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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vimeo blows!

As y'all know, I was having trouble directly posting my little videos on here; Blogger kept giving me error messages, and wouldn't explain why. So I attempted to find a host for the videos, from which I could post direct links.

I did Spanking Tube for a while, but they are a hassle. They take forever to load, even longer to appear, and then you're subject to all the ratings and critiques, which I don't like. So I joined Vimeo and uploaded eight of my videos there, then linking them here in past blogs. I wanted to make my account private, but then discovered that if I did that, then the video link wouldn't work -- people would just get a notice that they have to get my permission to view it. Well, duh, if I post it on my own blog, doesn't it stand to reason that I'm granting permission? Meh. So I made my account public.

Guess what. Today I just got email from them, saying my account has been cancelled. No warning, just poof

Dear Erica Scott:
Your account has been removed by the Vimeo Staff for violating our Guidelines.
Reason: Uploading videos that contain pornography or sexually explicit material.

Puritanical bastards! So now in my older blogs, where there were once videos, there is now a little sign, reading: "Sorry, this video does not exist." Screw you, Vimeo. They do too exist. 

Perhaps I'll try Blogger's "Insert Video" function again; maybe they've fixed the glitch by now. If not, then any suggestions for a free site where I can upload videos and not be censored?

Dear Vimeo: So, I'm too pornographic for you? Would Disney imagery be more up your alley? OK, here ya go.


  1. Why don't you switch over like the rest of us have to No worries about what gets posted, and I'm pretty sure that videos would post there without a problem.

  2. Of course, there's tons of shit like THIS on Vimeo...

    Someone explain to me what's "porn" with your spanking videos if this is on Vimeo???

    1. Oh, actually--I see!

      You need to write something like:

      "This video showcases the kinetics of human movement and skin for use of surface texture mapping and ripple-flow dynamics in three dimensional forms for animation studies."

      Now you're legit! Violá!

  3. Erica, the other week you mentioned transferring your blog to Wordpress. Doesn't Wordpress have a built in video posting tool? Maybe you could either transfer your blog, or use Wordpress to host your videos?

  4. What a pain in the t!@s!
    But Mickey is terrific in salute mode! :)

  5. Jen -- I'd rather not go through the hassle of relocation, unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

    Craig -- oy. Perhaps that particular video poster has Vimeo Plus (read: a pay membership). I suspect that when money enters the picture, Vimeo develops selective blindness. So pay up, and you too can post the Pope sodomizing a sheep.

    Anonymous -- I don't really want to move to Wordpress if I don't have to. I don't know if they host videos without one having a blog there, but I'm sure there are other sites that must. I have to look into that.

    Kelly -- yeah, Walt is spinning in his grave right about now...

  6. You are correct. The Blogger video upload still doesn't work. You have to upload the video to YouTube then embed the html code that YouTube provides.

    Valdor at The Spank Statement uses DailyMotion. You could try that.

    Wordpress seems to be cracking down on adult blogs too, from what I've read on other blogs.


  7. Hermione -- thank you. Ugh! Why don't they just fix the damn thing? It hasn't worked for months. I'll look into DailyMotion.

  8. Hi Erica -- I do NOT agree with them :-) they had no right to cancel your account :-( Spanking is not porn.You would think that they would appreciate your clips,They are EXCELLENT. I can't stop laughing your Mickey is so funny LOL. That is the coolest Mickey I ever saw.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  9. Jade -- some people think spanking is porn. Unfortunately, they're the ones who decide what gets posted and what doesn't. I just have to find a new place with a more open mind. :-)

  10. When I try to go to spanking tube I get this message from my firewall

    McAfee SiteAdvisor Warning
    This e-mail message contains potentially unsafe links to these sites: more info...

    I expect that would scare a lot of people off.

  11. Anonymous -- really? I've never gotten anything like that. The site itself should be safe; I wonder what generates that.


    1. I would think it is safe too, but I tried again today and this what got.

      Warning: Suspicious Site
      Are you sure you want to go there? may be risky to visit.

      Why were you redirected to this page?

      When we visited this site, we found it exhibited one or more risky behaviors.

      McAfee SiteAdvisor keeping me protected!
      Back Visit anyway

  12. Yep, Erica, you and Craig are right: Vimeo, YouTube, et al, are oddly selective about what is Naughty and Forbidden, and cash does indeed seem to make everything including pontiff pasture porn A-OK! (That was a great line, by the way!)

    I've seen several versions of the Mickey Finger. Hey, that's a pretty good penname... when I write a hard-boiled cartoon spanking story, I'm signing as "Mickey Finger."

  13. Dave -- "pontiff pasture porn"... you are priceless! :-)

  14. Ugh, sorry to hear that. It makes me wonder how many outright porn sites continue to exist when it is so difficult for someone into spanking to write about it, much less post a video. But perhaps money is the simple answer.

  15. Lea -- I guess it is. Well, I just have to find my way around it, because I'm not paying to post videos, dammit. :-)