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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shadow Lane 2013, Part 4 (Sunday)

Sunday morning I was able to sleep in until about 10:30, because Strict Dave's CP Court wasn't until noon. As we've learned to do, John and I got there early when they were still setting up, so we could get seats on one of the couches. It was a good plan, because the room ended up being so packed with bodies, it was standing room only, and people were spilling out into the foyer! It's a statement about how well-loved Dave and his CP Court are, because so many of these people were running on fumes, having had little to no sleep, and yet here they all were on a Sunday morning.

As I sat waiting for court to start, I felt hands on my shoulders and turned to see KinkyCoach, who had positioned himself behind the couch. We started chatting, and I asked if he would play with me that evening, to which he answered yes. A few minutes later after I'd faced forward again, these amazing strong fingers and thumbs started probing my neck and shoulders, and I would have slumped off the couch and landed on the carpet, had Alex and Prux not been sitting at my feet. I told KC that if his spanking was anything like his massage, I was going to fall in love with him. He laughed and said I had his permission to do so.

(A quick aside: once again, I marvel at how I can toss off flirtatious sentences like that while sitting right next to my beloved. I love my open-minded, non-possessive man!! ♥)

Court convened and was the usual crazy fun. It ran a bit longer this time and we were there until nearly 2:00, but it was worth it. After that, John and I headed down to CafĂ© Siena once again, this time accompanied by Mir and Samantha (no, not Woodley). We sat and yapped up a storm, lingering there until nearly 4:00. 

After a nap and doing some packing, I put on my baby-doll PJs and we headed to 801 at 8:00 for the final blow-out. I had kept missing people all weekend with whom I wanted to play, and I planned to make up for that tonight. Little did I know just how much I would be doing that!

First thing I saw when I walked into one of the bedrooms was the gorgeous Maddy Marks, stretched out on the bed and being double-massaged by her man and by KC. "What's all this?" I teased, walking over. She turned her head and smiled at me, saying hello. "Hello, you lucky woman," I replied. Then I glanced at KC, flicked the spike of hair he has on top of his head and said, "When's my turn, Alfalfa?"

(Yes, I know. No one under 40 will get that reference.)

I got my turn with him shortly thereafter. He started with massage -- I took off my PJ top and sprawled out, relishing having all the knots kneaded out of me. He then asked, "Feeling good?" and I said "Almost. I still want a spanking." Damn, I'm greedy. He complied, sitting down and pulling me across his lap. Unfortunately, he happened to have a nasty hairbrush handy (shudder). He made me pay for the "Alfalfa" comment, and one more. At some point when he'd been waxing egotistical (and tongue-in-cheek) about his effects on women, I'd asked, "So is that why your hair spikes up -- because your head is too big for it to lie flat?" :-D

When another couple joined us on the bed, he shifted me to make more room and then resumed with his hand. As I squirmed, I felt something hard under my arm, and realized it was the brush. Mischievously I grabbed it and waved it front of his face, but when he reached for it, I threw it across the room. "You little @#$%!" he blurted, laughing. Of course, one of his fellow tops retrieved it for him, and he let me have it, doing a leg lock when I kicked. Yum.

At the end he had me stand, then kneel down in front of him so we could hug. I sighed, "This is when I know I've had a good scene -- I hate to see it ending!" It didn't, not just yet. Aftercare went on for about 15-20 minutes; I lost track of the time. We just stayed in that position, hugging tight. I tuned everything out and focused on how good I felt. When we finally pulled apart, I stood and then we hugged yet again. This time, his face was on my upper chest, so he gave me a quick and playful nip/suckle. Then I heard him say, "Damn, you've got sensitive skin!" I looked down and saw this:

Gaaaaaa! I knew I was never going to hear the end of this, and I certainly didn't. John teased me about it for the rest of the evening, and every time someone asked me what that was, John would say, "Yes, honey, tell them!" I had to repeat the story several times, blushing furiously.

I was Jell-O after that, so I staggered back into the main room and sat at Joe's feet for a while, chatting with him and Joey. Soon we were joined by others, and pizzas arrived, so everyone munched and talked for a while. At one point, I was sitting with Alex, Mila and Christy Cutie (who really is a cutie) and making them laugh with my stories about one of the scene's most infamous creepers. Then it was back to play. I did a quickie scene with Alex (male Alex, not Reynolds), which was silly fun and hurt his hand more than my butt. (snicker) 

The rest of the night is a blur of play-mania. Suddenly, everyone I'd wanted to play with all weekend was turning up and asking me -- YS, Malignus, Fineous, and of course Michael, with whom I knew I wanted seconds (and maybe thirds). In the next couple of hours, I had my first scene with Malignus (who was a lot of fun and a great top), one hell of an intense strapping with itsnature (two straps at a time at some points!), and then one of Fineous's magical floggings.

