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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some fun photos for your Hump Day

OK, so two weeks ago, I noticed that some pictures from my 4th clip were up at Spanking Court. Cool, I thought -- that means the clip is forthcoming. However, then I saw the notice that court was in recess for the holidays and instead of putting up new clips during that period, they showed some out-takes. Nuts.

Yesterday morning, I checked back at the site, and hallelujah! My clip had been added. I grabbed my coffee, sat back and prepared to enjoy watching the spirited, snarky debate as I hauled the Court Disciplinarian in front of the judge to complain about what I considered his inappropriate behavior...

Picture, yes. No sound. (sigh)

I wrote to Cali to give her a heads up; she wrote back and said their webmaster would take care of it right away, that it was a great scene and they were going to put up a preview of it on SpankingTube as well. YES! But so far, the scene has been taken down, but it's not back up yet.

You know what? Screw it. I'm going to post some pictures from it anyway, just 'cause I damn well feel like it. :-)

Here we are in court -- as you can see, I'm vociferously protesting. Not that it did me any good, but I certainly gave it my all. Notice the whimsical look on the Disciplinarian's face. He knows it's not going to go well for me.

The next couple of pictures needed a little extra something, I thought. Speech bubbles, perhaps? So I added them. :-)

Poor guy -- it's hard work, that job of his...

Stay tuned!

Oh, wait. Guess there's another picture, isn't there. After all the "yea" votes, I suppose it would be too much of a tease if I reneged.

Yes, John likes to mark his territory. Fortunately, I enjoy that sort of marking. Please disregard the satchels under my eyes -- I'd just gotten out of bed.

Hope everyone is doing well on this back-to-work week. :-)


  1. OMG! That court Disciplinarian is enough to make me sweat! LOL - GREAT PHOTO KEEPSAKES!!

    And ERICA!! OH MY! BEAUTIMUS!!.. I mean... YOU DO MARK after all!! Such a brave, brave woman you are to post what a wicked wanton harlet you are!! And not to mention.. you're ever so accommodating to the begging masses!!!

  2. Erica:

    First pic: Very lawyerly looking.... but guess that didn't help with the "reasonable doubt" thing, huh? (Second and third pics) :)

    Last pic: Beautiful and very sweet!

  3. Zelle -- Zelle -- Brave? Nahhhh. I'm not big on posting boob pictures (mostly because I don't think mine are much to look at), but you know, the exhibitionist side takes over now and then. :-D

    Don't you love those court pictures! I'll let you know when the clip is up.

    MrJ -- LOL!

    SnP -- thanks! No, it didn't help at all. But oh, how I tried.

  4. Oh I can't wait for the clip! I love to hear the Disciplinarian talk.. especially all exasperated like he gets with you. hahahahaha!

  5. (snort) I really can't understand why he gets so irritable. Perhaps he needs more fiber. :-D

  6. Keeping 'a' 'bresst' of things, in your life Erica, I see two delicious mouth-watering, succulent melons, that would taste so delicious after giving you a good spanking on that voluptous bare bottom of yours. XXX, Luv Ya!.

  7. Six -- well.... thanks. But in my case, I'd say it's more like tangerines. :-)

  8. Awesome pictures!
    I think bubble in #3 is not far from what the Disciplinarian actually thought. Poor spankers, they really have to work extra hard on you :-P

    You look so sweet in the last one. And I'd like to quote Zelle here... "YOU DO MARK after all!!"
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Christy -- thanks! Ah yes, those poor spankers. Boo freaking hoo. ;-)

  10. Hi Erica, Your pic's are AWESOME :-)The bubble's that you added to the pic's were COOL and funny hehehe LOL.WOW you had 2 big hicky's on your chest look's like you got sucked up by a vacuum hehehe LMAO :-)I can't wait to see the clip on SpankingTube,That's going to be fun to watch.much love and hugs from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  11. Love the pics of you in the blue scrubs (much better than the orange ones) and I like the bubble in pic 3 also :) I'll be looking for the clip on spanking tube Glad you went with the votes and put the picture up, it is a side of you we don't often see :) you look great!

  12. Jade -- I promise I'll let everyone know when they put the preview on Spanking Tube. I'm looking forward to it too! :-)

    Glen -- Aren't those blue scrubs so much better? Does ANYONE look good in orange?

  13. Aww... thank you for sharing with us! I must've missed the satchels, but did enjoy the funbags!

  14. I really like the blue over the orange. Great pics, love the captions. Bet it wasn't too far off from what he was thinking. ;-)

  15. SS -- oh, you so did NOT say that! :-Þ

    Lea -- you could be right. Then again, that little room is hot. I think everyone sweats in there! lol

  16. Gingham panties - I want a pair too!


  17. I enjoyed the post! I visited the Spanking Court and saw a short vid. Hmm.

  18. The pictures are really sweet, Erica. A Happy New Year to you! May there be a lot more kinky mischief to come in 2012. :-)

  19. Hermione -- that's one of my favorite pairs. :-)

    NV -- hmm?

    Kaelah -- oh, I certainly hope so!

  20. Erica,

    I love the look on you face in your last picture. See? It wasn't so bad posting it was it? ;-) You look so coy and like you are up to something. LOL

    As for Spanking Court, I guess, from what I understand, they are up somewhere in my neck of the woods. However, the Sierras cover a lot of ground so they can be anywhere from just south of Lassen to Yosemite if they are in N CA. The Sierras run all the way to the Mojave.

    I know you will be having a lot of fun this year. Go for it!

  21. Bobbie Jo -- I'm always up to something. :-)

    I just know they aren't 20 minutes away anymore. (sigh) They're shooting this weekend for the first time in their new place. I will be thinking of them.