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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I see the light!

On Monday's blog, I posted a photo I had very amateurly censored in Picasa Picnik, with an icon of NO with a circle and slash. I figured it served its purpose, somewhat, even though it was a bit goofy.

One of my friends decided my rendition detracted from the photo's esthetics. By his own admission, he has too much time on his hands, and he offered me a couple of Photoshopped alternatives. The second one made me laugh out loud, so I thought I'd share it.

Whaddaya know -- there IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

(ducking the tomatoes)

In other news, Pink sent me a link this morning. If you think my Correspondence Hall of Shame entries are outrageous, wait until you get a load of this. Put down all your beverages. You might also want to don a helmet, in case your head explodes. Go here, and enjoy.

How's everyone's week so far? You know, I've noticed something I'm calling the Wednesday rebound. On Tuesdays, I'm usually quite mellow and happy, basking in the afterglow of Monday night's activities. Then on Wednesday, I crash back into reality. Just about everyone and everything irritates me and I crave attention fiercely. So be kind to a crazy attention whore and leave me some love, will ya? Thanks! :-D  Happy Hump Day.


  1. Huuuuggggggs ya and leaves some loves , as long as you dont point that laser cannon at me !

    " Attention world , you are being held hostage with my new Laser Butt Cannon " . I want 1 Billion dollars put in my swiss account in 24 hrs or I instruct erica to fire !

    Bwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhahahahahahahaha "evil laugh"

    JUST KIDDING !!!!!

  2. Love and Hugs to Ya, Lady!
    You know Poppa will always have a hug for you, even if it is long distance.

    Poppa Mark

  3. Hugs!
    Hey, look, the sun DOES shine there!

  4. D -- Damn. I WISH my butt commanded that kind of power.

    Poppa -- thank you. :-)

    Anonymous -- you know, I'm always telling those dreadfully annoying cheery people to stop blowing their sunshine up my a$$. I guess they didn't listen.

  5. you come in keychain size? ;)

  6. Pink -- HA! Now that would be interested if you got pulled over...

  7. Hi Erica-OMG that pic is so funny hehehe LOL :-)I am sending you lot's of Love and hug's ALWAY'S :-)From your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  8. I send you lots of love and hugs. I think we all suffer from PSAD: post spanking affect disorder AKA sub-drop. :-)

    As for the link, I have to say that guy was so full of himself he must be Napoleon come back to life. Or maybe "Idiot" Amin. Such a dork. Run ladies, run!

  9. Jade -- thanks, sweet girl.

    Bobbie Jo -- PSAD! I like that. :-)

  10. Haha, very funny Photoshop edit! I definitely feel the post-spanking drops. Sometimes even pre-spanking drops. "Hmmph it's not here yet!" turns to "Dammit, now it's over!" I think the only solution is to find someone out there to spank me daily. ;-)

  11. A light to guide your loved ones home..

  12. Lea -- I think, for me, it's a combination of the spanking and the concentrated attention. I do crave that (sheepish).

    John -- oh, good grief. :-)

  13. Great picture!

    I think most of us suffer from humpday slump. My blog stats always take a drop on that day, then rebound on Thursday.

    It's over for another week:)


  14. Hermione -- interesting. I wonder why.

  15. Nice idea for the picture, Erica! It somehow reminds me of science fiction movies, though! ;-) My week was quite busy and a bit exhausting so far, but at least the big kinky discussion in which Ludwig and I participated last weekend went well. I wish you a good Thursday and Friday and a wonderful weekend! :-)

  16. Kaelah -- I posted it on FetLife as well; someone asked if anyone has seen E.T. lately. HA! You have a lovely weekend yourself.

  17. NV -- good. That was my intention. :-)

  18. Hi Erica

    Good week for me, worked today and work tomorrow. At a bank no less.

    "Whaddaya know -- there IS a light at the end of the tunnel."

    That is so bad I wish I had said it first.



  19. Emanuele -- yes, that was supremely bad, wasn't it. :-)

  20. Oh Erica! That 'light' is a hoot! Of course when you posted this on Fetlife.. I liked my comment to you there.. so I'll share it here as well.. (heehee)
    "Some people change their ways when they see the light; others when they feel the heat” ... LOL


    Oh.. and Pink had sent me that as well. Holy smokes.. just when ya thought you'd heard and seen it all.. here comes this genius! When I wrote Pink back, I shared this with her on that missive.. LOL

    Dear Pink, The following comment caught my eye in that post the girl put up.. (LOL)..

    Someone named "Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors" quoted the idiot guy first) ...

    "The six things I could never do without: Cadillacs, blowjobs, my sister, food."

    "Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors" said.. "Warning, ladies, he can't count to six."

    I wrote Pink back and said:
    The guy probably counted words (versus "things") -- seeing as how he's so into "Words with Friends" and all ... I'm sure he saw 6 words... that is, if you separate "blow-jobs" into two words.. LOLOLOL

    LIFE GOES ON... thank god. LOL

  21. Zelle -- life goes on... as does idiocy! LOL And don't you love his priorities? BJs before his sister or food??

  22. You know, I've heard this phrase before but never seen it depicted until now!

  23. Wolfie -- you didn't think it was actually something spiritual, did ya? ;-)

  24. I don't know why, but when I was glancing at your pic...the Beatles - 'Here Come The Sun' popped into my head.

    Have a good one :)


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