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Monday, August 26, 2013


I wasn't sure how Steve was going to feel about last night's post, but when he arrived today, he told me he liked it. I asked him if he wanted me to remove it, and he said not at all. However, there was one part he didn't like -- hated, really. The part where I said I was dispensable.

We talked for a long time. But then talking time was over.

"Are you ready for me to spank complete awareness and understanding into you that you are not dispensable?" he asked. I shuddered, but said yes.

"I need you to know this. I need to show you."

And he did. Most emphatically. 

After it was over, he held me until the trembling and the tears subsided. I didn't think I'd ever stop crying.

But you know what? I think I've shed my last tear for a while. :-)

Indispensable. I am, dammit. He is, too.

We are.

And that's all she wrote. Here's what he wrote:

Guess I had my pre-Shadow Lane warm-up, huh?

Funny side note: Two weeks ago when Steve came over after his vacation, he walked in and then said, "Oh, damn. I brought you a box of these awesome cookies from Hawaii, but I forgot to bring them." No problem, I said; just bring them next time.

He didn't make it last week, and when he came in today, he sheepishly handed me a small Baggie and said, "I finally remembered to bring you those great cookies from Hawaii... but I ended up eating most of them."

LOL! Look at this -- he left me a whopping four cookies!!

Aren't they cute; they're shaped like little pineapples!

Oh well, it's the thought that counts.

♥ you, my top.


  1. Erica, the best thing that Steve could have brought back from Hawaii for you, pardon the pun. WAS A GOOD LEI. XXX luv ya

  2. Loved the post Erica. Red is my favorite color. LOL.

    I hope you have a fantastic time at SL. Cannot go this year, I will miss you.


  3. I have some of those cookies. They're really good!

  4. Six -- yeah, we could all use one of those, I guess. :-)

    joey -- aw, I will miss you too, and your snappy bow tie!

    Rollin -- they certainly look delicious; I will have to slowly savor my four! :-D

  5. Erica
    Wonderful post and lovely spanking, your bottom looks well tended too and very sexy I may add.

  6. Ron -- oh yes, well tended indeed. :-)

  7. Truly sincere texts, verbally and in writing.

  8. AAWWW. The cookies are almost TOO cute to eat. :)

  9. Kelly -- aren't they?? Well, they'll stay fresh, since they're individually wrapped. I'll probably eat the chocolate one first. :-D

  10. This is awesome :) so happy for u! such a beautiful bottom & that is the best color to have.
    Mmmmmmmmmm cookies look wonderful & yes its the thought that counts.

  11. Hi Erica -- I agree red is the favorite color to be LOL :-) Your bottom is VERY well tended too.So glad you had your warm up before the Shadow Lane party.Those pineapple shaped cookies are so cute,They look YUMMY :-) I would eat the chocolate one first as well.I think that the plain cookie may be vanilla and the pink cookie might be strawberry.Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade

  12. Sherri -- yeah, I guess I don't really need a full box of cookies. :-D

    Jade -- I'm just glad I have a few days to recover before the party!

  13. Good to hear that you both were able to talk it out and reconnect. Red is my favorite color too, actually. ;-)

  14. Lea -- aside from the obvious jokes and references, I think it's mine as well. ;-)