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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Further adventures in photo asshattery

No, no, never fear.... this is not another general rant about photo stealing/reposting/not identifying/etc. This is a very specific rant about a particular type of photo stealing. One that peeves me to no end.

OK, we've all discussed this to death on various blogs, and the general consensus seems to be that photos, once they hit the Internet, are going to be reposted and passed around and Tumblr'd and Flickr'd and so on and we can't do much about it. I've already stated my stand on this: I don't mind it, if the re-posters give credit somehow, if it's a photo that belonged to someone else or to a video company. Or at the very least, if the photo came with an identifier, like a website posted in the corner, don't crop that out! And if re-posters don't know where the photo is from, then don't say anything. But for crying out loud, don't claim the picture to be your own, complete with fake names and scenarios.

You see this on FetLife frequently. People will snatch a photo off a video site or off a model's blog, crop off any identifiers and then post it with a cute little caption, something like "I told Jenny what would happen if she talked back to me one more time." Chances are, "Jenny" is really Pixie or Sarah or whoever, and this clown has never been within 100 feet of her, let alone spanked her. It's annoying and stupid. And last Friday, I reached my tolerance limit.

A guy on Fet posted a photo that was very clearly Sierra Salem, back from her days with Dallas. She was standing in front of a mantelpiece with a red bottom. He captioned it, "Maria was a bad girl with my credit card." (eye roll) Then people started commenting to it and complimenting it. One idiot wrote, "Ooooh, caned too?" And the OP (original poster) wrote yes, she was caned and tawsed too, and she loved it. Oh, please!

So I commented, "That's not Maria, that is Sierra Salem." After me, a couple of others also IDed her as Sierra.

Usually, when these people get caught and called out, they do one of two things: 1) they take down the photo, or 2) they apologize and identify it properly. That's fine. But not this guy! No, he commented again, this time saying, "Maria is her real name. Been playing with her for 3 years now. Dallas and I share."

Say WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT???? Who did he think he was kidding? I have known Sierra Salem for eight years. I've shot with her, I was her seatmate on several plane flights, I even shared a hotel room bed with her (for sleeping, you pervs!). I know her full real name, and it is not Maria. And she's been out of the scene for a lot longer than three years. I know where she is living these days and it's nowhere near this clown.

Yeah, I know. This wasn't that important in the overall scheme of things. But this guy's arrogance really pissed me off. Obviously, he wasn't going to pay me any mind, and would continue insisting that his little fantasy was real. So I decided to pull out the big guns.

I copied the link to the photo and emailed it directly to Dallas. And I commented, "You might want to have a little talk with this guy. He claims you share your women with him." Then I sat back and waited.

Sure enough, within minutes, Dallas wrote a long, pithy comment on the photo. Called him a wannabe and a poser (and those were the nicer terms), and suggested that he catch the next rocket back to Planet Delusional. LOL!

After Dallas posted, several others chimed in and it became a free-for-all. When I logged in this evening and checked out the photo, it had 57 comments on it.

And yet, the guy still hasn't taken it down. He hasn't commented any further, but he hasn't taken it down. Perhaps, despite his Uber-Dommish profile, he secretly enjoys being humiliated.

Sometimes I wonder which is more accurate: Is it that these people are incredibly stupid, or do they think we're all stupid? Do they really think that no one will recognize who these women are? You can fool some of the people, but not all of the people.

Anyway, in this case, I do believe justice was served. :-D


  1. Stuff like this is prominent online and on Fetlife in particular. I tend to only use my own pics if I'm putting any up at all or sometimes ones that are clearly captioned with "from Cane-iac" or whatnot. It is a whole new level of stupid when someone is busted and called out on it and still insists it is their own. Did anyone click the "report to Fetlife" option? They will remove pictures in some circumstances.

  2. Lea -- FetLife seems to be less and less responsive about stuff like this lately. I think they've gotten too big and can't bother with the small stuff anymore. (sigh)

  3. Dallas's comment was pretty funny! grammar check- Dallas's or Dallas'?

    Resisting the urge to comment about you and Sierra/"Maria" in bed- seeing all those poppies in the background on your blog makes it harder to resist. ;)

  4. SS -- you'll see possessives ending in "s" treated both ways. However, I've always been told that the first choice is proper: Dallas's. You spell it like you pronounce it.

    Regarding Sierra, go wash out your mind. :-Þ It was a queen-sized bed, and the only contact we had was when I nudged her with my foot and told her to quit tossing and turning so much! lol

  5. The only thing that Dallas shares with that guy is a weather forecast.

    There's a lot I could say about this topic but a) it would be a little crass, b) I'd likely come off as a preachy know-it-all and c) I don't want to put any ideas into the head of any unscrupulous HNGs who might be lurking around.

  6. When did creepy "Dallas" become such a paragon of virtue?

  7. It's been a long time since I've heard Sierra's name mentioned, in any context. I used to really enjoy reading her blog and comments on your blog(s). She had a young feistiness that I found refreshing. Then she kinda abruptly dropped out of sight. Didn't she get married and have a child? Wherever she might be, I wish her the best and hope she has kept at least some of that feistiness!


  8. I finally saw that thread and see what you mean. The guy is pretty arrogant.

    On the possessives, I was taught that if it ended in an "s" it should be written this way: s'. How things have changed since I was in school.

  9. Chief -- I don't think of "crass and preachy" when I think of you. :-)

    Anonymous -- that was uncalled for.

    Pam -- married and child, no. But she's well. And even more beautiful than ever.

    Bobbie Jo -- the English language is ever-changing. Which is why I don't envy anyone coming here and having to learn it!

  10. Well done Erica and thank you for protecting a lady who seems really nice....creeps are creeps but they should not do stuff like this, uncalled for! Thank you for being a normal person and calling this guy out. Most appreciated.

  11. Ron -- I always had a soft spot for Sierra. She used to call me her big sister (even though I was old enough to be her mother!).

    1. Now now, we do not have to admit that.....but love your loyalty!

  12. I can't even BEGIN to describe the rapidly developed rage I felt when I saw that asshole AND another one do the same type of "clever" re-captioning. Oh wait...I just did. :)

    Seriously, that behavior shows COMPLETE lack of regard for others and people who knowingly do things like this and ignore requests to STOP should be banned without hesitation from the sites. EVERYONE has a base email address to log into Fetlife and other sites, so "the powers that be" can get to them to revoke their site privileges if they feel inclined.

    When I commented on the other person's pic thievery he took the douchebag route by blocking me from his profile.

  13. WELL DONE ERICA :-)I am happy that justice was served.I can't stand people who steal other's pic's and say that they are their own and they are of someone else.That's NOT right at all.I like Sierra she is so pretty.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  14. Kelly -- it's not only rude, but it's stupid. Like I commented before, do these people really think they're fooling anyone?

    Jade -- yes, she really is. :-)

  15. I know I am late to comment on this but I just had to say something.
    It is so rare that bullshiters (is that a real word?) get picked up on line - this was great to read.
    You dealt with this wonderfully, I bet Dallas can be a bit scary when he wants to be (even when he isn't spanking). How rude that poster was, how disrespectful to Sierra. Good on you for serving justice. :)

    1. I do have to say that the woman in this picture is not me- but I think that is obvious. Now I am pondering whether of not to change my profile pic. :(

  16. Abby -- I wouldn't worry about your picture. :-) And yes, it felt good to call that guy out. Especially when he kept insisting he knew (and played with) Sierra. What an idiot.