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Monday, January 7, 2013

Ah, Monday...

How I have missed thee. Of course, Wednesdays were good too, the past couple of weeks. But you guys know how I love my routines and comfort zones. Monday spankings are an old, dear, ouchy friend. Mr. D is a newer friend, but he's become very dear in a relatively short time.

I was in feisty mode today. FetLife continued to push my buttons right and left. First there was the idiot with the stolen picture (and BTW, I can't see it anymore -- because he's blocked me!!). Then there was a flame war over the use of Icy Hot with spankings. And then someone posted in the "FetLife Rants!" group about how much she hates fetish models. (Yeah, that again.) I tried and tried to resist the Icy Hot thread, honest I did. But after it reached three pages, I couldn't stand it anymore. So I wrote:

I'm not going to go so far as to say Icy Hot, capsaicin, etc. are harmful. However, if my top were to say to me, "How about if I rub some burning cream on your already burning bottom?", I'd reply, "Sure, right after you shove a habanero pepper up your ass."

And after that, I wrote for my status:

To the person who posted about how much she dislikes fetish models: It's OK, honey. We don't like you, either.

It's a good thing Mr. D came over right about then. I would have probably had several more people blocking me before the day was out. :-)

Oh, and I should mention he was late again. It seems he took exception to my bitching about it last week on the blog. So when he called me at 3:10, he said, "You want to know my ETA?" "Sure," I snarked, "what is it this time?" And he said:

"I'll get there when I get there! And then we're going to discuss your blog!"

Tsk. Guess a certain top got his shorts in a knot, hmmm?

Lovely, lovely long warm-up. And, while last week the implements were all wood, this week he mixed it up a bit and used leather as well. 

Still hurt like @#$%, though.

Yup, there was some cane in there too. By the end, I was clutching the sheets, scrunching my face in the comforter to avoid hollering, and saying "please" over and over. I don't even know what I'm saying it for. Please what? Please stop? Please don't stop? Please go slower? Please use something else? Please be my top forever and ever?

Then it was over and he pulled my panties back up. I wasn't crying this time, but I was shaky and I immediately curled into a ball onto my side. "Don't move," he said. "That's beautiful."

No more snark. No more tension. He then pulled the comforter around me and held me close. Said I could stay there as long as I needed to. I don't think there's ever a moment when I'm more vulnerable... or feeling so connected. For a while, the world makes sense again.

We're still trying to figure out why my computer doesn't like the little clips he shoots. For whatever reason, when he transfers them to my computer, they get corrupted somehow, and they constantly freeze and skip. And they absolutely will not load on my blog. However, I've been able to create a couple of nice screen captures from them. This one is for Ron, who was wondering if we play OTK, and yes, we certainly do. The photo is a favorite of mine, for so many reasons. :-)

Ready for the rest of my week now. Would you believe I'm still working on that beast of a 400-page statistics manual? But now that my head is clean and clear, I'm thinking the home stretch of it will be smooth and efficient.

More work tomorrow. Tonight, I sleep. Peacefully.


  1. The idiots were certainly out in full force on Fetlife today! Glad you got some satisfying spanking attention. :-)

  2. 400 page statistics manual? HOW are you coping???? Glad to hear the spanking helped. Mr D is WONDERFUL, isn't he? Sounds the members of the brain dead buttheads section on Fetlife are giving the universe crap. Too bad about you getting blocked, but if you think about it, that's HIS loss, not yours. He's lost the privilege of witnessing your biting, wonderful wit. Although, quite frankly, he deserved to fall victim to it.

  3. Having personally failed to have any fun on Fetlife, I wonder if you would be so good as to post how you have fun there. It must be more than flame wars and rants.

  4. Lovely pictures! I understand the importance of routine and am glad you are back into yours.

    Is your computer very old? Maybe that's why it doesn't like the videos.Windows 7 is a big improvement over XP and Vista.


  5. Hey there, Erica.

    Yes, I saw those postings on Fetlife. I was tempted to drop in and let that one very obnoxious lady have it for being so rude, but I was still a bit drained from a recent discussion' regarding a woman who asked about getting her boyfriend to spank her. It was a trip.

    I am glad that you had a good spanking time once again. You are going to need a strap for February 15th though. ;-)

  6. Lily -- what is going on there lately? The BS meter is on high!

    Terri -- why thank you. :-) The manual is excruciating, but I am soldiering on. At least I don't have to understand it!

    OBB -- believe it or not, there is fun to be had on FetLife. But it's like any large community; you have your friends, you have people who follow the rules and laws and cooperate with one another, and then you have the troublemakers. But I've made a lot of great connections and friends there.

    Hermione -- my computer is quite old; it's an XP. I need a new one desperately, but I keep putting it off.

    Loki -- dare I ask what February 15 is, besides the day after Valentine's Day? :-)

  7. Hi Erica -- I am so very glad that i am not on FetLife,What a bunch of JERKS on there.It's good that you told them off,HEHEHE LOL.So happy that you and Mr.D had a good time, :-)Your pic's are LOVELY.I Love to get spanked OTK,that's my favorite position.Much Love and hug's from naughty girl Jade

  8. Hi

    I will focus first off on the spanking, just lovely and my lady I love your writing about the wrap up and being held with a scolding bottom....that is just so what spanking play is all about. The after care is most times so much better than the lost feeling while being spanked. Just a heart, and bottom warming, post, thank you.

    Now for the picture, wow, it is now my favorite and with the panty on, your bottom is just lovely, love the panty and dress and wow, nice placement of your arms and heavenly over his knee no doubt.

    Thank you Erica for this wonderful picture.


  9. Ron -- I'm glad you liked it. I love his hand caressing my hair. ♥

  10. The Lupercalia! That was the Roman fertility holiday where priests wore goat skins and ran through the streets striking the palms of willing women with thongs made up of goat skins. All for good luck with friendship and childbirth.

    Rumor has it that the women grew bolder and wanted other parts struck. My kind or holiday!

  11. ginger :: figging

    habanero :: ?


  12. SC -- hell if I know. Since figs have nothing whatsoever to do with ginger, perhaps habanero buggering could be called plumming (not to be confused with plumbing), or something equally stupid. :-)

    1. I think it should be called Catching a Seed... seriously spicy ;)

      Fantastic photos, as always...the picture of you on your side is truly beautiful.


  13. Lovely post as always. I see after he turned up late he managed to give you what you needed and probably deserved. Here is to many more of the same in the coming year. Have fun.

  14. KG -- yes, he makes up for lost time. :-)

  15. Clearly a good man..... and long may you both continue :-)

  16. That's a lot of redness for you! I'm glad you are back to your regular Monday routine. There has been an exceptional amount of stupidity on Fetlife lately. Hopefully it fades out.

  17. Lea -- I think this stuff comes in waves. Maybe people are grumpy getting back to work and other drudgery after the holidays.

    Or they're just stupid. ;-D