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Monday, January 2, 2012

First spanking of 2012

Happy New Year! So what could I possibly have done to get myself in trouble so early in the year?

Did I break a New Year's resolution already? Nuh uh. I didn't make any. Apparently, His Toppiness thought that was inappropriate.

"Come on," I protested. "What do I need to make resolutions for? I don't smoke. I hardly ever drink. I don't need to lose weight. I already exercise."

"Well, aren't you Little Miss Perfect!" he said.

"Why, yes, I guess I am, now that you mention it."

That didn't fly at all. It seems that not making a NY resolution is the height of arrogance and is a spankworthy offense. Gee, what a surprise that is.

He's enjoying his Leather Spanking Buddy way too much. He did the entire warmup with that thing. Oh, but he hastened to inform me that even with the spanking buddy, his hand still stings a bit. Poor dear.

"Life's a bitch," I muttered. "Or a bastard, as the case may be."

"Are you calling me a bastard?" Oh, for God's sake. I said life, not you.

To be fair, however, once he broke into the heavy artillery, he started out fairly light. Until I opened my big yap and said, "What style is that from -- the Lame-Ass School of Spanking?" So much for light, after that.

Yikes -- even with the "white-spotting" on the right cheek, still not that red. I thought I was done with the final 10 that I could barely count because I was fairly incoherent. And I was done, for a while. But then...

ST and I are both creatures of habit. On occasion, I know what he's going to say before he says it, because I know his phrases. For example, when it's getting to be about that time, he'll take a breath, kinda sigh and say, "Well, I guess I ought to be going." Sometimes, I say it with him. Other times, like tonight, I repeat it, mimicking him.

Someday, I'll learn that tops don't like being mimicked. Maybe. Or not.

I got much redder with Round #2. Ouch.

It's going to be wonderfully ouchy year. :-)  ST's resolution is to keep my bottom red on a regular basis. I'll drink a cup of kindness to that! (What the hell does that mean, anyway?)

Speaking of 2012, did everyone have a nice New Year's Eve? John and I went to Old Town Monrovia and saw the movie "The Descendants," then we had dinner. The restaurant was lively with people partying, drinking and wearing NY's Eve hats, so we asked a friendly man at the next table to take our picture.

Later, we came home (and John's next-door neighbor was out for the night; blissfully quiet!), watched the Twilight Zone marathon until it was time for the ball to drop, then had champagne at midnight. I had one full flute and was pleasantly buzzed.

He'll kill me for posting this, but I just have to show him off. Here's John, preening in the shower on New Year's morning:

How many 53-year-old men do you know with a body like that? Mmmmmppph.

Of course, he took a shot of me that morning too. Bedraggled mop of hair, no makeup... and hickeys on both breasts. Hmmm. Shall I post it? If I get enough "yea" votes, I'll think about it.  ;-)


  1. I am sure it will help you to do so! -;)

  2. That's a lovely picture of you and John together in the restaurant.

    Speaking of restaurants, I couldn't help thinking of a pilot episode of Extreme Cheapskates we watched last night. Whenever the guy went to a restaurant, he would cruise the other tables and if people looked like they had finished, he would ask for their leftovers. If they agreed, he would scoop the food - fries, steak, spaghetti, anything! - into a takeout container to eat the next day.


  3. What nice photos! What a shiny, red bottom! Great picture of you and John at the restaurant. Glad that you had such a nice New Year's celebration with the two special men in your life. John is looking very fit. Quite a difference from this time last year, n'est ce pas?

  4. Oh that ST! Now how much more regular can the guy get when he's already every Monday? Gawd forbid he stopped by twice a week... I think blogland would explode with a case of "the vapors" if we got to see you all colored up twice a week! LOL - So? Can ya ask him to do that for us?

    Here's my New Years resolution....
    "I'm going to find a local "ST" of my own.. cause I'm extremely envious of all the fun you two are having!"

    OMFG! JOHN!! That physique of his is just so ... well .. kissable! He looks awesome! Apparently he thinks your damned kissable too.. and .. I say... TURN ABOUT IS FAIR PLAY! You posted him.. now it's time to fork over the goods.. you must post your duelling hicky pic!


    (ps.. If you're bored, and need a movie to watch.. look up this movie called "August Rush".. with Jonathan Rhys Meyers (of The Tudors fame).. and also Robin Williams (playing a serious guy this trip). Story about an orphaned child prodigy, using his music to find his parents. I loved it! You can find all of it on Youtube! (parts 1-9)
    Click here for PART 1

  5. OH BY THE WAY! I should call ST and asked him .. in my best Clara Pellar voice...

    "Where's the lotion!"

