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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th

I figured since I had red and white (and stripes) in the panties, all I needed was some blue stars, and I was in the spirit of the holiday.

I have a few positive stories. First one starts out really sucky, but it gets better, I promise. Today, it is about 90 degrees here, and humid. I really wanted to stay indoors in my nice cool apartment (thank you again, new AC), but I had several errands to run. So off I went, in and out of the car, and by the time I reached my last errand (gas station), I was light-headed and thirsty, and could feel a headache coming on. Aaaaaand then I proceeded to lock everything in my car -- purse, phone, keys.

The guy in the gas station mini-mart was so sweet. He let me use his phone and he looked up AAA for me, since I didn't have my phone. He printed out a piece of receipt so I could give them the address of the station. He let me wait inside, where it wasn't exactly cool, but it was a far cry from the heat outside. And while I was waiting, he insisted that I help myself to a cold drink.

After AAA came and unlocked my car, I tried to pay the attendant for my soda, but he said no, it's OK. What a great guy. :-) And now I'm back home, cooling off, and waiting for the Advil to work.

In other good news, our friend Jersey John made such rapid progress, he was released from the hospital today, instead of sometime next week as they'd originally predicted. And he is flying home tomorrow. Many friends local to him have been taking care of odds and ends like cleaning his house, and I'm sure he'll have quite a posse to welcome him back. There is nearly $11,000 in our collection, with 29 days left, plus his vanilla friends are collecting funds as well. This man is well loved, and the support has been beautiful to see.

And finally, Sunday is Alex's birthday! Tomorrow night, John and I will be heading to her place for a birthday party. I love that girl to bits and I'm so glad I get to be a part of her special weekend. It's not going to be a play party, but that's OK. It's too hot anyway. Just have to make sure John has plenty of allergy meds, with her two very furry kitties! If you're friends with her on Twitter or FetLife, be sure to give her your best birthday wishes.

Everyone have a great holiday weekend (and for my non-American readers, a great weekend, period).


  1. Hi Erica -- Happy 4th of July Erica :-) The stars that you put on your panties, are so cute you look so patriotic :-) I am so glad you are home safe and sound.That was so nice of that gas attendant, to help you and to also give you a free soda :-) It's good to know that,there is still some good people left in this world.That is AWESOME that, Jersey John is out of the hospital :-) I know that you and John, Will have fun at Alex's birthday party :-) I like Alex she is so cute.Her and Paul are WONDERFUL people just like you and John.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  2. Jade -- thanks. Hope your 4th is fun. :-)

  3. Happy 4th! Glad if you had to lock your keys in your car that you did it somewhere where the person around hAd a little compassion. Glad to hear about Jersey John! Have fun at the birthday party!

  4. Yay! So glad I'll be seeing you and John tomorrow at Alex's! It's been too long!


  5. Erica,

    Happy belated 4th of July. Great news that Jersey John is out of hospital.

    Have fun tomorrow.


  6. Star-spangled bottom - who writes the hymn?

  7. KB -- thanks! We plan to, for sure.

    SC -- can't wait! John is especially looking forward to seeing you; it's been what, two years?

    Ronnie -- it's nothing short of a miracle that JJ is out of the hospital so soon. He has three friends picking him up at the airport and helping him settle in back home.

    MrJ -- I dunno; Francis Scott Kane?

  8. LOL. Great idea. To be listened to with one hand cross the chest, one behind the back.

  9. LOVE the panty....thank you