day...
    Maybe I should have married you... ;)

  28. Poppa -- you didn't miss it; it's still September! :-) And happy belated anniversary. Nahhhh... you wouldn't want to be married to me. Trust me on that.