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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More Fetfuckery for your amusement

This is sort of like a CHoS, but with a couple of differences. First, the writing wasn't sent directly to me; it was posted to a group on FetLife. And second, I didn't just conjure up a fantasy reply; I actually posted it. It had to be done.

So I'm viewing the Fet feed last night, and a post from the group "Arizona 50+" catches my eye. I click on it and read:

Women 50+ Lose Their Sex Drives

Personally I like older women, but reality gets in the way of having sexual relationships with women over the age of 50.

These are just some of the problems why men start looking at the young gals:

1) Young women look better. Most women start going downhill after the age of 30. Having kids exacerbates this. Most older ladies dress matronly which makes them look even worse.

2) Almost all post-menopausal women lose their sex drive. They also get dry and they can't have orgasms.

3) Older women are cynical. Young ladies are sweet.

4) Women over the age of 50 have been brought up to think that ladies who enjoy sex are sluts. They may talk like they have broken the shackles but when push comes to shove they have a very tough time enjoying recreational sex.

5) Women over 50 don't use the internet to find sex, partly because of the reasons stated above.

6) Women over 50 are focused on getting married, not in having casual dates and/or sex.

So, I'm not surprised this part of fet gets little activity. Men are looking for young ladies and older women aren't looking.

* * *

After a brief pause to clean my brain explosion off the computer screen, I checked this dude's profile. He's 56 (my age), and his profile photo is a closeup of his tighty-whities, with a big ol' gut hanging over them. Charming. Yeah, I think I understand why women aren't having sex with you, cookie.

I don't belong to the Arizona 50+ group (duh, I live in CA). And you can't post to a group unless you belong to it. So guess what I did? Yup, I joined. What the hell, so the moderator can kick me off, I don't care. I just wanted to have my say and head off. I then posted this reply:

"Wow. Just wow. I do not live in Arizona, but this... masterpiece came across my feed and I just had to respond.

1. I don't look like a matron, I look just fine, thank you, and I'm in way better shape than you are, OP [original poster], even though we're the same age.

2. My sex drive is very much present, and I have orgasms that would wake my neighbors if I didn't put my hand over my mouth. Perhaps these women of which you speak are dry only around you.

3. Yup, I'm cynical. Because I've spent more time on this earth dealing with asshats like you.

4. I love sex. My mother raised me to believe that sex is a wonderful thing and that it should be fun and fulfilling. So much for your cliché.

5. I am as Internet savvy as any 20-something, and I have found countless play partners online.

6. I've never been married, I've never wanted to be married, and I doubt that I will ever want to be married. I've been with the same man for 18 years and we don't even live together. So that debunks your final cliché.

Don't worry, I'm not going to remain here, since I don't fit the group's locale criteria. And you'll no doubt delete this. So I might as well go for it -- good god, you're an idiot."

* * *

Shortly thereafter, the group moderator came on and posted: "I am not removing these comments -- they are spot on!" LOL!

No response from the moron yet. I wonder if he'll have the stones to come back, especially after the group mod approved his shaming. :-D

I present as pictorial evidence, this shot from Shadow Lane 2013. I am a good 30 years older than all three of these women (L to R: Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie, and Kelley May). Do I look like a @#$%ing matron to you??

By the way, after a three-month hiatus, I will have a brand-new CHoS for you this Friday.


  1. I am 55 my wife is 53.we still enjoy sex.that guy is a fool.we been married for 23 years and every time is like it the first time.iWe both are good shape I run marathons in grate shape.I always read your great to see someone over 50 has a voice for us over 50.

  2. Robert -- you're welcome. :-)

  3. For starters your #2 reply was legendary especially at the conclusion.
    Secondly...that guy was a SLOB. He likely sported poop stains in the back of those foul looking "tidy" whities.
    AND...he was a pompous jerk. I can't imagine droves of women would line up to want to service him in ANY way, shape or form particularly with a dickhead attitude he showcased.

    But most importantly...YOU look hot as hell whatever the fuck age you are. This over/under crap age criteria needs to be shoved up the collective assholes of any age discriminatory idiots.
    Check out what I posted under Little Wolf Pup's Fetlife post.

  4. I'm convinced that some of these weirdos on Fetlife are bored and have nothing else going on in their life so they post something outrageous just to get a flaming war going. Maybe some woman over 50 have these "problems" with him. Maybe it's just HIS problem. Good post.
    An Admirer still

  5. Alexis -- I love you. Now tell me how you really feel! ;-D

    Admirer -- yes, his problem, clearly. Laughably so.

  6. LOL
    You're much younger than this guy - also mentally. ;-))

  7. Right on! You are anything but matronly. I agree with Alexis. You are hot no matter what you are wearing. You would look hot, standing in a barn, in a pair of overalls! You got that idiot good.

  8. #3 FTW! Also, looking at that photo...I swear you never age.

  9. My lord, amazing post thank you and being in your age arena, wow, nice to read all of your thoughts and honestly I love sex and love spanking......combined we have a wonderful world.....thank you for sharing as always

  10. Bobbie Jo -- LOL... no barns for me. I do have overalls though, with shorts. :-)

    MCW -- oh, believe me, I do. But thank you. :-)

    Ron -- two of life's greatest pleasures.

