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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blackmail material??

Earlier this week, I received email from Andrew Morgan, photographer extraordinaire. I first met Andy at Shadow Lane 12 years ago and have had several wonderful sessions with him. He's also taken a few pictures; he's responsible for this favorite of mine, which most of you have seen over the years:

Anyway, he wrote that he'd found some old photos he didn't think I'd seen before, so he attached them. When I saw them, I laughed. And cringed just a little, too.

Fade back to Labor Day weekend, 2000 -- the Shadow Lane party in Palm Springs. Alexandria Panos and I had done our first SL video earlier that year, and we were asked if we'd model some clothing for Bobbie Tawse at the vendor fair. For those who aren't familiar with Bobbie's fashions, she specializes in drop-seat PJs, baby-doll dresses and other... well, youthful items. (check out her site here) Really cute stuff, and perfect for those who enjoy ageplay. However, y'all know how I feel about ageplay. Not my thing.

However, I was game for just about anything at that point. It was exciting to be selected for this sort of thing. Besides, we were paid for it. :-D

So Alex and I ran around the ballroom for two hours, wearing the PJs, the baby-dolls and pantaloons. (Can I just say that wearing full-length, high-necked, long-sleeved fleece PJs in August in a ballroom packed with hundreds of bodies was torturous?) The baby-dolls were comfortable and pretty, but honestly, I felt squicky in them. I was 42 years old, for God's sake.

I never saw the photos Andy took of us -- until this week. Ready for this?

That's nothing. Get a load of this one, of Alex and me. What the hell is up with that cheesy face I'm making? LOL!

Go ahead -- knock yourselves out. "Erica Scott had a woman's hands on her ass! OMG!"

You never know what's going to come back to haunt you. :-)

Also in this batch of pictures, Andy included a shot of John and me. I'm not sure when this is from, but I believe it's about 8-10 years old, because John hasn't had a beard for a long time.

That one didn't make me cringe at all. :-) 

Haven't seen Andy for a few years, but he's coming to BBW! Yaaaayyyyyy!


  1. These are all lovely, fun and great to see! Thanks for sharing! And that one with your "cheesy face" is adorable!

  2. Craig -- thanks, darlin'. Can you believe that face and that pose? What was I thinking? LOL Whatta ham!

  3. What great pictures!!! Thanks for sharing them with us! I loved them! :)


  4. Hi Erica - I Loved the pic's they are all so ADORABLE :-)I think it was so COOL that you got to model those clothes they are so CUTE and they look so cute on you as well :-)You and John look GREAT in that pic,thank's for sharing,much love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade

  5. Sarah -- they definitely brought back memories! :-)

    Jade -- glad you liked them, sweetie.

  6. Now this is very funny because tonight while I was looking for something in particular, I found lots and lots of Erica pictures from days gone by, including Erica in a Plaid Schoolgirl Skirt!!

    (Anybody who wants a personal copy of that, bring five bucks and meet me in the parking garage just after midnight.)

    I am especially fond of that one of you and John.

    I've seen pictures of you that made me laugh WITH you, some that put a lump in my throat, some that caused strange stirrings in my utility belt, but I've never seen a bad picture of you. There probably is one, where the camera person didn't focus properly.

  7. Haha, great pictures! You look good in pink. :-)

  8. Dave -- ah, the schoolgirl photo. Still up on MySpace, which means no one will see it. :-D

    Oh, trust me, there are tons of bad pictures! I just don't post them.

    Lea -- (snort) I prefer red, thank you. ;-)

  9. Great pictures Erica. Bet they brought back some lovely memories for you. Thanks for sharing.


  10. I thought they were all lovely. I wish you had one of you wearing drop-seat pjs :)


  11. Peach is a color that suits you admirably, but are the panties meant to appear, uh, 'functional' in line with an ageplay theme?

    The hem was low enough so what was the thinking behind wearing them in the first place?

  12. Ronnie -- they did indeed, thanks!

    Hermione -- LOL! I couldn't wait to get out of those things. They're cute, but they are so damned HOT.

    Potomacker -- good question; I have no idea. Frankly, I'd rather not think about it!

  13. Cute trip down memory lane. :)

  14. Squicky?

    Hi Erica

    Can't say if the photo from that event could be used for blackmail but I can imagine them showing up on lots of blogs. I am always trying to get more traffic to my own site, and I can not think of a better way.



  15. Kelly -- yup! It was a fun time. :-)

    Emanuele -- "squick" is an amalgam of squirm and ick.

  16. That Andrew Morgan photo of you wearing garter-belt and stockings, showing that cute bare bottom of yours Erica, makes me sexually drool, if you know what I mean. XXX, luv ya

  17. Your such an embarrassment to the family. Shame on you!

  18. Anonymous -- are you a long-lost cousin or something? :-)

  19. hi Erica , where is Alexandria Panos ??? where can we find her ?

  20. Anonymous -- I couldn't tell you. I have not had any communication with her for many years. She got married and dropped out of the scene.