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Friday, July 18, 2014

OT, but it cracked me up

After such a somber week, I figured it was time for some humor.

I have a friend on Facebook, whom I won't identify because it's a vanilla account with his real name. But he is freaking hilarious. One of his "things" is to Photoshop himself and his little pug dog into everything you could imagine -- old movie stills, works of art, etc. He even put his face into the Mona Lisa. Sometimes it's really irreverent -- I won't tell you what he did on Easter, but I almost peed myself looking at it.

He also has a blog he calls his "enemies list." Every week, he creates a tongue-in-cheek list of people who have annoyed him. A lot of the time, it's just humorous digs at his friends. Other times, it's people in the media.

A week or so ago on FB, he claimed it was "Fresh Spinach Day," and he posted a cartoon of Popeye with his ever-present can of spinach (and with his own face cartoonized, replacing Popeye's), with his pug in a sailor cap with a pipe in his mouth. It was very cute, but I couldn't resist: I commented, "If it's Fresh Spinach Day, what's up with the canned spinach?"

Today, lo and behold, for the first time ever, I made the enemies list. Here is the entry, in all its glory:

Erica Scott. Wednesday was officially Fresh Spinach Day so to comemorate it I cranked out an illustration that was kind of cute, with me as Popeye and my beloved pug Winston as Popeye’s dog getting ready to chow down on some colon-healthy greenery. Ms. Scott is a proofreader by profession, which means that she gets paid to condescendingly point out other people’s mistakes. So it was a matter of professional ethics that she felt compelled to respond “So if it’s fresh spinach day, what’s with the canned spinach?” There’s nothing more enjoyable for me than doing something artistically creative simply for the fun of anyone who wants to take a peek at it and be immediately slapped down for making a minor miscue in my labors. But Ms. Scott made a fair point; the holiday is explicitly celebrates “fresh” spinach whereas the raspy-voiced mariner with the deformed forearms favors the preserved variety. To make it up to her, I’m going to propose that her birthday of September 22 be recognized as National Hemorrhoid Day. It seems the perfect time to recognize a throbbing pain in the ass.

(The throbbing pain in the ass is a double entendre, since he knows I'm a spanko. Well played, my friend.)

I've never so thoroughly enjoyed being flamed. But just so you know, I had the last word. My comment? "It's 'commemorate,' not 'comemorate.' :-Þ "

It feels good to laugh. Have a great weekend, y'all. :-)


  1. "the holiday is explicitly celebrates" That is also terrible grammar. :-p

  2. Oh, that was so cute and funny...he played that one well!!!

  3. Lily -- LOL! Clearly, my friend need a proofreader!

    Nancy -- he really is clever. I was just looking over his collection of photos and laughing my head off. He is very willing to look ridiculous (he photoshopped his head onto Julie Andrews in that famous photo of her on the mountain in "The Sound of Music"!).

  4. Two clients whose work I wrapped up successfully awhile ago stopped in today just to say thank you and schmooze and then you served up spinach humor! What a damn pleasant day I'm having. Now ... my wife is out of town tonight (believe it or not she left me spinach for part of tomorrow's lunch), so what mischief ....

  5. How funny. You did get the last word. LOL Speaking of spinach, when the school lunch had it, I used to eat a lot of the other kids' servings. They thought I was nuts! LOL One more thing: I found I like plain ol' raw kale.

  6. Jon -- spinach humor; now there's two words I never thought I'd see together.

    Bobbie Jo -- I happen to like spinach, raw or cooked. I don't think I've ever eaten raw kale, but it's tasty cooked.

  7. I love that you got the last word! :-)

  8. Jay -- I know, right? I mean, if I'm going to be a pain in the ass, I should do it in a big way, no? :-D

  9. Hope you enjoy your birthday and your pain in the arse.

  10. LOL! Erica, you got what you deserved! Maybe Steve will reinforce the lesson next Tuesday.

    Good for you for remarking on the typo too!


  11. John -- let's not rush it; I still have a little over two months. :-)

    Hermione -- yup, no one likes a know-it-all. But it's so much fun!! :-D

  12. Hi Erica -- OMG your friend is so funny LOL, I saw that pic of him :-) I also think it's funny, what day He declared on your birthday.I am glad, you got the last word.I agree it is fun to be a know it all.If you are going to be a pain in the ass, you should do it in a big way :-) As you know, being naughty and getting spanked for it, is a lot of fun too.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  13. Jade -- that's right, you're on FB too, so you can see his pictures when I comment on them. Isn't he a riot?

  14. Ha! Can't argue with a proofreader.