  11. Awesome! I've only joined a group on fetlife once to respond to someone's retarded post, but it was admittedly fun... though I'm sure it pales in comparison to this epic take-down. Go 'Merica! er... Erica!

  12. SS -- oh, you should see that thread now. He defended himself tonight, and said even more stupid crap. And now, it's open season -- he's being blasted left and right. Good! :-)

  13. YAY way to go Erica, You told that slob off but good :-) Nice pic,You don't look like no matron, I agree that you,look hot in anything that you wear :-) Some Idiots don't,have anything better to do than cause drama.I am looking forward to your CHoS on Friday.They are always funny :-) Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  14. Jade -- I think you will enjoy this one!

  15. You were quite right to blast the moron down.
    The picture for this post (and the Topless Tuesday one) clearly demonstrate that the idiot's first point is total c**p....
    Whilst I am on Fetlife, I hardly bother visiting now. Mainly because I find that the minority of idiots (like the one you blasted) spoil it.

  16. LB -- thank you. :-) FetLife is pretty much the same as any community, I guess. There are a lot of jerks and a-holes there, but also, my friends, and many people I admire, are there. Many days, I love it. Others... well. The idiots do remind me of how cool my friends are!

  17. Dear Erica, on another subject matter. Today July 10th 2014, I am celebrating my 81st Birthday. Yes, 81 year YOUNG. To help me celebrate this happy occasion, a nice lady that I know has consented to come over tonight , and allow me to spank her. I will give her 'six of the best', with the cane on her bare bottom. One must admit this is a very nice present for me, and gladdens my heart. XXX luv ya.

  18. What an idiot that guy is. Kudos to the moderator for leaving your post up.


  19. Oh, wow, sixofthebest. That gives me hope for the future. 81, Sweet!

    I totally disagree with everything that AZ idiot said. He probably believes everyone should speak only English.

    Now, I'm going to tiptoe. I'm over 59. I and my wife both take medicines that have reported side effects: The old "erectile dysfunction" and dryness / less interest. I think that there is something in the stereotype that people with more years [note I didn't say "old people"] use more meds and many meds have sex related side effects. We are experiencing the reported side effects. Grrrgh.

    Now just last night I saw a ray of light. We watched the documentary Forks over Knives, which I recommend STRONGLY. It is about changing one's food intake [notice I didn't say diet] to improve one's health. Cancer and heart disease markers were reversed or eliminated. Many of the people it followed were able to give up most or all of their medications after changing to whole foods and basically eliminating 95% of meat intake.

    Where am I going with this? If my wife and I change our food intake (my wife is almost already there) and then are able to get rid of the pills with the side effects we may - no will - IMPROVE OUR SEX LIVES. Putting yet another nail in that guy's pecker. IMHO. Jon

    PS. How about this for a bumper sticker: Better Food = Better Sex

  20. Erica: I'd like to take the text of what that guy said (as quoted by you), the text of your response (starting with 'Wow' and ending with 'idiot') and then my comment, put them all together and send them to my nutritionist who recommended the film. I'll leave out names, any internet references and references to FetLife. But I'm not tech savvy (meeting that guy's cliché, but for my gender!). If I do that, I have no control over where my words will end up or if anyone will want to trace them back to me (I'm ok with that) or to you or that AZ fella. Advice? Permission? Jon

    PS For example, nothing about my opening response to 6 will get in.
    PSS. The nutritionist ran two groups, one aimed at men and one at women. The one aimed at the men made a big point of improving sex in its poster; the one aimed at the women didn't. My wife and I tried both and ended up in the women's group. I was the only guy. Much, much better in ways I'll skip except to say that improving sex / sex problems were at topic during the mainly women's meetings. Natch.

  21. Erica, a woman's maturity, once she is past the age of consent, has no relevance to her sex drive. And I've always thought you are smoking a wholly platonic way, of course.

    You don't look older than the other three in that photo...ok, maybe a little older, but not more than ten years. OP on fet is a dingbat.

  22. Good stuff Erica. Please though, do me a favor and don't lump all people from Arizona with this eh hole! By the way, love the use of the term asshat. One of my favorites for years!

  23. Six -- happy birthday, and Mazel Tov.

    Hermione -- I know, right? You should see the free-for-all that post is now. :-)

    Jon -- I am a firm believer in a healthy diet. And of course, ageing does have its effects. But the postulation that it turns us into a bunch of limp-dicks and dried out old hags in our 50s is ridiculous.

    Honestly, I'd rather you not quote what I wrote. Like you said, one never knows where it will end up. Thanks for asking.

    Terri -- LOL, thanks. I admit, that shot is highly flattering and nicely blurry! (cell phone selfie pics tend not to be very crisp, I've noticed). But yeah, 30 years' difference? One would think I'd look like their den mother. :-)

    sub hub -- don't worry. I have several friends n AZ. :-)

    1. Thank you. Erica, my beautiful Yiddish friend.

  24. No quote and I'll not use it at all. Jon

  25. I had no idea what your age was (is). You do not look 30 yrs older than any of the other girls in the picture. That is awesome - good for you!

    Not much more to add except to applaud your eloquent response to this guy's gross generalizations.

  26. Donnatella -- thank you! :-)