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Monday, January 21, 2013

A bad case of real life interference

Poor Mr. D. He went skiing for the long holiday weekend, only to come home to bad news: His mom is in the hospital. He won't be able to find out any updates on her until tomorrow morning, and in the meantime, he's exhausted AND he has pink-eye to boot. Even if things stabilize with his mother, there's no way he could make it tomorrow, not with pink-eye, as it's incredibly contagious. (As he put it, that's not the pink he wants to give me.) 

Real life has a way of blowing in various degrees on occasion. This week, it's high on the blowage meter.

I got myself to the dentist today, after barely sleeping last night. Turns out I was afraid for nothing, because nothing happened. Yet. Basically, I have a tooth with a nerve that's either going bad or it isn't. It could just be inflamed (for months, though??), but it could also be dying. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, it's not to the stage yet where it needs a root canal, so I just have to live with it until it goes either way. There's no infection. He told me to take Advil twice a day for several days, to see if it does anything for the inflammation/dull pain. This guy is an expert on root canals -- that's ALL he does -- so if he says no, not yet, I believe him.

So I have a tooth that, at any time, could become an emergency. Isn't that swell! I'm glad I don't have to do that procedure just now, but it seems like I'll have to eventually, and you know it won't be at a convenient time.

At least the traffic wasn't bad, thanks to the MLK holiday. I used my phone's GPS to navigate the unfamiliar streets and it helped (although I was giggling at how it pronounced Normandie as "nor-MON-die"). I wonder if the uber-techy, sophisticated car GPS systems pronounce things better?

We saw my stepdad over the weekend. It was a nice visit; we took him out and had a pleasant dinner. But he's so very feeble now. He uses a cane or a walker, his legs are like sticks and he's all rounded over. His mind still works, but he does forget things and repeat stories. I suppose at nearly 95, he gets a pass on that. Poor guy. He misses my mother. He misses a lot of things.

I'm out of work again. Had a busy few weeks, but I'm quite the efficient little bee and I finished everything. Sooooo. No work, and no play. Erica is a dull and cranky girl.

So, since I have nothing further of interest to post at the moment, I'll end with a photo question. Does anyone recognize this picture, where it's from? I'm 99 9/10% positive that the woman is Samantha Woodley. But who is the man? I love after-care shots like this. :-)

Any guesses? Chross? Anyone?


  1. I agree with the high blowage meter rating for this week.

  2. Liz -- I'm sorry to hear that. Is there something in the air? (Besides my vibes of irritability, I mean.) Hope your week gets better.

    1. My day has turned around splendidly, and I wish the same for yours as well. :)

  3. I hope the Advil works... a root canal would be the salt to your wounds! I'm sorry your play date got postponed... that is absolutely the worst. It is a downside to becoming spoiled with regular play dates.


  4. Poor Mr D. I hope he gets over his pink-eye quickly. It isn't pretty.

    Advil is what dentists usually recommend and it works well. I'm glad you don't need a RC just jet. I think I've had an even dozen of them. Yuck!


  5. My best wished to Mr D and his mom, hope all is well. Pink eye, run away as fast as you can.
    Happy news no root canal and yes listen to him he is passing up a big bill not doing it....most dentist rush to do them as they see $$, told you money sucks. I am a Alleve person, works better for me and not hard on the stomach.
    Nice post thanks be well and smile, your bottom will be warmed soon!! By the way, it is like 1 here today!!

  6. Sorry to hear about Mr. D's mom. Hope it's not too serious.

    Pink eye - we call it conjunctivitis.

    Sorry can't help with the picture.


  7. SC -- yeah, kinda sucks. While muscling through the stepdad visit and the dentist, I kept thinking, "Tuesday's my reward, Tuesday's my reward." Blech.

    Hermione -- a dozen?? Yuck indeed! I've just had one so far, and that was one too many.

    Ron -- the secret to Advil is always make sure you take it with food.

    Ronnie -- I hope not as well. Conjunctivitis is the official name, but it's easier to say pink eye, I guess! :-) I had it once, a long time ago. It's not fun.

  8. I have no idea who is in the picture but how come he gets the cushion when it is her bottom that has been spanked.

    I hope Mr D and his mother get better soon.

    I also hope your tooth is soothed.

