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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Come on, caveman...

Spank me, hold me down, fist my hair. Show me your power.

I am in a Mood today. Not sure why; maybe because I am missing my weekly spanking fix with Steve, or because I'm getting excited about Shadow Lane, or because I'm working on something unbearably dull and my mind is wandering. But today, I'm pondering about how, sometimes, I like it just a little rough.

Specifically? I love the hair grab. There's just something so damn raw and primal about it.

I know I've talked about this before, but once again, I need to be clear -- I'm not talking about the hair pull. The kind that really hurts, where the hair feels like it's being yanked out. I still remember one woman from years ago, who had been abused in past relationships, telling me that she wore her hair in a pixie cut because she got tired of "having her hair used as a weapon." That made me shudder. No, I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about when the man buries his hand in my hair, as if to caress it, and then tightens his fist around it. Just enough to catch my attention. Just enough to sting a little, but not horribly so. A hurts-so-good sting.

And when it's combined with spanking, oh my gawd.

Not sure where this photo is from; I got it off a Google search. But yeah, I like this. A lot.

A spanker who does this commands my attention. Granted, I do not want a stranger doing it. But when it comes from a trusted top, one who normally has a gentle and kind nature, this bit of caveman tactic really stops me in my tracks. 

Keep still and be quiet, Erica. I'm in charge here.

This is an oldie, but every time I look at it, I remember how much I loved playing and working with Steve Fuller. Yet another person I miss! (From Shadow Lane's The Spanking Professor.)

Does this resonate with any of you, readers? Sometimes, it's the toughness during the scene that makes the tenderness afterward so very sweet.

Just a little something dancing through my mind on a Wednesday, while struggling to proofread a manual on research methods. Oh yeah, I can really go concentrate on that now...


  1. I agree with you. A properly timed hair grab is a very hot thing, indeed.

    So sad I will be not be at SL this year. Have a great trip!

  2. Yes, yes, oh my god YES!


    I love the hair grab. I also like the pony tail grab and the pig tail grab. I don't want to actually lose hair, but that sudden grip during a scene is just hot.

  3. I miss this so much, i envy those who can have their hair pulled..this is hot.
    Steve Fuller is Hot

  4. Mmm, yes yes yes, me too! :-)

  5. Laura -- awww! Sorry you won't be there.

    Kat -- yeahhhhhh. :-D

    Sherri -- one of my favorite co-stars ever. I was so lucky.

  6. I am confident that there are hundreds of red blooded gentlemen out there who would be more than happy to spank your cute bottom and pull your hair like the caveman you seek. It is their duty as gentlemen and admirers of your manifest charms with no strings attached. I am in Chicago so I cannot help you out! But if nominated, I would run and if elected I would serve!

    The Grinch

  7. Grinch -- why thank you. :-)

  8. Hi

    Love this post....I am always affraid to go for the easy hair pull, most bottoms do not take to it but love your thoughts and comments.

  9. Ron -- it's not for everyone, certainly. One of those things you should predetermine rather than just spring on a bottom.

    1. Oh no doubt Erica, I always predetermine anything including how hard the spanking will be.....yesterday I switched in the same session with a friend, was too much fun and we both were spanked for real life things. All in good fun.

  10. Uh, Erica, not for me. I think you probably know that already. :-) Sometimes I think I am way out of the ball park. That is fine with me.

    For anyone who likes it, go for it.

  11. Bobbie Jo -- yeah, I figured. :-) It's OK. It's a little on the edgy side, I know.

  12. Hi Erica

    Its been an awful year but I will not credit my situation to tridecaphobia despite all the prevailing evidence. It is 2013 so what, big deal! But since you brought it up

    I'm a Caveman! I'm a Cave, Caveman! I'm a Caveman!
    I'm an old-school man! I'm original man! I'm a Caveman!
    I'll never hit my club on top of your head.
    I'll stop vicious beasts from striking you dead.
    I'll even sign with GEICO and save you some bread!
    I'm smart, I'm a Caveman!

    Grins and giggles


  13. Emanuele -- sorry about the lousy year. But can I have some of your drugs? ;-)

  14. Hi Erica -- I Love that pic of you and Steve Fuller, It's so HOT :-) I have had some bad experience,with hair pulling :-( But if the top is gentle I wouldn't mind at all.I haven't been spanked in a VERY long time,I been craving it.Wish there was someone around to spank me.I miss you sorry I haven't been around much.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  15. I love the photos Erica. Pulling someone's hair (not rough) is very erotic especially before a spanking.


  16. Jade -- that's one of my favorite photos too, thanks.

    joey -- all I can say is, this post has me craving Monday like crazy. :-)

  17. Erica, in your previous essay. I like it when you talk about those nostalgic days, with Sierra Salem, and Epic movies, those type of friendships, will last forever. Talking about previous essay's I found one of yours in The Spanking Library, Volume 1, #7, entitled 'Implement Aversion'. Very enjoyable reading. As for this weeks topic 'HAIR' You PULLED another good one off. XXX Luv ya.

  18. My husband pulled my hair last night after an unplanned spanking (our kids went out for sleepovers - so rare - and we could be noisy). I totally didn't expect it from him - absolutely not. He's always way more gentle than I'd like. He was cautious with his grip but I have to say, if you'd asked me two days ago if hair pulling did anything for me, I'd have said no but I'm saying yes now. I wanted him to pull harder but he was already annoyed about my topping from the bottom so I didn't. I think he's going to gift me with a gag… :)

  19. Yes, I totally agree. :-) Mmm...

  20. Natasha -- I hate gags! Although it was kinda hot (albeit weird) when a top stuffed my own underwear into my mouth. :-) What a delicious encounter with your husband!

    Craig -- thanks!

    Lea -- makes you think, huh? :-D

  21. I love having my hair pulled. But I want it to hurt more than you'd like, I guess? But I agree with you: it hurts so good :) I love it when he slaps me in the face while he pulls my hair. When there's no time to properly spank me that's more than enough to get me to behave.

  22. Olivia -- we are all so different, even within the same basic realm. I know a lot of people love face-slapping, but that's not for me. Happy it works for you, though!