Also in that time span, I had my second scene with Michael, which was shorter than our first, but rather emotional for me, because I felt like I'd insulted him and I ended up tearing a little. He had scolded me earlier for focusing on others in the room during the spanking when he'd told me not to, so I was being very careful to not do that again. But when we were having aftercare, I was snuggled up in his arms, and then I heard John off to the side, loudly (for my benefit) saying, "WELL! It's going to be a long, awkward drive home!" I couldn't help it -- I burst out laughing. Then I thought, "Oh no!! I did it again!" Michael cracked up too, so he was totally OK with it. The scene was over, after all. However, I still got wiggy, and when we stood up, I started babbling, "Are you OK with that? You're not mad, are you? You're not upset with me for laughing?" He just stared at me, incredulous. "Erica, look at me," he said. "Look at this face. Do you see 'mad' here? Do you see 'upset' here? Do you see anything but a very happy man?" Silly, silly me, getting all teary-eyed. But these parties tend to reduce us to our most emotional cores when we least expect it. Michael told me to go off and play, but that we weren't finished. That's when I knew I wanted him to be my final scene of the weekend.

I really, really wanted to play with YS, who had likewise expressed that desire. But we kept missing each other that night. Around 12:30, I saw him across the room and approached him, asking if now was a good time. He had a package of cigars in his hand, and he looked at me regretfully and said, "Oh... I was just about to go out with the guys and have a cigar! After? Will you still be here?" I figured cigars wouldn't take too long, so I'd hang out, talk with others, then play with him when he came back. That would leave one more scene with Michael, and then I'd call it a night. He promised he'd come back and find me, and he was off. I told Michael about the plan so he was down with it as well, and he went off to play some more.

I sat with John and chatted with Jada and Kelley and several others, just relaxing and enjoying the various sensations of afterglow. But after a while, I started getting very drowsy. We had to get up at 7:00 so we could hit the road early and beat the traffic. I kept glancing at the foyer, waiting for YS, and then back at my watch. When it was quarter of two and he hadn't come back, I regretfully made a decision -- I couldn't wait any longer. I wasn't upset; I know how things go at these parties. He probably got sidetracked and it simply wasn't meant to be, this time.

So I found Michael. "I'm ready," I said.

He sat at the side of the bed and had me stand before him, my hands on my head. Then he pulled my PJ bottoms and panties down, had me face him while he spoke quietly to me, telling me what he was going to do. How loved I was, how much I needed this and how honored he was to be my first and last. Then he began.

Flurries. Really hard, fast flurries, with pounding swats that screamed through my entire body and had me moaning into the pillow. He'd pause briefly to rub, to whisper encouragement, then I'd feel a firm hand pressing on my back, or gripping my hair, and the next flurry would begin. The last one was the hardest, and through my haze of pain, I heard him count down. "Five... four... three... two... one... let it out!!" I raised my head off the pillow and let out a howl, then collapsed back down. I was done. I was blissful, wrung out, my whole body throbbing, my blood singing in my veins. 

Delicious. Perfect.

After Michael delivered me back to John, I knew I was done. It was 2:30, and despite my usual attack of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), it was time to go. We reluctantly began our goodbyes. The beautiful OTKDesire hugged me tight and said, "No, you can't go!" which made me smile. Joe said, "This is worth a break in the music," and he turned the sound down for a moment and announced, "Everyone, Erica Scott and John are leaving!" LOL! A whirlwind of hugs, and we left. I clung tightly to John in bed that night, feeling the need for his closeness. He's so very good to me at these parties, letting me flit around and do my thing while he socializes. I love him so much for this, and for so many other things, too. ♥

I ended this weekend with few regrets. I'm sorry we didn't get to see Dana, and I'm sorry I didn't get to play with YS, or with Joe. The party was not without its emotions, and I witnessed a couple of mini-meltdowns, which made my heart hurt. I've been there; I know how it is. These gatherings are so nurturing, yet at the same time, they can be excruciating. We're all keyed up, sleep-deprived, and engaging in play that brings our emotions and vulnerabilities to the forefront, and every feeling, good and bad, is multiplied tenfold. So for those who had rough moments this weekend, please know you are not alone. 

For everyone this weekend who talked with me, hugged me, played with me, filmed with me, gave me love and warm fuzzies, thank you. For our suite party hosts, thank you for taking such good care of us. To Shadow Lane, thank you for yet another great party. For my beloved, thank you for being my companion; I can't imagine being at one of these events without you.

And now, I suppose I should get back to work.

P.S. Does anyone else see the irony of this? I come home from a spanking weekend -- my thighs are a mess, my chest has a big fat suck mark on it, and yet my butt is spotless?? (sore, yes, but completely white. Meh!)


