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Friday, January 4, 2013

Correspondence Hall of Shame, the New Year edition

Welcome the New Year with a fresh crop of lunacy!

I like to think that My training of submissives/slaves is very good.

And I like to think I'm 25. We all have our fantasies. What's your point?

I would love to soank you till it hurts

Is this meant to be a threat? It's supposed to hurt, fleabrain. Oh, and before you do it, learn how to spell it.

I very like your pix. are u into K9 sex also, beside BDSM ??

I've known a few dogs in my time, but I draw the line at the four-legged variety.

hi hunn you look hot and kinky if u like torture and extremely sadistic things i would like to talk?

Well, hunn, just reading this was torture enough, thanksmuch.

And finally...

you seem hot..if you are into Anal Sex or want too try, Daddy would be willing to teach or play with you?

1. I'm old enough to be your mother, you twit. I'm not calling you Daddy. 2. If suddenly pigs started flying and Sarah Palin got a PhD and I decided I wanted too [sic] try Anal Sex, it wouldn't be with you. 3. Fuck off.

In other news... Once again, I cannot access Chross's site. I can get to it via a web proxy site, but that's the only way. How annoying. Nevertheless, I was able to find out that I was Chrossed this week, for my Monday blog. His title for it was "A holy-crap-this-hurts-oh-my-god night." LOL! I did use that line, didn't I. I was being silly, but now, rereading that, I got a shock. Oh, SHIT. I sounded just like Anastasia Steele. Shoot me. Shoot me now.

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. A guy like that may still put his hopes on flying pigs. But that one on Palin is really effective.

  2. What about a nice long soank in a hot tub?

    Congrats on your Chrossing!


  3. It's amazing how prevalent illiteracy is in this day and age. These gems make me wonder if a guy like this has trouble stringing short properly punctuated statements and or questions together just HOW safe of a partner would he be?

  4. MrJ -- (giggling) Yeah, I thought so too.

    Hermione -- LOL!! I've been soanked in a hot tub.

    Kelly -- good question, and I'm stymied for an answer!

  5. Hi Erica -- WOW you still get IDIOTS that still don't know how to spell,HEHEHE LOL,Your comebacks are VERY funny and are the BEST HAHAHAHAHA LOL :-)CONGRATS on getting Chrossed.Wishing you and John a nice weekend.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  6. Jade -- not as many as I used to, but yup, I still get them!

  7. Thanks Erica. I really enjoy your responses.


  8. Your comebacks are very good, made me smile.

    Have a good weekend.


  9. joey -- my pleasure!

    Ronnie -- excellent, then my job is done! :-)

  10. always just hyterical, love your rants my dear, so funny.

    By the way, no guns...spank me is a better alternative!

    Very funny, I love these!

  11. In case you still have my mail from the last "lockout" you might want to try the steps I´ve suggested then and send me the results!


  12. Ron -- you're right, no guns. :-)

    Chross -- I think I still do. But I'm a big Nervous Nellie when it comes to computer configuring. I may decide to stick with the Proxy site. But thank you for caring!

  13. The idiots never fade no matter what year it is! Why is it that some people think everyone into spanking must also love all anal play?

  14. Lea -- (shrugging) You got me. Seems that many do; sometimes I feel like a scene freak because I don't!

  15. Don´t worry - nothing to do with computer configuring at all! It won´t change a thing on your computer - but might give me more information where the problem lies (e.g. your ISP, a DNS server oder maybe even my own server host!)


  16. Oh, Erica, how I love your hall of shame. And now, having been introduced to the term asshattery, I will never be able to watch Alice in Wonderland quite the same way.


  17. Redchief -- hey! Long time no see. I can't take credit for asshattery, but I do my best to perpetuate it. :-)

  18. Chross -- yes! Is that the culprit?

  19. I have received information from another AT&T user which does point into that direction (bad Border Gateway Protocol).
    Not sure if much can be done from my side to fix this.
    Maybe drop a mail to them and tell them you can´t reach the "blogging network" ;) due to routing problems...