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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

So how was everyone's New Year's Eve? What did you do? Spanking or no spanking? Quiet, raucous or somewhere in between?

Ours was definitely quiet. I brought dinner and dessert over, we ate, snuggled under a blanket and watched the annual Twilight Zone marathon until 11:30. (Year after year, it's still fascinating to watch William Shatner being plagued by monsters on an airplane wing, or Telly Savalas being killed by a malevolent talking doll.) John had champagne chilling, and at 11:45 he went into the kitchen, where I heard him cracking open a... can???

That's right. Look what John found at Whole Foods fancy-shmancy market, folks. Champagne in cans. Each one is a glassful.

OK, so technically, I shouldn't be calling it champagne; it's not really champagne unless it actually comes from the Champagne region in France. It's sparkling wine. You know, like you're supposed to say tissues, not Kleenex. Tough. I'm calling it champagne. Sue me.

"But Erica, how does canned champagne taste??"

Freaking delicious. I finished my glass before John finished his. His comment was, "This is surprisingly good." And the man is a very fussy wine collector, y'all. I would have had more of it had he bought more than two cans.

When I was younger, I used to watch the Dick Clark NYE countdown, but alas, he left us this year, and Ryan Seacrest (his replacement) is a dork. So we watched Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on CNN instead. She was her typical charming and subtle self, repeatedly offering Anderson a blowjob and even trying to kneel in front of him, but he kept kneeling to block her. This went on for about 15 minutes; she was relentless, and he was clearly flustered. I kept hoping he'd yell, "Will you leave me the @#$% alone, you skank? I'm gay!" But he's a noted newsman, after all. Had to maintain a modicum of decorum (which wasn't easy, what with that crazy woman going at him). He was pretty funny; at one point, she was shrieking, "Don't you want one? Don't you WANT one?" and he quipped, "Well, it would be a first!"

Nope, no spanking at midnight. But kisses are lovely, too. :-) And tomorrow, first spanking of 2013. Happy Me.

Hope everyone had fun. :-)


  1. Actually the Dick Clark New Year's Rockin' Eve was very touching last night, with many, many old clips of Dick through the years on his various shows (mostly American Bandstand), some clips back as far as the 50s. He was truly one of a kind and a dear man.

    Happy New Year, Erica! Have fun tomorrow.


  2. Pam -- really? That does sound nice. I just couldn't stand the idea of Seacrest mugging his way into 2013. Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Happy New Year, darling! I'm wishing you your best year ever. I'm so happy you got to spend ringing it in with your sweetheart.


  4. Happy New Year, Erica! I don't drink a lot of white wine (red girl), but do enjoy Sofia...had no idea it came in a can! Coppola knows what he's doing, for sure!

    I love the Twilight Zone...Rod Serling was so before his time. My favorite episode, without a doubt, is the one where it's the end of the world and the sole survivor finally figures out he has all the time in the world to read... and then... no spoilers ;) Though, I'm sure you've seen it!

    Cheers to 2013!


  5. That's actually a great idea! Too much champagne gives me a headache and you can't save it once you open a bottle. Glad you had a fun night, Happy New Year! :-)

  6. Beth -- my very best wishes to you too, sweet girl. :-)

    SC -- yup! "Time Enough At Last," with Burgess Meredith. Oh, that ending...

    Lily -- John and I usually get splits (the small bottles). But these are even better, and easier to open!

  7. Erica, how does canned champagne pop?

    And, oh, of course: have a happy new year!

  8. Happy New Year Erica.

    I saw a few episodes of the Twilight Zone yesterday,one of the real classic TV shows.


  9. If I weren't 200 miles from the nearest Whole Foods I would buy some of that canned champers for next year. We have half a bottle left in the fridge.

    I had to Google the ending to Time Enough at Last - poor Henry!


  10. Erica, talking of champayne. That same eveing, you could have watched Lawrence Welk's Champayne Orchestra, and danced the night away. Or if you wished to go 'high brow'. PBS's station broadcast the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, with enough 'smaltz' to spread on your voluptous 'tushy', the year around. Happy New Year 2013, XXX luv ya.

  11. MrJ -- welllll, it pops more like a soda can. Not the same thing, but at least you don't have to wrestle with a cork. :-)

    joey -- they're fun to watch, aren't they? Even though you've seen them a million times.

    Hermione -- poor Henry, indeed! What an ironic twist.

    Six -- I think I'd pass on Lawrence Welk. :-)

  12. Nice...very queit. Lovely early dinner with my daughter, then had to behave as I was driving her to and from a and honeymooners, was nice. Yes nice kisses too. Yesterday a tad more rabunctious, football, bottle of wine and delivered a nice quick spanking!!!!
    Happy New Year

  13. HAPPY 2013 TO YOU MY VERY DEAR FRIEND ERICA :-)It was quiet at my house,I hope to feel better soon :-( Wishing you and John all the best this year :-)You both deserve it cause your two GREAT people.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade xoxo

  14. Ron -- I need to get cracking! So many people have played before me in this new year! :-)

    Jade -- I hope you feel better soon, too.

  15. Well mine was short, hard and panty only but was fun as heck!

  16. Canned champagne? Interesting. I don't know who would be more irritating to watch, Ryan Seacrest or Kathy Griffin. Lol. I have already had a few spankings for 2013 so the year is off to a nice start. :-)

  17. Lea -- I know it sounds weird, but it was quite tasty! A FEW already?? Lucky girl. :-)