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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Odds and Ends not in my book, part 8

This is definitely off-topic, but funny. I figured we could all use some humor in our mid-week.

In his later years, my father had a very close friend, an actress named Sheila Rogers. One of those actresses you wouldn't know by name, but if you watched sitcoms throughout the 1960s and '70s, you'd have seen her. She was always a mom/neighbor/secretary/nurse/etc.

She'd also been in a commercial back in the 70s, I think -- it was for some air freshener, I forget which one. Those of my age group may remember it: A woman answers her doorbell, and three of her friends walk in. One by one, each one comments about the smells in her house.

Friend #1: Fried fish for dinner again, dear?
Friend #2: George still smoking those cigars?
Friend #3: Oh, did you get a new cat?

Friend #3 was Sheila. Anyway, cut to 2003, when Sheila passed away and John and I were invited to her memorial. Some of you will recall my writing about my father's memorial, and how it was more of a comic-fest than a sob-fest. Sheila's wasn't much different.

When we were all gathered, the room darkened and a video began playing on a large screen up front. In Memoriam: Sheila Rogers. The first thing that came on was that old air-freshener commercial. The first and second women walked in, delivered their lines. Then in walked Sheila. But instead of the scripted line, she made a face and said:

"Wow! Did a cow shit in here?"

I nearly wet myself, I was laughing so hard. To this day, every time John and I pass a fertilized lawn, smell a skunk or anything else that stinks, he says that exact line, and I still laugh.

You gotta hand it to show-biz people: they know how to put on a memorial.

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EDIT: I just found out, thanks to Al, that this commercial spoof was featured in the Kentucky Fried Movie from 1977. The vignette is entitled "Household Odors." How funny -- I didn't know this! :-D


  1. That is really funny! I'll have to remember that line.

  2. Spanky -- especially since she had this sweet, June-Cleaver sort of look to her!

  3. Erica. Hollywood always laughed at itself first. A good story Erica.

  4. Six -- as well they should. :-)

  5. Didn't they use that in Kentucky Fried Movie?


  6. Al -- I never saw it, but according to the IMDB, Sheila was in the Kentucky Fried Movie! So I'm thinking yes. :-)

  7. I should bellow that question every time I step foot in my "crap hole" office! LOL!!!!!

  8. Kelly -- (giggling) Oh, do let us know how that works out for you!

  9. Thanks to this post, I am sure that many people are going to start using that phrase.

    ~waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it in a Fetlife thread~


  10. Hi Erica-OMG that is so funny hehehe LOL :-)I think i will use that phrase tonight since my dad's ape of a girl friend made me very upset :-( When i walk into a room that she is in i am going to say WOW! DID A COW SHIT IN HERE? HEHEHE LMAO.Much Love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  11. Sarah -- heehee! Happy to do my part in spreading the mischief.

    Jade -- nooooo, honey. Not a good idea. In this case, you can think it, but saying it will just bring you a bunch of grief.

  12. (Falling out of the chair laughing like Stan Laurel)

    Erica, you tell the best stories!!

    I do remember that ad-- was it Glade??-- and I thought I had seen "Kentucky Fried Movie," but I didn't remember that parody! I'm glad people Sheila graced our planet!

  13. Dave -- Sheila was a sweetie. She helped me with sorting out my dad's apartment and things after he passed. Every day we were there, I remember she'd bring bananas and urge me to eat one. "It's good potassium!"

  14. I remember that commercial, and I happen to have a DVD of Kentucky Fried Movie, still unopened. I must watch it.

    Thanks for the shout-out:)


  15. Thanks. Remember the commercial well and what a great story.

  16. Hermione -- I'm thinking I need to rent it! It was made by the same guys who did "Airplane."

    Emen -- glad you liked it.

  17. Erica, here is an unusual question. Of all the male movie stars you have met in Hollywood, in your lifetime. Which one would you have chosen to have given you a 'good spanking', on your bare bottom.

  18. Six -- I really didn't meet as many as one might think. And most of them were comics, not Hollywood heartthrobs. So for sure, I'd choose David Selby (Quentin on Dark Shadows), whom I've met twice. But to be honest, I'd choose the younger version of him. :-)

  19. Very funny! You could almost get away with saying that on TV nowadays.

  20. Lea -- practically! I'll bet if they said "poop" instead, they could do it.