  1. It was a pleasure seeing you...wish i could have talked more...but at these parties, you don't always get the chance...see you next time!

  2. Nancy -- absolutely. So many people, so little time. Sorry I didn't get to see you in your Jeannie costume; I trust you will have pictures!

  3. It was wonderful to see you and John again. It is always a highlight of my party to hang out with you guys.


  4. I am SO sorry that I missed playing with you! When I was ready, you weren't, and when you were ready, I wasn't. I meant to come back to Joe and Ten's suite, but that last night everything happened so fast and it was over. I feel like I broke promises to too many people, but I regret not playing with you the most. Thank you for patiently waiting for me, even though I didn't come. We will make it happen next time!

  5. Jada -- we love seeing you too!

    YS -- it's damn near impossible in these brief, fast weekends to do everything we want and give attention to everyone, much as we hope to. Believe me, I understand. Yes, next time!

  6. Erica, I like Spanking Court. But I wish they would change those ORANGE OUTFITS, to a regular dress, or skirts for the women to wear. Yes, as for dancing, I used to 'cut up a rug' so to speak, with the various ladies, that were on the tours that I took visiting various parts of the world. But alas that came to an end, when I broke my hip. No more travelling, and very little dancing from then on in. But for spanking the ladies once in a while, I'm still in the game. As for your 'weekend in Las Vegas, you must have had a 'ball', or two, in more ways than one. XXX luv ya.

  7. Six -- this wasn't the Spanking Court you're thinking of, although the confusion is understandable. So there were no orange prison outfits. :-) Unfortunately, the SC who made films has gone out of business.

  8. Hi Erica -- GREAT party reports as usual :-) I really enjoyed reading them all.Sounds like you had a wonderful time.I wish I could of went,Then I could of met you and John,that would of Been AWESOME.That is weird that you got marks everywhere but your butt.You are bionic butt remember LOL :-)Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  9. Thanks for the report.


  10. It was so awesome seeing you again! Next time, we must set aside some recovery girl time.

    And I was totally serious about you not being allowed to leave. Now I'm gonna have to find a top to spank you for it - for science of course.



  11. Jade -- I guess my butt is used to all the abuse! LOL

    joey -- my pleasure. :-)

    otkd -- yes, of course, for science. Ya know, someone's going to have to explain the origin of that to me! :-D

    1. I'm pretty sure we started it.. I threw you under the bus with DrLectr and somewhere in the conversation we said it...

      Now I'm going to search your blog for it. LOL


    2. Found it!

      "Later, I wandered into the bedroom and found Joe spanking otkdesire, with Gino and Ten watching. I sprawled on the carpet and joined them, watching Joe experiment with his left hand, since his right hand was completely "assed." He said it was a scientific experiment -- riiiiiight! I was a little sleepy, so at some point, I stifled a yawn. Otkdesire caught me and threw me under the bus, saying, "Erica needs to go next -- she's bored!" Hummmph.

      Joe and I seem to have developed a tradition at these parties, doing a scene on the last night and seeing what lasts longer -- his hand or my butt. (He calls it our World War III.) So over I went, down came my PJ pants and he started whaling away with his left hand (which is every damn bit as adept and powerful as his right, thank you very much). He mentioned our "war" again, so I lustily started singing, "Over There," changing the lyric "The Yanks are coming" to "The spanks are coming." It was our usual battle of wills with lots of banter, and we ended up calling it a draw (as we always do). :-)"


    3. You're good! I didn't remember that it started there! :-D

  12. "Psst! Hey! Look! Erica has a "sucker bite" on her collar bone."

    You gave a terrific description of what I could imagine as a roller coaster weekend that is likely to occur the more one delves into the party circuit.
    There is clearly ALOT of fun and games to be had for those passionate about the event. But the one drawback I could see is the lost opportunities that arise when people are running from one activity to the next-the time flies soooo quickly that it really is impossible to fit everything in...but then again, I'm greedy and require instant gratification all of the time. LOL

  13. Kelly -- yes, that is definitely a drawback. That's why people come early and stay longer. There is simply too much to do, so many people to see, and so little time. I feel bad that I inevitably end up blowing someone or another off (not intentionally), but it happens. One thing I've learned over the years is not to take it personally when it happens to me.

  14. Wow, what a fun and busy end to a great party! As you say, it is near impossible to always get everything and everyone in. But you and YS will probably catch up another time. It sounds like you had a lot of wonderful scenes and chats and close time. That makes for a great weekend.

  15. Lea -- it really was a good balance. And YS and I will definitely connect next time we have the opportunity.

  16. Again, thank you for sharing an amazing weekend.

  17. Ron -- I enjoy doing so; it's like reliving the experience.

  18. We I love reliving it with you.