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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shadow Lane 2013, Part 3 (Saturday night)

So I finally got myself down to the ballroom, where John had already gotten us seats at a table (right next to the dance floor, yes!). We went to the buffet -- I was happy to see that the choices were much better than the hors d'oeuvres the night before, including salmon and baked chicken, and fresh steamed veggies. Good healthy choices, so I could splurge and have a piece of chocolate mousse cake afterwards! :-)

Everyone looked great; John looked so handsome in his suit, as always. One standout for me was Mila Kohl, decked out in a floor-length, strapless ball gown with her hair put up. She looked like a princess! And Sarah Gregory looked like a beautiful siren in red.

I also had Kaye take pictures of Michael and me. My cell phone takes crappy shots, but I liked this anyway. :-)

Dammit, I forgot to have someone take a picture of John and me together this year. Argh. 

After dinner, John asked me to dance, and we got on the floor just as Bob the DJ was starting Madonna's "Hanky Panky." Perfect! I threw myself into it, dancing my butt off -- how I managed to get through that whole song without stumbling on my high heels, I'll never know. Shortly thereafter, Bob began the "Electric Slide," and a big group got up for it. Last year, I'd watched everyone doing this and thought how much fun it looked, but didn't have the nerve to join in. This year, I was determined to do it. So I kicked off my pumps and jumped right in. It's pretty simple, actually -- just four moves, with a quarter turn in between sets of four. Fun! Best of all, I then danced a slow dance with my sweetheart. It was our 17th anniversary last Friday. ♥

Just before 10, we went back to our room so I could fix my hair and makeup before my shoot with Triple A. John was dropping me off at AAA-John's room, so we arrived there promptly at 10 and knocked on the door. No answer. Knocked again, no answer. Oh, crap.

I didn't know what to do -- we hadn't exchanged any contact information. 
I texted Alex, since she's friends with AAA-John, thinking she might know where he was. She sent back a phone number, but I couldn't use it because I don't have an international plan on my phone. So we waited there until 10:20. I was so bummed and disappointed. "Why do people have to be so flaky?" I sighed to John. We decided to go back down to the ballroom to look for him, and sure enough, as we were going up the escalator, we saw AAA-John coming down! So we got off the escalator at the top and ran to the going-down side.

He and his work partner David were full of apologies -- they had been looking for me in the ballroom! "You must have been calling us all sorts of dirty names," David mused. And John quipped, "No, not at all... but the word 'flake' did come up." AAACCCKK! I was so embarrassed! But they just laughed; no offense was taken. We were all simply happy that we'd connected after all.

Long story short, we ended up back in the AAA room and both men were completely amenable to John staying to watch. Since AAA-John and I were all dressed up, we decided to do a scenario as a couple who were at a party, and he was miffed at me for drinking too much and flirting with the bartender. We ad-libbed the whole thing and had some fun banter. I really enjoyed this shoot! :-) It was so easy and relaxed. But I'm never going to live down that "flake" business.

I love getting dressed up, but it was enough already. I couldn't wait to go back to our room to change into something more comfortable, but still somewhat dressy (a pink-and-black skirt and a black tank top), and swap out the stockings and pumps for low-heeled sandals. And it was back to Room 801 for us!

Having seen a lot of FLA Paddler on FetLife, I was pleased to finally meet him. He was every bit as charming as he'd seemed. That night, I decided to follow my new "Ask people to play; don't wait for them to ask you" motto and approached him, asking if he'd like to play. He asked what type of scene I'd like; I wasn't quite sure what he meant, so I answered, "Ummm... spanking?" He laughed, then said, "Yes, spanking... but anything else? Flogging? Strapping? Single-tail?" Oooh, flogging, yes please. So we went into the bedroom and did a lovely long scene, with spanking first and then a delicious double flogging. He was very talented with those things, spot on with his aim and great at varying the intensities. And he was interactive, talking with me throughout, which I liked, since I didn't know him well and it helped me feel more connected. 

After that, I was pliant and warm and relaxed, and reluctantly put my clothes back on (I'd stripped down to panties) and shuffled my way back into the living room. The rest of the evening feels a bit blurry and I hope I don't forget anything crucial. I do remember sitting on the couch with Michael and Prux, eating a piece of the sheet cake our hosts had gotten to celebrate Shadow Lane's 22nd year. Then we were joined by a gentleman who goes by the name "Oak" on FetLife. I'd met him the night before; he's from Denmark, a stunning tall blond man with a sweet smile and a soft-spoken voice with a delicious accent. Michael started saying a lot of complimentary things about him, and Prux pronounced him the "yummiest man ever." Well! One thing led to another, and soon Oak was leading me by the hand back into the bedroom. We had a brief but lovely OTK scene -- yes indeed, he IS yummy. :-D  I had my usual insecurities about playing with someone so much younger, but he thanked me and told me he'd enjoyed it.

Back in the main room, John was busily chatting with Amy on one couch, so I sat back down next to Michael on the other. He and I had chatted earlier and he'd shared a story of a wonderful scene experience with me, so I was feeling especially warm and fuzzy toward him. And I was also getting very sleepy. I ended up curling up against him, with my legs up and across his lap, and closing my eyes, letting the sounds of the party float around me and feeling my body relax completely. You know, all the playing is delicious, but moments like these, special sharing moments with dear friends, really make the weekend for me.

