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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well now...

What have we here?

Yeah, I know, wisenheimers, it's my butt. I mean, what am I pointing to? What is that faint, strange discoloration on my right cheek? It's completely foreign to me.

Did I sit in some fresh paint?

Perhaps something bit me in my sleep. No, it doesn't itch. It most certainly doesn't itch.

Oh, my god.

Could it be....

That I....



Imagine my shock when I noticed that this had bloomed last night. (Yes, folks, I check out my bottom in the mirror after I've played. Go on, tell me you don't.) Oh, I know, it's not much. After a hearty spanking/paddling/strapping, a normal person's behind would look like a war zone. But I'm somewhat of a freak. :-)

Maybe it's because I don't play as much as I used to. Or maybe it was that wooden paddle that he used to finish me off -- light wood, but still packed a wallop. But how come I didn't mark from the Shadow Lane party, where I played multiple times and shattered a cane?

Don't tell New Guy about this, OK? His head will explode.


  1. Is this one of the signs of the apocalypse?

    Should I prepare my bunker?

  2. So now that you're marked, are you going to change your stance on figging? ;)

  3. Poppy -- OK, that truly made me laugh out loud! :-)

    pink -- and that, my dear, made me laugh even louder. Tsk tsk...

  4. Its A Phenomon that usaall happens when a person hits that stage in life after early to mid 50's that is refered to as " getting older"

    Not that you are "chuckles" getting older , maybe its just your butt is aging faster than the rest of you is . "chuckles"

  5. Alan, go and stand outside and think about what you have done.

  6. Oohhh right on the sweet spot! That cute cheek needs a bit of TLC for a few days. No wonder you wanted to sleep on your stomach.

    Amazing that one side is tougher than the other, huh? The same thing happened to me after my last spanking. 2 bruises on one cheek, nada on the other.

  7. Hello my Erica WOW this is new for you one part of your bum is bruised OUCH,that wood must of been very hard like a 2 by 4 piece of wood,i don't like wooden paddles they make me bruise when my foster mom spanked me with her belt i checked out my butt it was welted and a little bruised and very sore so i had to sleep on my stomach or side, i did not get a warm up it was a straight no nonsense spanking.maybe lotion will make it feel better or ice. i love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  8. Poppy -- thank you. :-) Moving right along...

    Kelly -- yeah, I've seldom marked evenly. I've always had random bruises/red streaks. TLC? Nahhhh. I sure was cursing to myself during my workout tonight, though. Those squats killed me!

    Jade -- No, honey, no two by fours. :-) It doesn't feel bad, really. I kinda like it.

  9. Well, with your first sentence, as Mary Wells said, you beat me to the punch. I had made the remark out loud anyway, and then reading your instant reply sent me into peals of laughter.

    Congratulations on a delightful extended birthday surprise and thank you for the illustrated tale! (Bradbury reference.)

  10. Dave -- I remember that song! (you knew I would)

    Hmmmm... or was it an illustrated tail? ;-)

  11. i dislike things that leave marks but that is one lovely [if marked] bottom. you can send me cheesekake pictures anytime.

    hope things go well for you this weekend.



  12. ddon -- it's rather perverse, loving bruises and marks, and I don't like to see them on other people (not to excess, anyway), but I enjoy having them. Especially since they're so rare.

  13. Erica, I would rush out and buy a giant tube of arnica if I were you. Rub it in well, and put on a double layer of cotton panties. It will be gone in no time. You don't want to damage your reputation as the Bionic Butt woman.


  14. Hermione -- (laughing) Unfortunately, arnica has never done squat for me. I've tried it a few times and it was no better than using a plain body lotion. And considering that this photo is now in the Interwebs, I'd say my reputation is shot to hell already! Ah well...

  15. Super hilarious last reply to my email! Can you imagine what those "gentlemen" would pay to have this picture of you in their little paws?

    I hope I don't sound like a copycat, but I agree about liking to own my bruises, too. First, it shows I passed my own endurance test, facing very hard spankers, second, the longer the bruises last I have pleasant memories of my spankers.

  16. Kelly -- (snickering) Quite a bit, I'm afraid. Poor bastards.

    Exactly -- the memories are kept alive with the visual reminders!

  17. Finally! Someone was able to....
    "Paint Your Wagon"! LOLOL


  18. Zelle -- Oy, it's come to this -- old Comedy-Western-Musicals-with-Clint-Eastwood references! LOL

  19. You must've taken that photo a few seconds after you stopped playing--otherwise it'd be gone!

  20. Craig -- nope... I took it on Wednesday, and I'd played Monday night! That's why I was so shocked. :-)