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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shadow Lane 2013, Part 2 (Sat. morning & afternoon)

John dragged me out of bed at 9:15 a.m. on Saturday so I could shower and get ready for the shoot with BratKaye. In honor of that shoot, I wore some brand-new lingerie:

Got myself some caffeine and arrived at their room at 10:15. We chatted for a while, then got down to business. Kaye and I did a scenario where we essentially played ourselves: two "spanking models" at a party in Vegas. However, we'd been booked (and pre-paid) for a custom shoot the night before, but both of us blew it off, ignoring our phone calls and texts and partying up a storm with fellow guests. So of course, G was taking us to task for it.

Too funny -- G was prepared with cameras and lights and all that stuff, but he'd neglected to bring any implements! So Kaye called Fineous (the famous flogger) and asked if he had anything we could borrow. Fortunately he was up and dressed, and he delivered a hairbrush to the room (thanks a lot, Fin). We improvised and shot what I think will be a fun scene, with plenty of smart-assery. I don't have any stills from that yet (dammit! I want all my pictures, now!), but will post when I have some.

After that, I found John back in our room, and we headed down to Café Siena to have lunch. On our way, we met Joe and Ten in the elevator, and they asked to join us. Are you kidding? Who would say no to those two as companions? We had a great lunch with lots of lively conversation; I wanted to treat, since I'd just gotten paid for a shoot, but Ten absolutely would not hear of it, pulling out her credit card. I started to argue, but she put up a finger and gave me her Bossy Ten face, so I backed down. :-)

"I have money," she said. "Don't you know I'm a chubby hooker??" (That was in reference to a post some asshat made on FetLife last week, where he said the "new crop of spanking models" were a bunch of hookers, and most of them were too "chubby." Charming, huh?) John came back with, "That's chubby ho." So, our new name for Ten is CeeHo. ;-)

The SSNY folks were having a suite party from 1-4, with hopes to show a bunch of their video shorts, as they always do. These things are a riot and a highlight of any party weekend. Unfortunately, this time, they couldn't get the big-screen TV to hook up properly and show them. What a bummer! The room was packed, very noisy, and dreadfully warm, and while I loved being there, I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed and not knowing which way to turn. Then I glanced over and saw Prux standing alone -- she looked exactly how I felt. I sidled over to her and said, "Hey, you wanna take a break and go outside for a bit?" She nodded, and we went out to the hallway (which was blessedly cool) and sat down with our backs against the wall, chatting. Soon, we were joined by others such as Michael, Lance Del Toro, OTKDesire, Aurora, and my John, with several others walking by and greeting us.

At one point, John from Triple A Spanking came over to say hello. He's from the UK (we had a lot of UK folks this time! always lovely to see them) and this was his first SL party; I'd been introduced to him the night before. I knew he was shooting all weekend, so I was thrilled to bits when he said, "Hey Erica, would you like to film a little something later?" Hellz, yes! I suggested we do it right after the dinner buffet/dance, when we'd be all dressed up, and he agreed, so I said I'd come to his room at 10 p.m. 

After a while, Michael whisked Prux off to give her some special attention and the others left as well, so John and I went back into the SSNY room. Once there, I was approached by Kor-E, who had asked earlier if this was the year where we'd finally play, and I said yes. "Got a minute?" he said. "Yes!" I replied, and off we went into the bedroom, where we had a hilarious scene. He was melodramatically scolding me for seeing him at parties for the past seven years and not knowing that he wanted to play with me. "Why didn't you just ask?" I screeched. "You're supposed to know! You're supposed to read our minds, and know from just that quick glance across the room!" Oh, brother. "I am NOT a @#$%ing Shadow Lane ambassador!" I protested, but it was no use. For the rest of the scene, I had to hear all about his "misery and heartache." ;-) We hammed it up and had a lot of laughs. He said he thought perhaps now he could let go of the pain he's been carrying and forgive me. I certainly hope so.

When the SSNY party ended, there was another event at 4:00, but I was wiped out and needed a nap. So John and I headed to our room to sleep a while. Upon our arrival, I got a text from Dana, which brought some sad news. Poor thing had a pipe burst in her house, flooding the downstairs! How horrible! So of course, not only was our shoot off, but all the others she had scheduled as well. What utter suckage. I felt so bad for them; what a thing to happen, and what incredibly rotten timing. I was so disappointed that I was going to miss seeing them yet again, but it couldn't be helped. I texted back, asking if we could help somehow (help move furniture, whatever), but she said the landlady and her husband were there and would be there all the next day too. (sigh) I hope they will be OK and the damage will be minimal.

John woke me up at 6:00 so I could get ready. Saturday night is always "dress-up" night at these things, and I was prepared with an LBD, fishnet stockings and high heels.

You know, after all these years, I'm still a nervous wreck before the Saturday night affair. I'm not sure why. I take forever with my makeup and my hair and I ask John to go down to the ballroom ahead of me so I can have a couple of minutes alone to breathe deep and gather myself. Silly, isn't it. But it's what I do. Finally, I was (somewhat) satisfied with my appearance and headed downstairs to start the long night of partying.

These entries are wayyyyy long, so I'm going to break them up into manageable bits. Part 3 coming soon!


  1. You look STUNNING in these pics. That bed pose is pinup worthy.

    Oh NOOOOO, RE: Dana. I feel so bad you guys didn't connect and about that catastrophe at her place.

  2. Alexis -- thanks! I know, right? What an awful thing to happen to them.

  3. Erica, those fishnet stockings that you are wearing, plus that sexy black evening dress, that molds that voluptuous bottom of yours, looks 'spanking good' to me. XXX Luv ya.

  4. Six -- you'll really like the picture I'll be posting in the next installment, I think. :-)

  5. Hi Erica -- You look very pretty in your new lavender panty set :-) WOW that's so COOL that you got to meet John, from Triple A Spanking, I always wanted to get spanked by him.So happy that you got to shoot with him.I bet he spanks hard.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  6. You always take such gorgeous photos!

  7. Nancy -- thanks! Hey, you always take lots of party photos -- I'm waiting for yours to turn up on FetLife. :-)

  8. The shoot sounds like a lot of fun! I'm sure it'll be a great video. Chubby hooker? Omg. I missed some of the latest on Fet I guess. Some people... I have heard of Joe's blackjack success in past years though so I guess they were good for the bill. I need some gambling tips if I'm there again!

    The premise for your scene with Kor-E is so funny. And I can totally relate! There are a few people it took years to get around to playing with and when it finally happened we both wondered why the hell didn't this happen sooner? I say hey I'm sorry, but if it is up to me to initiate it is probably not going to happen. That's just me.

    I can only see the back of you in that pic but I'm sure you looked as beautiful as always for Saturday night's party. Having been there last year I was a bit intimidated with how great everybody looked. I am not big on dressing up.

  9. Lea -- you should have seen some of the dresses! Ball gowns! Gorgeous! I couldn't quite go in that direction; I've never worn a ball gown in my life, and that's the truth.

  10. You look just lovely.....sounds like an amazing time.

  11. Ron -- thanks; it really was. :-)