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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A blast from the (recent) past

I look at the various spanking photo blogs on a regular basis, just to keep up with what's circulating out there. Oftentimes I see the same pictures posted and reposted, but sometimes I see something fun and new. As one would expect, I enjoy the photos best when they're of someone I know.

Recently, I've noticed a lot of photos floating around of former spanking starlet Sierra Salem. She wasn't in the scene more than three years or so, but she made quite a splash while she was here, and I had many fun times with her. I miss her, and feel nostalgic when I come across her pictures.

Not sure what company this is from -- Firm Hand, perhaps? -- but that's Ralph Marvell doing the honors. Look at that beautiful girl! You could get lost in her eyes.

When I first met her at a small house party, she had just turned 18, and she was so shy, she could barely look at me. But her curiosity and desire won over her shyness, and soon she broke into the video scene with Shadow Lane's Prep School Punishments (one of my favorites of theirs, BTW). 

Sierra was beautiful and had a lovely, lithe dancer's body -- and she had absolutely no clue about how stunning she looked. She was bright, funny, and very fragile. Compliments made her joyously happy. Mean-spirited comments crushed her.

In 2005, she and I traveled together back East twice (in June, and again in September) to work for Spanking Epics. I got to spend a lot of time with her, as well as shoot with her (and yes, share a bed with her -- queen-sized, you pervs -- in one of the hotels we stayed in). Of all the fun stuff we did, I think I enjoyed our final scene together the most. On Sunday night after three days of shooting, when we were having a bit of a wrap party, she playfully challenged me to a "spank-off." One thing led to another, the cameras and other equipment (which had all been put away) were broken out once again, and we shot the completely impromptu Great American Spank-Off, with Keith Jones and Steve Fuller. 

Here she is, challenging me:

When she was still living here in So. CA, she had a 21st birthday party, sharing it with Samantha Woodley (they have the same birth date; Samantha is two years older). I was lucky enough to attend, and got my absolute favorite picture of the two of us. For whatever reason, that child loved to lie on the floor, on the pavement... Me? Not so much! But I did it for the birthday girl.

Shortly thereafter, she moved away, and left the industry.

People still ask me sometimes what became of her. I can tell you this much -- she is now 27, and she and I are still in touch on Facebook (under her real name). Sometimes I will comment on or "Like" one of her pictures/posts, and she will do the same with me. And if you think she was a pretty young girl, you should see her now. Some of the pictures she posts take my breath away. She should have been a model -- not just for spanking, but mainstream.

She used to call me her big sister (which was damn generous of her, considering I was old enough to be her mother). :-) I miss you, little sis!

In other news, more people to miss -- the good folks of Alpine Sierra Studios (home of Spanking Court, Sternwood Academy and Spanking Ms. Cali). Cali and Heinz have been extremely busy with their primary business and realized they simply didn't have the time to devote to keeping up A.S.S., so reluctantly, they have decided to close it down. The site is still up; I'm not sure when it will disappear.

What a bummer! Back in February, Cali had mentioned to me that Sternwood Academy was considering hiring a "naughty secretary" (yours truly), and I was so looking forward to that, but now it isn't to be. But at least I was fortunate enough to work with Spanking Court in 2011, and I have many very fond memories from there. What a great group of people. And of course, co-starring with the lovely Dana Kane and the Court Disciplinarian was delicious.

Ah well... onward. Shadow Lane in a few weeks; more new memories-to-be for my treasure trove. 

No Steve this week. He's vacationing in Hawaii. I miss him, too... but he'll be back. :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing. I feel the same way about many of my blogger friends who have disappeared.


  2. Hi, Kiddo!

    You stay in better touch with everyone than I do, and I'm glad to hear all's well with "Sierra." I think I did a quick cartoon sketch of her cartwheeling through the airplane once. I've forgotten, was she the gal and was that the trip in which you played "Mom" through the airport? :D

    The "Spank Off" video is still floating around the InterWebs!

  3. joey -- one thing I've learned during my 17+ years in this scene -- people come and go, a lot. I'm grateful for journals and blogs that preserve the memories. :-)

    Wolfie -- LOL! Ah, yes... one and the same. I loved that girl so much, I committed airport security fraud for her (hanging head in abject shame). The Spanking Epics site is still up and all their videos and spanklets are available, even though they stopped filming.

  4. A beautiful lady Sierra ..... I always adore a lady who knows that holding the chair leg firmly is HOT!! MQ x

  5. MarQe -- yes! Or gripping the top's leg.

  6. Hi Erica -- I agree that Sierra is BEAUTIFUL and so are YOU :-) I watched the Spank Off you both ROCKED it. She was in a few clips with you from Spanking Epics,I enjoyed them all you,both do WONDERFUL work :-) Steve is so lucky to be in Hawaii, I always wanted to go there.I think he will bring you back a surprise.I wonder what Hawaiian paddles are made out of? Maybe the paddle, will be shaped like a coconut hehehe LOL. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  7. Jade -- LOL, well, Steve is in Hawaii with his daughter. I don't think he'll have an opportunity to shop for implements. :-) Besides, he's got plenty!

  8. Erica, he could get one of those Maori war clubs. It would work as a paddle and it would make a nice covert implement. He could say it is a hand-made wall hanger.

    This was a nice post. It is sad to see Spanking Court, etal, go away, but it is hard to keep going. Many of the producers are having a very hard time right now because of the economy.

  9. Bobbie Jo -- Ack! I hope not!

    Actually, these producers have the opposite problem -- their primary business is too successful and leaves them no time to properly run the spanking video company! :-) I guess everyone should have such problems... but I will miss them.

  10. I was referring to their spanking business not being as productive as they want. I'm happy they are successful.

    As for the Maori war club, it is just another paddle that is carved to be fancy. Very effective, though, as I had one I got in Hawaii. I mistakenly gave it away. :-(

  11. I agree that Sierra is indeed very beautiful. I used to read her blog years and years ago. She was successful in videos, but she always seemed like a lost soul to me, and often kinda sad. I especially remember when Dallas' little dog was killed. That seemed to be the beginning of her undoing. I'm glad to hear she is doing well now. Sure hope she found the happiness she was seeking and deserves.

  12. Anonymous -- yes, she did have that sadness to her. And poor Duke... that broke her heart. He was such a cute little guy. I have several pictures of him in my photo library.

  13. Wow, two beautiful ladies, nice story and friendship.

    Now I so would love to be over Dana Kane's lap....she is stunning, does she spank hard?

  14. Ron -- Dana is stunning. I wouldn't know personally about how hard she spanks, but from some of the photos and video I've seen, I'd say the answer is yes! :-)

  15. Thanks for this post Erica, i love reading other peoples firsthand accounts of who they know and have known in the industry. Sierra certainly is a stunning looking girl and her work was immensely enjoyable.

    Thanks again

    BOB B

    PS. Love your FL and twitter comments

  16. Bob -- thank you! I've been lucky enough to meet some great people and collect fun stories over the years. :-)

  17. Thanks for sharing, Erica. I love it when you tell stories of your experiences in the industry (almost as much as I love your stories about your father and his many entertainment industry experiences). Always a great read. Thank you!

  18. It's sad when some people just disappear from the scene, but it's nice you still keep in touch.

  19. Craig -- it's fun for me to reflect on them, so I'm glad people enjoy them.

    Lea -- yeah, way too many people have exited the scene in my time. But there are always new ones to meet, which helps.