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Friday, September 3, 2010

Vegas, here we come

Sitting here with some morning coffee and mentally going over the list. All outfits with requisite accessories, shoes, underwear, etc.? Check. Toiletries and makeup? Check. Bathing suit that I never wear but J insists I bring anyway? Check. Camera, charger, phone charger? Check. Snacks and bottled water? Check. My pillow? Check. (I hate hotel pillows. Too poufy.) CDs? Check. Wooden paddle? HELL NO! That's staying in the drawer where it belongs.

Head to J's, pack up his stuff, go to the nearest Enterprise to add his name to the permitted drivers of our rental, and then we are on the road. No traffic, please. No accidents. I heard this morning on the radio that a freight truck "lost its load" on the 101 (where I have to drive to get to J's.). However, that should be cleared up by the time I leave.

I can't wait to see everyone! :-D

Wish me luck with the Richard Windsor interview and the Northern Spankings shoot, please! I won't have a computer with me, since I'm a dinosaur and still use a desktop (and my cell phone doesn't even take pictures, let alone access the Internet), but friends will have laptops and I will probably check in over the weekend.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, y'all.


  1. Where have I heard THIS before??? No.. not the post right before FMS... I'm thinking...

    She's making a list..
    Checkin' it twice...
    Gonna find out who's...

    Yup... she's naughty.. LOL

    And that my friends.. ensures a wonderful time in Vegas!

  2. You'll be great with both! I ran into Richard yesterday and you won't even recognize the guy! He's nearly half the man he used to be!!!

  3. What is this...."cell phone"?

    You are not a dinosaur, I am.

    Have fun.

  4. Have a wonderful time, Erica, and be sure to tell us all about it when you get home. As soon as you can sit comfortably at the keyboard.


  5. Goodness, I'm excited for you! Have a fantastic time!! Can't wait to hear the details... :)

  6. I hope you have a fantastic time! When you get back, I want to know if you had a chance to wear the bathing suit. I'm thinking, jacussi...but then again...maybe with some shorts over it....How would you explain "things" to the hotel guests?

  7. try and talk the puo int puyying up a schedul fpr streaming.

    have a great time,


  8. love you my Erica have a wonderful time xoxo

  9. Make that 2 to sleep on, one to sit on. It's a very appropriately named holiday weekend. No doubt you'll make your tops perform "hard labor" on those buns of steel. Yeah for you!

  10. I hope you had fun. It is Monday now and I want to know all about it so that I can imagine I was there please.

  11. Zelle, Craig, Paul, Hermione, pink, Bonnie-jo, ddon, Jade, Kelly, Poppy -- I'm back! It's half past four on Monday afternoon and I'm half past dead. But very happy.

    I will be writing up the weekend as soon as I get some sleep and gather my thoughts. It was a wonderful weekend, no meltdowns, no drama, good play and great friends. :-)

  12. Awesome! Can't wait to read! WooHoo! (laughing at you breaking Danny's cane.. hahaha!)

  13. " Waiting Patiently for a few pics of erica's Very red bottom "

    Welcome back

  14. Sorry, no bottom pictures of me this time. But I do have a couple of fun shots.