  9. Hi Erica - I am VERY sorry that Mr.D can't come over cause he got Pink eye :-( Hope everything goe's ok with his Mom.Pink eye SUCKS.I had it a few time's a long time ago the itching drive's me crazy.I am so happy that you had no pain at the dentist :-)I am keeping my finger's crossed, that it's just a nerve thing with your tooth and it goe's away.So sorry about your week i sure hope it get's better. I can't help with the pic either i never seen that guy before,It would of helped maybe if he was looking at the camera.Well let me take a guess anyway,Could it be Dallas? Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  10. Abby -- good point! Yeah, not fair!

    Jade -- nope, not Dallas.

  11. Abby, I was gonna say the same thing! lol

  12. Nikki -- this is making me nuts. Who IS this guy?

  13. Your step dad seems precious. You going to visit him probably does wonders for him.

    I am on the cranky bandwagon BIGTIME. It's currently 10 degrees outside where I live. Tomorrow morning's "high" in the AM when I leave will be 4 degrees.

  14. Kelly -- I think we need to strike a happy medium here. You're freezing, which you hate. It's been in the 80s here, which I hate. (Although we're supposed to drop in temps and get rain soon... yay!)

    I do hope our visits help my stepdad. He's really a gem. I know he won't be around much longer, and I'll miss him.

  15. I'll take your 80 degree temperatures! There hasn't been a day above freezing since early December here. I'm sick of dry cracked skin.

    I hope Mr. D gets feeling better and all is well with his mother. Way to dodge a bullet on the root canal! They suck but it wasn't AS bad as I expected after all you hear about them.

  16. 80s? It has got up to nearly 46C here (nearly 115F). The grandchildren have not been able to go outside on a couple of days because the sun would have made a real mess of them.

    Hope your stepfather is better. I have had about six root canal jobs so I feel sorry for you on that count.

  17. Lea -- well, the bullet is still out there with my name on it. Just not my time to get it yet. It's not the procedure so much, but how godawful I felt later when all the anesthetic wore off! (not to mention how lousy my bank account felt)

    John -- 115 degrees?? UGH! Where the hell are you, Hell?

  18. About picture: FHS - Online Encounter. Samantha with Bryn.

    BTW much more luck with Mr. D.;)

  19. I love that photo. It reminds me of us during our after-care.

    Thanks to all for the well wishes on behalf of my Mom. Unfortunately she seems to get weaker as the days go on. Certainly not a quality of life, but we are doing all we can for her. As for my pink-eye, it has now moved to my other eye. My look brings back memories of years past after those long bong sessions. Back then it was Visine for the red-eye. Now it's something prescribed called Zylet for my My, how times have changed.

    As for Mondays, a friend used to call Mondays "Blue Monday" because it was right back to work after a fun weekend. Since I met you Erica I'll refer to each Monday as Red Monday....both for the red in our hearts and the red left on your bum. Hmmm...I think red is now officially my favorite color...and Monday my favorite day. I look forward to getting back to our Mondays.

    Your Mr. D

  20. Anonymous -- thank you! I looked it up and saw the preview. Have no idea who Bryn is, but he's pretty ferocious with a wooden spoon. :-)

    Mr. D -- I think you and I are the only two people on the planet who like Mondays. I like that; it enhances that private bubble effect. :-) Take care and feel better soon, sweetie.


  21. > Anonymous -- thank you! I looked it up and saw the preview. Have no > idea who Bryn is, but he's pretty ferocious with a wooden spoon. :-)

    yes indeed :)

    Erica warm regards form Poland

  22. Warm weather in January is nonsense, bring on the rain! I'm sorry you've been having a rough time, hopefully next week will be better. <3

    Thank you so much for listing my blog on the side of yours! I must admit I do not know how to do that, but I'd like to reciprocate for you and also list other blog friends. This makes me feel dumb, but what do I have to do?

  23. Lily -- not dumb at all. It's all a learning curve.

    Go to your blog and look up in the right-hand corner; click on Design. Once there, look down the left-hand side and you'll see a list of options; click Layout. That will take you to a page where you'll see a lot of blank areas, with Add a Gadget inside them. Click on one of those, and a list will come up in a separate window of lots of different options you can add to your blog. Scroll down until you see Blog List, then click on that. After you do that, you'll be able to create a blog roll by following the directions to add links.