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Monday, May 2, 2011

So, so glad to see him...

I really missed New Guy last week. I know, it was just one skipped week. But it felt like longer than that, for some reason.

It took a while for us to get started; I was busy yakking at him, bubbling away about my book, the photo shoot I had last Friday, the upcoming Spanking Court shoot, blah blah blah. You know, I could have sworn he put an anonymous comment on my blog last week; whoever it was sounded exactly like him. He insisted he did not. Then I said, "I don't believe you!"

I'm not really sure what possessed me to say that.

"Are you calling me a liar?"

No, I protested, I didn't say that. "Yes, but it's implied," he said. Aaaaaand... we were off and running. Actually, no running was involved, but you know what I mean.

He was of the opinion that I should apologize. I had a difference of opinion. Amazing how convincing he can be, though... I came around to see it his way. I finally gasped out that I was sorry. "Thank you!" he beamed, then added, "that doesn't mean your spanking is over, though."


After Round One, I showed him some of the photos and then we got to talking about dungeon/BDSM parties and some of our experiences there. I told him a couple of my more risqué tales (including that infamous one in which John and I ventured into a swing club for the evening), and he shook his head. "You know, you're a very naughty girl."

Tell me something I don't know, Mr. Obvious. "Yeah?"

"Yeah, and you should get a spanking for it."

Right. He had just finished telling me his own risqué stories. Hypocrite! Hypocrite! Still, hypocrisy or no, I wound up OTK again.

"Are you learning the error of your ways?" he smirked at me after a few minutes.

"No," I retorted, "but at least this time you have a real reason, instead of making shit up like you usually do."

"There you go, calling me a liar again." Uh oh. He did a rather deft maneuver: lifted me off his lap, flipped me over into his arms and stood up, flipped me face down again in midair and plunked me back down over the ottoman.

Such a Neanderthal. I loved it, of course. With one hand fisted in my hair, holding me fast, his other arm went fiercely to work.

And once again... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpppppphhhhh.

We were so busy this time, we didn't take pictures. Ah well.

It's been a good few days. I think this latest photo shoot is going to yield a cover picture. John and I had a lovely weekend; he was so sweet to me, taking me out for a special dinner Saturday night. I now have two people reading my book: my anonymous new friend, and Danny, who volunteered to do so last night (thank you, sweetie!). So I have the best of both -- one completely objective person who doesn't know me, and one dear friend who knows me well, and both of them excellent writers. And this weekend, yet another video shoot.

Post-shoot drop? Nahhhh. New Guy will be over next Monday to give me a little hair of the dog. :-D

Here is a picture from last Friday. This particular one is not a good fit for the cover, but I like it a lot. It represents how I feel right now... blissfully relaxed, boneless, warm and tingly in my skin. Thank you, NG. ♥


  1. You sound happy and chirpy, and that makes me smile in return. Hope that the rest of the week turns out to be just as great.

    Love the photo!



  2. Ah, happy Erica!

    I am glad you had a great weekend with John and some good attention from NG. Now it is on to the Court. :-) Have as good a time there as you had with NG. Here come da Villian, Here come da Villian.....

  3. WOW Erica i Love the pic it's AWESOME :-) I am so happy that you had fun with NG, I would LOVE to get spanked by him he is so freakin COOL. At least one of us is getting spanked eh hehehe LOL, your shoot with spanking court makes me EXCITED cause i can't wait to see it :-)I also want to read your book YOU ROCK GIRL, sending much Love and Hugs to you my dear friend from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  4. Raven -- thanks, sweetie; I hope your relief comes soon! I know you've been having a rough time of it.

    Bobbie Jo -- yup, on to the court. Or as NG said last night, "Tell it to da judge, Sistah." (gulp)

    Jade -- big hugs back to you, sweet girl.

  5. Happy reunion to you and NG. You were in fine comedic form as usual. Very little effort to match wits with each other. But he sure makes plenty of effort to match palm to bottom.

    Awww did poor NG need lotion for his sore hand? :)

  6. Kelly -- sore hand? Please... with that arsenal of toys he brings? (snort)

  7. Ahhh...and she's back. :)

    Too bad that photo wouldn't work for the cover -- it's gorgeous! If any of the others are as good as this one, the book will sell itself.

    I'm so excited for you, btw.

  8. "...but at least this time you have a real reason, instead of making shit up like you usually do."

    ROFL! The things I think and do not say. Great picture, glad things are progressing well with the book.

  9. Pink -- thanks! :-) Well, I need a shot that's a bit more vertical, rather than horizontal. But yeah, I do like this one.

    Lea -- ah, but saying them is so much fun! (snicker)

  10. I love Top Logic... "just saying" .. heehee...

    That is a lovely pic.. I think I'll go play with it in photoshop!

  11. What a beautiful picture!
    NG sounds just the right level of Neanderthal- someone a little more evolved might not be able to handle you.

  12. Zelle -- after seeing what you did with my photo, I just might go with this one after all! (beaming)

    Poppy -- you're right, you know. :-)

  13. Glad you liked.. it worked well by adding more space above for the title... then it was vertical flow, verses horizontal "stop ya cold"... :-)