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Monday, March 5, 2012

Just call me Rush

No, I'm not a big fat malevolent blowhard. But, like Mr. Limburger, I do have a big mouth that gets me in hot water sometimes. :-)

As I'd mentioned, I was overdue. And I think ST was overdue to top as well; he'd had a crappy week dealing with the trouble and expense of his truck. So there was an edgy sense of anticipation between us when he first walked in, and we wasted little time with preliminary chit-chat.

Once we were in the bedroom and I was over his lap, he asked what kind of mischief I'd been up to in the past week. I insisted I hadn't been up to any. "Yeah," he said, "because you've got restraining orders against you!"

Well, I like that! Just a couple of weeks ago, he was on MY side. "You said that it was OK to defend myself," I protested.

"It is -- but it's not OK to engage with douchebags!"

I don't know what possessed me. I opened my mouth and heard this come out: "But I engage with you!"

Oh, Christ. Did I really say that? There was a split second while those words hung in the air, and then he practically tore off my shorts and panties. "Warm-up is over," he growled, grabbing for his bag.

The next several minutes are a blur of pain and scolding. "You think that was a good idea, talking to me like that?" "You going to say something like that again?" Normally, I keep position fairly well, save for my one errant foot flipping up. But this time, I kicked and squirmed and struggled so hard, he put me in a leg-lock. I think that's the first time he's ever done that.

"You need this, don't you! Spanking cures everything. It even cures amnesia." Huh? Amnesia? As if he could read my mind, ST added, "It seems you've forgotten how to be nice to people. Haven't you!"


Yeah, I know I was just kidding with him. But I felt ashamed anyway. Of all the people to insult, even teasingly -- this wonderful, dependable guy. This suddenly felt very real, both physically and emotionally.

"I'm sorry!" I wept. "You'd better be," he said, not stopping. "And I'm not done making you sorry, either. Am I?"


I didn't want him to stop. I wanted to cry and hurt and gasp for breath. I wanted to be pushed. He knew it.

We'd barely started here. You can see I'm fisting the bedclothes already.

I was actually marking a little. What does Dana call these, strawberries?

I don't know how long the spanking lasted; probably not as long as it seemed. But he packed a whole lot into a short time.

I continued crying after he finished, long after he soothed me with lotion and pressed tissues into my hand. I was embarrassed to raise my head, knowing I looked runny and drippy and smeary-eyed, so I kept my face buried.

He never pushes me to look at him, thank goodness. He just waits patiently, rubbing my back and smoothing my wild hair.

I snuggled closer to him, but didn't speak for quite a while. When I finally did, the first thing I whispered was, "You know I wouldn't insult you for real, don't you?"

I felt him chuckle; he said yes. I know he knew. But I needed to hear it anyway. Then he added, "If you did, you'd never sit again."

I laughed. That felt delicious, after all the tears.

Later, we played some more, in our usual lighter vein (lighter in mood, that is, not in intensity!). I really need to come up with a better way of storing my own implements. I loop a bunch of them onto a hanger, and then when I try to pull one off, they all come off and fall on the floor. Then, of course, he says we have to use them all!

No wonder I was pouting.

And no, he didn't beat me with the wire hanger! It just ended up on the bed. Along with nearly my entire Cane-iac collection. (groan) Even though it was just five strokes with each toy, I was well tenderized at that point.

I believe I will sleep peacefully and dreamlessly tonight.

Did I mention that he spanked me a third time when we were downloading the pictures from his camera? Good lord. I hope we don't skip a week again anytime soon. :-)

Thank you, sweetheart.


  1. Good to hear that you had such a lovely time with ST, Erica! :-)

    I can very much relate to your experience of having to be reassured that you didn't really do anything hurtful, though. The last time Ludwig and I were together, I published a post about our play time which mentioned that I had made a joke about him being pregnant at one point. Ludwig had seen the post before it was published, so I knew that he was okay with what I had written. But then of course some friendly teasing started in the comment section (Ludwig shouldn't spank me so much, the physical effort might not be good for the child). And suddenly I found myself bent over the bed for six strokes of the cane for having animated others to mock Ludwig. Of course I knew he was kidding (about the reason for the caning, not about the caning itself ;-) ) but still I needed Ludwig's reassurance afterwards.

  2. I want...I want, and at least you're getting it and writing about it to give the rest of us a nice little fix!

    1. OMG--- I actually just posted from my new phone! (yes...big learming curve..don't ask)

  3. That was a Erica boot smackdown. LOL. Just what the Dr ordered.
    Suit has a saying for such mouthing off, he calls me a sassafrass.
    I so love your Rush snark, it leaves me smiling ear to ear.
    Have a great day,

  4. Hi Erica

    Never! I refuse to even imply that you have even the slightest resemblance to him. He is a #7##^&@#%@#^&^&# and you are not. We do share the small issue of throwing the mouth into gear prior to engaging brain. It seems if I might borrow/mangle a line from top gun "you mouth writes checks only your butt can cash."