    HAHAHA! This time last year.. omg.. your blog was an intense HOT scene to bring in 2011! Especially after you told ST.... (and I quote)

    "Midway through, he commented about how Zelle had said he should use lotion on me. Of course, she meant to soothe me during aftercare! (insert by me: I DID???) But he chose to take something lovely and comforting and create evil from it. "I'll bet if I used some now and then started again, it would hurt more, huh?" "How the hell should I know?" "Let's find out. Go get some."

    So that made his hands as soft as his brain huh??? ROFLMAO... that'll teach ya! OR... uhhh.. probably NOT! LOL

  6. Hi Erica, I am VERY happy that the new year for you started off AWESOME with a good hard spanking :-)now that's my kind of new year hehehe LOL.I Love the pic of you and John in the restaurant,You both look GREAT :-)John is such a HOTTIE in that pic,I think you should post your pic i agree with Zelle on that hehe :-)much love and hug's from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  7. Happy New Year.

    What a great picture of you and John. He's a very handsome man. You look lovely together.

    You've posted his picture so I think it only far you post yours.


  8. I knew you would have fun last night! John really looks good, too, and the picture of the two of you is very nice.

    So...about that picture of you. Hey, you mentioned it and now we are so curious you just HAVE to post it. :-P

  9. Anonymous -- and who might you be, O Wordy One?

    MrJ -- help me what? :-)

    Hermione -- OK, that is bizarre. But you know what? I go nuts when I see the mountains of food in restaurants that get thrown away. I'd like to see all the leftovers go to a shelter, myself.

    Dana -- oh, you know it. He was skin and bones and gray-faced. Just looking at him made me cry. Now look at him. :-)

    Zelle -- LOL! I can just hear half the readers out there, thinking "Who the f*** is Clara Peller?" And yes, you did TOO suggest lotion! It's on a photo comment somewhere. :-)

    Jade -- yes, he's my hottie, all right.

    Ronnie -- hmmm. That logic isn't quite right, as I didn't post any of his private bits! :-D

    Bobbie Jo -- uh... you know that curiosity is the demise of felines, or something like that.

  10. Hahaha! Wit defies "logic" again! Ok. So don't post it. BUT, you did mention it ya know!


  11. Great photos, as usual.
    You and John look so lovely together.
    Very curious to see the picture of you, so add a "yea" vote from me.

    Anyway, weren't you bustling about and complaining that everyone still slumbers? Now, this is some good and healthy *exercise*.
    Although, at this rate, even talking might become a spankworthy offence. :-P

  12. Oh, I forgot... Happy New Year! :-D

  13. Christy -- was I complaining? I don't remember specifics, since I'm complaining most of the time. ;-)

    SnP -- funny how, so far, nearly all the encouragements to post the boobies photo are from women! Not quite what I expected. :-D

  14. Yea from Poppa, love to see some naughty candid pictures.

  15. Poppa -- why am I not surprised? ;-)

  16. I enjoyed the pics from the first spanking of 2012. White spots like that are always good too!
    You should definatly post the pic of yourself and thank you for providing us with such a great blog to enjoy this passed year

  17. Tops come up with the most ridiculous reasons for spankings, it wouldn't have mattered whether you made 100 resolutions are none. Lol. That's why I figure, why behave? Might as well give them a REAL reason if they are going to get me anyway! Right?

    Great pic of you and John! As far as mimicking ST, just remind him that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. :-)

  18. Glen -- it was my pleasure; thanks for reading it.

    Anonymous -- gee, you're even chattier than the first anonymous guy. :-)

    Lea -- exactly! They set us up for no-win situations, so might as well have some fun, huh?

    Hmmm... I will remember that imitation line. :-)

  19. I vote "yea" and as for Ronnie's logic- well, I think she meant to say that his chest looks nice and I'm sure yours does too! Hope the hickeys haven't faded by the time you decide to show them to us. ;)

  20. SS -- now how did I know you'd vote "yea"? (grinning) Not to worry -- they are faded, but I have photographic evidence. I guess with all these encouragements, I'll have to follow through...

  21. Had a great New Years. :)

    I would love to know the secret to the appearance of the white spot NOT turning into a post spanking broken skin spot.

  22. Kelly -- I have no idea. I have gotten those white spots before, but then they disappear like everything else.

  23. After reading this post (and wiping the coffee off the screen that I spit out reading your comebacks) I decided I had a New Years resolution: Create a home for burnt out Doms.

    This poor man. He, not unlike myself, did not know what he was getting into. My advice, Mr. Guy, is just fasten the seat belt and enjoy the ride; bumps, dives and roll overs included.

  24. Chev -- LOL! Are you saying ST is burned out? Hardly!