I wish I could remember whether or not I played again that night -- I don't think I did. All I remember is sprawling against John later while he continued his chat with Amy, and when I knew I couldn't stay awake any longer, I said, "Honey, I'm gonna go back to our room and go to bed." I didn't want him to end his conversation, but he insisted that they were winding it up anyway, so we said our good-nights and we took off for the night. I think it was around 2:30. I know a lot of people pulled all-nighters, but we all know I just can't do that. It was all I could to do to wash my face and brush my teeth before falling into bed. Despite my head swirling with the evening's activities, I fell asleep almost immediately.

Sunday next! But first, something I forgot from Saturday afternoon at the SSNY party. I was talking with Beth, Ellee and YS, and I whispered to Beth that I wanted thigh turkeys from YS. Of course, that sweet girl made it happen! :-D He sat me down, with practically the whole room watching, and did his particular magic on my oh-so-sensitive thighs. Beth snapped pictures as we watched the hand prints bloom.

The prints blurred after a day or so, so now I'm left with a colorful array of red streaks and small bruises.

I have no idea why thigh turkeys are so damned fascinating. They just are.

Part 4 tomorrow.


  1. Your party reports are fun to read, as always. The photos make it more personal. But my favorite photo of yours was from a SL party a few years back, I think in Palm Springs. The one with you over Danny's shoulder, your back to the camera but clearly caught in the hotel mirror. If I remember correctly, that photo created a little bit of trouble because a hotel employee witnessed it and it was in the lobby. Love that photo AND the back story.

    So happy you had such a good weekend.


  2. Pam -- LOL! Oh yes, that series of photos, taken by Sierra Salem. It was actually at the Stardust in Vegas, and yes, we did get in trouble for playing outside of the ballroom. Fun memory!

  3. Erica,

    Glad you had fun. Your description brought back many memories of last year. I remember the moment when the photo was taken and thought. Wow. The expression of love on your faces was priceless.

    Say hi to John. My conversation with him last year was one of my best memories of SL.

    Happy Anniversary.


  4. I have really learned to enjoy flogging, too. It's a great change from all of the heavy wooden implements.

  5. Erica, you sure guessed right, I loved the photo of you in the over the knee spanking position with you wearing that ever popular lingerie, garter-belt and stockings. As for dancing, in my younger days, I did the swing, to Tex Beneke's ( former Glen Miller'a Orchestra, "In the Mood". Here is a bit of trivia in my life. I did a mean Tango in Buena Aires. A smooth Samba in Brazil, a hora in Jerusalem, Israel. I tried Belly dancing, in Casablanca, Morocco. a waltz in my hometown of Vienna Austria, Zorba the Greek dancing in Athens. An Irish jig, in Dublin's fair city. An a Russian 'kazatts', in Moscow. A polka in Warsaw, Poland. A rhumba in Madrid, Spain, a hulu in Honalulu Hawaii, etc. To dance the nights away. Yes, Erica, "Those were the days my friend, I thought they would never end". But sadly to say, as I got older they did. XXX Luv ya.

  6. joey -- you're such a sweetie!

    Kelly -- accomplished floggers can work magic, truly.

    Six -- I knew you'd like that! Wow, you were quite the dancer in your day.

  7. Hi Erica -- I Love your pics,they are AWESOME :-) You look so happy,that makes me smile.The pic of you over John s knee is Priceless.You are a lucky lady.I can't wait to read part 4.Thanks for sharing your party memories with us.YOU ROCK :-) I have some good news to tell you.I will email you later ok.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  8. Great stories, pictures & souvenirs! Good that you had a great time, after some rough weather in recent months.
    Your extensive report do, however, not cover the issue as to how many packed items remained just packed ;-))

  9. Jade -- part 4 is up. I look forward to your good news.

    MrJ -- ha! Let me think... I actually did pretty well. I had extra panties, but I always have those. I didn't wear my bathing suit, as expected. And the only outfit I didn't end up wearing was the one I'd planned for the Dana shoot. (sigh)

    1. So the expected eye rolling here concerns the fact that you DID use it all. **rollseyes**
      But, I admit, you took the right decisions at the time.

  10. Th expressions on your face were awsum after those thigh definetley had an audience...I was one of them and enjoyed it!

  11. Nancy -- yeah, I guess someone should have snapped a picture then, huh? LOL!

  12. I always love to give you thigh turkeys. For me they are the most fun single strike I can give. You're such a sweetly willing victim^H^H^H^H^H^H participant. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  13. YS -- you're so sadistically and deliciously good at giving them, too!

  14. Great pictures! I totally cannot dance so remembering skipping out and going back to the suite when that portion happened last year. It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I don't know how I got by at my first few parties when I didn't know people up to the point of having their numbers yet. It certainly helps to make things easier and find out where the hell everyone is. Glad you caught up with the AAA guys and were able to have your shoot. This is all I have to say about thigh turkeys. O_O

  15. Lea -- I'm not much of a dancer; I'm not coordinated enough to do anything fancy. But every now and then, the mood strikes.