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Monday, August 12, 2013

"That's Mr. Jackass to You"

Yes, he's back. :-D

So, so happy to see him today, after he was in Hawaii on vacation. We didn't even come close to playing for about an hour-and-a-half; I wanted to hear all about his trip. He and his daughter and their friends did it all -- hiking, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, sight-seeing, nice dinners. He took tons of pictures, but didn't have them organized yet. He wanted to hear about my two weeks as well, but I didn't have anything nearly as exciting to tell.

We've settled into a pattern now -- we start with a long OTK spanking with his hand, take a little break, and then go into the portion with implements and pictures and so forth. The first portion is our private connection; I'm actually rather quiet, except for my moans and sighs and whimpers. When he had a wonderful rhythm going and I was really into it, and he paused, I couldn't even muster the words, "Don't stop, please." Instead, I vigorously wiggled my bottom, and he read my body language perfectly, continuing with the same pace and ramping it up a little. And he even grabbed my hair a bit at one point. Yum. :-)

But then it was time for some reckoning. I'd had the audacity to correct him when he used "she and I" improperly. He used it as the object, not the subject, which means it should have been "her and me." One of my many grammatical peeves. You know, you'd think people would want to speak correctly. Apparently not.

Uh oh... I'm in for it...

I didn't help my case when he was futzing with the blackout shade, trying to raise it to let some light in for the camera. He kept tugging on it and it wouldn't go up, so I said, "It's not rocket science." "Go ahead, keep it up," he grumbling, yanking on it again and finally making it go up. "Yay!" I crowed. "Today, we managed a shade." He glared at me. "Yeah... a shade of RED." 

The video camera misfired a couple of times, but then we were able to get two nice long clips. The first one was more playful, loaded with banter (and my insults) and a lot of vigorous walloping from him. The second one was a little calmer, as I was reaching my limit and was straddling that fine line between feeling pleasure and discomfort. When it was all over, he commanded, "Don't move," and went to get my lotion. Then he gave me a delicious massage -- feet, legs, arms, back. I think I was quite done after that, don't you?

And now, because I can (thank you, YouTube), I'm sharing the first of the two videos. Watch it and you'll understand the title of this blog. :-)

EDIT: Sorry about the video being private before. I had the setting screwed up. It's fixed now!

He stayed for another hour or so, letting me come down. I missed this. I know it was only two weeks, but they felt more like months sometimes. Our sessions feed my soul. For a few hours, I'm transported, and when I come back, I'm refreshed and rejuvenated. He says he is, too.

For those of you on FetLife, I posted the other video there. 

Oh, and it seems that the "butt measles" have become a permanent condition. This is just from his hand!

He said that the markings on my right cheek form an arrow, pointing to you-know-where. I told him to dream on.

Happy, happy me. ♥


  1. Hi Erica -- I am so glad you got to see Steve.Nice pics,When I clicked on your clip on here,it says this video is private it won't let me watch it.What a bummer :-( As you know MOO has been very sick,he passed away this morning :-( I am VERY sad and heartbroken,I can't stop crying.It's one thing after another,I can't take anymore losses,I feel so alone.You are always in my thoughts my very sweet friend.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  2. Erica,

    Happy that Steve is back.

    Same as Jaselyn - says this video is private.


  3. Erica, you are gorgeous in these pictures. You look so happy and playful. Glad you got your stress relief this week.

  4. Jade -- please email me, OK? I am so very sorry about Moo.

    Ronnie -- so sorry! It's fixed now, I promise.

    Anonymous -- thanks, me too! :-)

  5. "Up yours! No. On Yours!" is the ultimate sass combo. :)

    I trust you'll be talking ALL of Professor Jackass's classes and getting straight A's!

  6. Kelly -- oh good, you could see it. :-) I don't want any more of his classes, dammit!

  7. Hi Erica -- Another GREAT clip :-)I couldn't stop laughing,I Love the banter between you two LOL,Thank's for making me laugh,even though i want to cry.I will be emailing you in a few minute's.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  8. Thanks for sharing the video, Erica. It looks like you said just the right things to bring out the strict Professor Jackass. I enjoyed the hot slaps on your squirming subjective.

  9. I hate to sound like a broken record but you two always crack me up. Every bottom should have a teacher like that. :) Thanks for sharing.


  10. Jade -- oh good, I'm glad you could see it and you enjoyed it.

    Anonymous -- was it my subjective or my objective? :-)

    Mike -- I never get tired of hearing that, so thanks!

  11. That was so fun to watch...How anyone can watch a spanking with the spankee just sitting there and taking it is beyond me.

  12. BG -- glad you liked it! I dunno...just a preference, I guess. Not one of mine.

  13. that was a fun 6 minutes of my life that i'm glad I got to share with you. Your facial expressions were cute!

  14. SS -- glad you liked it! Yeah, I don't exactly have a poker face. :-)

  15. "Please. hate me!" Haha. Congrats on getting Chrossed! 2 weeks is a long time. My Steve is gone on vacation for about 10 days and gets back Monday. I can't wait to see him and need a good spanking. Plus it's my birthday on Saturday so I better get a few spankings. ;-)

  16. Lea -- oh, I know you'll be so happy to see him. (sigh) I'm not going to see mine yet again for a week. Family stuff. Dammit, why do tops have to have lives?

  17. Enjoyed the video, enjoy you blog. Sorry to hear about the trouble with keeping things hidden.
    Sir Mike

  18. Mike -- thanks! Such is Internet life, I guess.