  5. Haha!! Yes, strawberries.
    They're yummy, aren't they?

  6. OK! w00t!! Back on ye old laptop! So now "learming" will be LEARNING, because I can see what I'm doing and my fingers can now continue to type 100 words per minute with having to correct every other letter with a backspace and redo. LMAO!

    You're pics are fantastic! Nice lil marks there miss bionic booty spankoholic! ST ROCKS! (that sounds so high school tho) ST is one helluva great Top and I wish I lived in Cali right now.. (want, want, want.. damn, I'm a want-on woman) LOL

    1. "with having" s/b WITHOUT having (never said I didn't have a lot of mistakes.. just that I can type 100 wpm.) LOL

  7. Hi Erica- I am so happy that you had a GREAT session with ST :-)The Strawberrie's you got from ST looked rather nice.I liked your pic's exspecially the one of you with the pout on your face PRICELESS :-)ERICA AND ST ROCKS.Have a wonderful day my very dear friend,much love and hugs from your naughty girl Jade

  8. Kaelah -- it's a fine line, isn't it? It's fun to tease and provoke, but I would never want to seriously insult someone I care about.

    I shot a video a few years ago where I was insulting the top's technique and saying he was just an apprentice to Keith Jones and maybe if he practiced for a few more years, he might be in the same league. After the cameras stopped, the first thing I said was, "You know I didn't mean a word of that, right??" LOL

    Zelle -- triple espresso this morning, darling? ;-) I wish you lived in CA too -- then I could actually SEE you, dammit.

    Newt -- Rush is a jackass. The gloves are off after his latest gaffe. Women who want contraception coverage on their med insurance are not sluts! grrr

    Emanuele -- LOL! OK, well, at least I don't LOOK anything like him, thank goodness.

    Dana -- hmmm. Yummy to whom?? ;-)

    Jade -- I agree with you and Zelle -- ST rocks!

    1. Hi Erica

      I don't know if you saw my post on March 5 but I did not see your post of the same day. Strange huh? I don't see the resemblance between you and Rush though I think he may have bigger breasts.


  9. Rush is vermin.

    LOVE your strawberries. Very cute and just the right look of ouchiness.

    Insinuating ST is a DO shoot first and ask questions later, huh? :) Surely he know you were kidding anyhow, but it's great you still check in from time to time.

    I've been known to overstep/misinterpret my own boldness and or responses from my tops. One never quits TRYING to learn one's lesson, though! :)

  10. Need I remind you this man, has a total count of four babes that married his sorry sad ass?

    Take away his largeness and just examine his behavior.... That is more then enough for me to grab the mind bleach. Womenfolk actually copulating with that filth. Voluntarily. oOOooh need ear plugs as well.

    I am no kiss ass, but you will never, no matter how snarky reach the levels he sunk and resides in. So no putting yourself in the same sentence with him. ST should make that a rule!

  11. Kelly -- I do love to push the envelope, but I would never want to hurt ST's feelings. EVER. Although he's got a damn good sense of humor, which one needs with me! :-D

    Newt -- I will never liken myself to Rush Dickbag again.

  12. I seriously couldn't believe you said that when you were over his knee already!! I can see it happening when you're across the room from him, as long as you can run like hell, but otherwise, yikes! LOL Well, at least it got you what you needed.

  13. Yes Erica.. a triple espresso day it was!!

    In honor of that.. I thought I'd share a laugh with you..

    Of course.. many of you know nasty ol' blowhard Rush has now been married 4 times! Here's a funny that was on Letterman...

    Here now is the official Rush Limbaugh wedding announcement. Rush Limbaugh wed Kathryn Rogers in a quiet Florida ceremony on Saturday. The bridegroom is a controversial radio host and an influential opinion leader in the conservative movement in the United States. The bride is clearly insane." --David Letterman

    Oh how about just one more??? LOL

    "As you know, President Obama has outlawed torture. Although, he said, 'After listening to Rush Limbaugh, maybe I was a little too hasty.'" --Jay Leno

    Oh hell.. the latest espresso is in full gear.. one more then I'll leave ya alone.. LOL

    "Rush Limbaugh is in trouble. Prosecutors say that they have enough evidence to put him away on 10 felony counts. This would be the biggest blow to the conservative movement since Anne Coulter announced she had a penis." —Bill Maher


  14. Jen -- for a reasonably intelligent woman, I can be rather stupid sometimes. :-D

    Zelle -- LOL! And regarding Ann Coulter -- AHA! I knew it!

    1. Oh, and the Stewart/Colbert clip is perfection. Y'know, the sad part is, ol' Rush will get over this. Time will pass and someone else will say something stupid, and he'll go on as per usual.

  15. Like the time that I wondered if G. was ticklish. He TOLD me not to try to find out, but I did it anyway. He'd never pinned me down with my arm behind my back before to spank me. LOL I got totally and completely spanked for that one!

  16. There's nothing like a nice emotional release brought to you by someone you trust. I can see why you are one of very few people who enjoy Mondays. ;-)

  17. Lea -- yet another thing that makes me a bit of an oddball, I guess. :-D