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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's song parody time again

Been a while since I've done one of these. I do need to keep up with my fellow parodist Lea, after all.

Today's offering is based on the old standard "Fever." It's before a lot of y'all's time, but it's been covered countless times and the most popular version was done by Peggy Lee. However, ever the contrarian, I think Peggy Lee's version sucked. So I go back to the original and (IMO) the best, the most soulful and sexy, the version by Little Willie John. Give a listen; I think you'll find it's quite the cool song. Pay attention to the lyrics.

And now, while the song is fresh in your mind, here's my spanko version.

Never know how much I need you
Even when I whine and swear
When you put your hands upon me,
I get a feeling that I’m gonna be bare

You give me spanking,
When I’m sassy,
Spanking when I’m in a pique
Spanking, every evening
Spanking all through the week

Listen to me, brat girl
Hear every word I say
No one can tame you the way that I do
‘Cause they don’t know how to make you obey

I’ll give you spanking
When you’re naughty
Spanking when you say I’m meek
Spanking, every evening
Spanking all through the week!

Bring it on, I tell you
Take my stress away
Raise my skirt, take my panties down
And I’ll believe you when you say that I’ll pay

You’ll give me spanking
When I’m edgy
Spanking when release I seek
Spanking, every evening
Spanking all through the week

Hand lights up my bottom
Belt burns my upper thighs
My eyes fill up when you call my name
‘Cause I know you’ll take me down to size

You give me spanking,
When I bait you
Spanking when I give you cheek
Spanking, every evening
Spanking all through the week!

Hope you enjoyed! One more song you'll never hear quite the same way again. Happy Hump Day. :-D


  1. Erica:

    I'm standing and cheering! Bravo!

    I love that song. It just smolders. Your words make it even better.


  2. Bonnie -- Always happy to get a visit from you! I'm so glad you liked it. :-)

  3. OH THAT's GREAT! LOVE IT! That's one of my favorite songs!! You're a great parod-ist?? LOL

    I'll go put up one on my page.. that I wrote to a friend's wall on Fetlife. LOL

  4. Zelle -- LOL! That's great! Everyone, go look:

  5. Hi Erica- I Loved your spanking version i can't get it out of my head hehehe LOL :-)You did a GREAT job. How is this for a little song parody, You give me a fever on my bum then while i'm over your knee being held tight i squeal with delight that i won't give up this fight :-) Much love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  6. Spanky -- thanks!

    Jade -- that's cute. :-)

  7. Well Done Erica!!! I found myself singing it while reading it LOL
    Thanks for the fun new spanko tune in my head.. here's my favorite verse of yours:

    Bring it on, I tell you
    Take my stress away
    Raise my skirt, take my panties down
    And I’ll believe you when you say that I’ll pay

    LOVE IT :)


  8. Suzy -- thanks! I was at the gym, the song came on my iPod, and then the parody just sorta started writing itself. :-) Love it when I get those surprise inspirations.

  9. Yay, parodies! Bravo! That's a great song, the original (never heard that version before) and yours!

  10. Lea -- I took my chances with such an old song. Figured people might not know it. I'm glad you enjoyed it; you do inspire me with yours!

  11. Hi Erica

    Really sexy song with hot suggestive lyrics. I do like your version very much. One question though. Will there be a music video?


    1. Hey Emanuele! I think you may have just hit on her next Monday evening festivities with ST! (heehee)

      ... oohh that was a big bus there! LOL

  12. I love that version! Delicious!
    And I love your lyrics too. :)

  13. Love your version Erica, Very clever. Bravo.


  14. Emanuele -- trust me. NO ONE wants to hear me sing.

    Zelle -- you hush! I don't need no stinkin' bus. I have my own personal freight train named SpankoTango. :-)

    Poppy -- isn't that the best version? (His, not mine.)

    Ronnie -- thanks! :-)

  15. Great remake Erica! :)

    I actually knew the original and then a remake by Madonna-no one else though. Yours is the best of all. :)

  16. Kelly -- I've never heard Madonna's version. If it's anything like her remake of "Santa Baby," I'll pass! :-)

  17. Erica,

    I don't think you would care for Madonna's version at all. LOL I found a video of her singing it and she was trying to imitate Patty Page, cigarette included. I didn't care for it.

    Thanks for posting the original singer. I like his version a lot and also the other posted version. :-)

  18. Well done Erica. Good choice of base material too.

    Karl Friedrich Gauss

  19. Emen -- thank you. :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- blech. I'll pass for sure.

    KF -- thanks!

  20. Parody of the song "Diamonds area Girl’s Best Friend"

    Spanking is a Girl’s Best Friend

    The English like to whip with canes
    They delight in marking rears
    But I prefer a man who spanks
    And this is why…. my dears:

    A pat on the bum may be quite continental
    But spanking is a girl's best friend
    A nice friendly smack is just too sentimental
    To feel complete, you will want heat upon your seat

    Young or old, or so I’m told,
    A gal keeps her charm in the end
    ‘Cause heart shaped or bubble
    It’s the butt that‘s in trouble

    Spanking is a girl's best friend

    I've heard of affairs that are strictly vanilla
    But spanking is a girl's best friend,
    And I think an affair with any kind of fella
    Is more refined with the bare-behind on the line.

    Time rolls on and youth is gone
    And you can't straighten up when you bend
    But you’ll call-to-mind
    Each wack on the behind
    Spanking is girl’s best friend

    There may come a time when a lass needs persuading
    Spanking is a girl's best friend
    There may come a time when she’s tired of waiting
    For that very special day when he’s says: “Let’s play!”

    But he's your guy with arm held high
    But beware when his palm does descend
    It's then that your hiney will be hot and shiny
    Spanking is a girl's best friend
    Yes, spanking is girl’s best friend

  21. Anonymous -- good one! thank you. :-)