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Friday, September 17, 2010

Correspondence Hall of Shame, 9/17

Before I get to this week's festivities, I'm happy to announce that Richard's postings of our interview from the SL party got Chross'd this week! :-)

The first two entries have the dubious distinction of correct spelling (and how sad is that, that good spelling should be an anomaly):

I want to be straddled by you, which would you prefer my face or my groin?

Uhhhh... that's kinda like asking me if I'd prefer cottage cheese or oatmeal, dude. Both make me sick.

This was posted to a bottom shot:

Nice piece of pudding, I'd like to dig in with my tongue!

Just remember, it isn't figgy pudding. ;-)

wats up how u doin sexxy u look verry good 4 ur age

You know, if I'd received this after the RW interview came out, I'd swear it was a joke. But no, it came in about two weeks ago. I looked at the guy's profile... nope, it wasn't a joke. Get lost, junior.

very nice ass, I wish I ws there to recive a spanking as well, as I served you orally

Hey, I already got oral servicing this week and I have a massive toothache. No, thank you.

yes baby oil all over u.......slipping and sliding all over u//////then what next

Then u slip and slide right out the door, and don't let it hit you. Byeeeee.

One last note: Regarding Wednesday's entry about figging, I received a private message from a gentleman who described in detail how he spanks and figs both his wife and his 20-something stepdaughter regularly. Then he suggested perhaps I should consider figging for when I'm "extra naughty."

OK... first of all, TMI, hon. In fact, WTDMI (Way Too Damn Much Information). And second, I guess I didn't make my stance on figging crystal clear. But maybe you're right, perhaps I should consider it. When shall I consider it? Hmmm... how about never? Does never work for ya? Please lose my email address.

J and I are going to be toothache buddies this weekend -- he's having crown work done today, poor baby. Oh well, at least we can commiserate. On a cheerier note, tomorrow (9/18) is Craig's birthday. Yes, I got the date right this time. Can't believe how I jumped the gun and announced it on FetLife on the 16th. Anyway, happy birthday, Craig. Hope it's a beautiful day and a spectacular year for you. :-)

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. You get THE BEST "Correspondence Hall of Shame" notes! This group cracked me up!

    AND WOW! Nice that Richard's postings of your interview got Chross'd!!! WAY COOL!

    So nice that you and J will be able to commiserate with each other this week. ;-)

    > happy b-day Craig!

  2. Hello my Erica CONGRATS on getting Chross'd YAY good for you,i hope you and J feel better :-( hehehe that was funny when you said slip and slide out the door, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAIG.take care my special friend LOL and HUGS from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  3. Ok... I don't know what is creepier... the fact that the guy sent you an email about figging his 20-something stepdaughter or the fact that he figs his 20-something stepdaughter.


  4. Zelle -- don't I, though? Lucky me!

    Jade -- we'll be fine, don't worry. :-)

    Kat -- Blech... yeah, that was pretty much my reaction too.

  5. Erica,

    Are you lending your fig free bottom to Craig for a spanking as his birthday gift?

    Happy birthday Craig.

    Massive gross out email from the "gentleman" and his domestic "unneeded to know about" family time.

  6. Kelly -- I'm so broke right now, that's all I can afford to give him! (sigh)

    Yeah... I'm not sure what possesses people to tell me stuff like that. He stated it in a fairly well written and polite manner, but I still felt like I needed a shower.

  7. Ha! Fig tree! Hilarious!

    Erica: your kind words are the sweetest gift you could give. Thank you darling!

    Um...stepdaughter? Fucking weirdo! Who would voluntarily SHARE that??? Yikes!

    It's a shame we didn't get more time to play at SL, but you know, I knew you were busy, busy with the interview and the shoot and all the party play... Damn! MY head spins just thinking about your schedule! Well, we've always got next time... Right?


  8. Craig -- yes, always. :-) Have a fantabulous birthday weekend!

  9. yeergh,

    maybe i'm too old to understand.

    anyway i gave you both a good shot on your terms.

    fig = ginger...i don't want to understand.

    i'll let tallis stand for me,


  10. Correct spelling, yes, but I would change the comma to a semi-colon, and insert a comma after prefer.

    Your interview with RW was Chrossed - that's great! Surely that will clear up any false impressions about you.


  11. somehow i sliped through the cracks.

    i must be getting senile.

    i love the hall of shame but i don't remember the one that i responded to....but i did.

    the hall of shame is my favorite part of all blogs. it's just so funny.

    but looking at my responce, i don't believe it.

    however the castelles [and for zelle the belvin] i stand firm. in their own way they are similar. in some funny way they equall the tallis.



  12. Hi Erica,

    You have a unique ability to make to mediocre excellent, the idiotic brilliant, and the inane hilarious. Perhaps that first guy needs to go straddle himself.

    BTW, excellent interview with Rich. I'd heard many of these stories before, but not in your own voice. Thanks for the shout out. I love you too!


  13. Quoth the soon-to-be-retired Cathy: "ACK!!"

    The Slip-N-Slide is by WHAMMO! "Slip Slidin' Away" is a pretty cool Paul Simon song. Otherwise, WTF?

    By the way, I enjoyed part one of the interview tremendously, haven't seen part two yet, and will make remarks on Good Ol' Rich's blog! So congrats on another Chross! There's no one worthier!

  14. Hermione -- Yeah, they used to think I was a loud-mouth... now they know it! Har!

    ddon -- Good call; don't try to understand. Just enjoy.

    Bonnie -- That's one of the nicest compliments ever; thank you! :-D

    Dave -- well, technically, Rich got Chrossed, not I. Hey, remember "Slippin' and a-slidin', peepin' and a-hidin'"? Little Richard!

  15. Hey, Erica, you came up in conversation last night... Sophie and I were at a party with M&k, Carolyn, another guy who was at SL, and some others... we had such a good time, even without getting to the jacuzzi on the deck for naked spa time.

    Now, to see more of your interview on the tube site!


  16. Danny -- oh, rub it in that you have fun local parties, why doncha!! Hummph. So, whadya think of the interview? Did I mention you enough?

  17. I nearly fell over laughing. I know the man you are talking about (him and his wife and his step daughter). I have had missives from him myself and shuddered in just the same way. At least he should get points for never giving up.

  18. Poppy -- you too? Oy. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

  19. Erica.. a man wrote me last night.. and said .. "It seems that you enjoy being in control of things. So when you get spanked, you are controlling that. You even set up the situation and get your desired result. That means you are in control. How is that a 'sub' or 'bottom'? You call yourself an "Alpha sub?? Ha! I just think you're playing a role and your supreme attitude turns me off."

    Well now.. thank god I turn HIM off.... SO WHY WRITE ME YA JERK? (LOL) I can't even begin to tell you how someone that comes across so condescending to me and not wanting to educate himself (as he went on and on and knew it all of course) makes my stomach turn. (oy vey!)

  20. Zelle -- argh! Just reading about that makes me mad on your behalf. Yeah, I don't get it -- if you're such a turn-off, why doesn't he move on to someone else and stop reading what you wrote? Does someone have him tied to a chair with his eyelids propped open?