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Monday, May 9, 2011

No post-shoot drop for me...

New Guy saw to that. :-)

Saturday was so full of excitement and sensory overload, and yesterday, I was pretty much wiped out all day. Today my energy had returned, but I was feeling the inevitable letdown after all that stimulation. Didn't last, though. It was Monday, after all. New Guy night.

We talked for a while about my shoot; what, no OTK? No hand spanking? We can't have that! Whatta guy. Started me out with the longest hand spanking I think he's ever given me. After that, I was a primed canvas for every damn toy in his bag, and I welcomed them all, even that horrid wooden paddle.

Not sure why I was so insatiable tonight, but luckily, so was he.

This was fairly early in the scene. I got a lot redder. But try as he might, he couldn't get the left side to match the right one. I am convinced now -- if I don't get a warmup, I mark. If I do, then it's almost impossible to mark me. But hey, he's welcome to try all he wants. :-)

When he took a brief break in the proceedings to use the restroom, I yanked my panties back up. "Who told you that you could pull those back up?" he asked, coming back in. "I wasn't aware I needed permission; I didn't get the memo," I answered.

"Well, I think somebody should pull them back down," he said. I looked up at him over my shoulder. "What, is your arm broken?"

WHAMMMMMO! "Does it feel broken to you?"

Uh... no.

"You gonna take 'em back down?" he asked. "I was just doing you a favor!" I protested. "I know how much you love pulling them down, so I just wanted you to enjoy the experience one more time!" Well, it was worth a try.

I wish I could remember more of our dialogue, because we were both in fine form tonight, but everything is blurred. Ah... I do recall one time when he swung his quirt at me and completely missed; I heard it hit the bedspread. "I'm over here," I smirked, pointing to myself. WHACK! He found me. How about that.

When he broke out the wooden paddle, he commented, "I don't think you got enough wood this past weekend." Oh, brother. I resisted to urge to quip that I never get enough wood (that would certainly backfire on me) and just yelped, "I did too! And your wood is harder than his wood, if you'll pardon the expression." Well, it is, dammit! I have no idea what V was using, but it was more snappy and stinging, whereas NG's paddle is a little thicker. All wood sucks, but there are degrees of suckiness. NG's paddle is sucktastic.

But finally, after about two Mondays' worth of spanking, it was time for lotion and cuddles. All was right with my world. Can you tell?

He is going on a trip late May/early June, visiting his family. I probably won't see him for two weeks. So... when I get moody again, when life has its usual ups and downs, when I am missing him, please remind me... tonight, I was deliriously happy.

Sweet dreams, New Guy.


  1. HEADER: "No post-shoot drop for me..."

    hahaha! Nope! Just panty-drop from the looks of it! (grins)

    We love NG.. he's so thorough!

  2. Hi Erica,

    It just gets better! What delightful fun. I love the after shot. Good for you!

    Big hugs,

  3. Hi Erica hehehe i agree with Zelle it was panty drop for you LOL :-) NEW GUY ROCKS AND SO DO YOU, glad you had fun i noticed a flogger on your bed that looks COOL, I always wanted to get flogged i bet it feels nice :-)I agree with you that wooden paddles are SUCKTASTIC, you always come up with cool new words for me to learn :-)I just about lost it with laughter,when you said to NG, WHAT IS YOUR ARM BROKEN, hehehe and he said DOE'S IT FEEL BROKEN TO YOU, hehehe that was PRICELESS :-)Thank's for giving me a laugh and making me smile your WONDERFUL, LOVE YOU, BIG HUGS ALWAYS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  4. Throws up my hand volinteering to take care of next monday nights session !! :-D

    weeeeeeelllllll I can hope cant I !


    Glad u had fun

  5. Zelle -- isn't he, though!

    Bonnie -- thanks, sweetie. Loved your interview with Michael and Season!

    Jade -- there are many different kinds of floggers; some feel very nice, and others are nasty! NG's is nice. :-)

    Alan -- he'll be here next Monday. He's not leaving until the end of the month. Nice try. :-)

  6. Y'know, WHAM-O made the WATER WIGGLE and the SLIP 'N SLIDE, which is curiously apropos for those of us all riled up reading your reports.

    Congratulations on the weekend shoot, Erica. I'm pleased to see several outfits employing you to start breaking down the "age discrimination" you've lamented. Naturally, in the first place, it does show their good sense and impeccable erotic sensibilities.

  7. Wolfie -- god, I love you. :-) You make me giggle.

    You know, my last words to John before we went to sleep Saturday night were, "I can't believe I'm still doing this." I'm breaking all the rules, bottoming on video at my age. And it brings me unimaginable joy.

  8. "NG's paddle is sucktastic."

    Yeah, I know that kind of paddle, too.

    Dare I say that we all look forward to Mondays almost as much as you do?

  9. Pink -- I do believe you just did, darlin'. :-)

  10. "I'm over here." Mega funny. He was just ticked you called him on his errant aim. lol!

    You ventured into still scary territory for me. Two very hard spankings in a few days time, I never did that. I think that takes mucho courage.

    As for that wooden paddle. I get very thrilled at the sight of them. They just scream, "Young lady! YOU have needed a dose of this for way too long. Let's see what a smart ass you are when I'm finished with you!"

  11. Kelly -- funny, they scream at me, "Throw me in the fireplace!" :-)

  12. You definitely are in fine form (physically and mentally)!

    I used to like wood, but it's been a long time since then. Now, I think I like leather better, tho I'd best not be thinking on it. I'm trying to focus my mind on other things, since it doesn't look likely that I'm going to get any spanking action... How can a girl survive on one-to-two spankings a year? It just isn't fair!

  13. Glad some good can come out of a Monday! Love the expression on your face in the after shot.

  14. Dana -- ugh... I'm sorry! I wish you could find a spanker... I know how much you miss it. :-( I never take it for granted, believe me.

    Lea -- I wonder if NG and I are the only two people on the planet who enjoy Mondays...

  15. "And your wood is harder than his wood, if you'll pardon the expression.?"

    I want to have YOUR Mondays...mine only does the suck thing...sigh.



  16. Raven -- hugs back! Believe me, were it not for New Guy, my Mondays would be the same suckfest as they are for most everyone.

  17. Erica,

    Just wanted to drop a line and say I think you are one of the most adorable, beautiful woman involved in the spanking seen today PERIOD! you belie your age with the lovliness of a 30 year old and the love of life of a 20 year old. I hope to have an opportunity to meet you at this late summer Shadow Lane party. Thank you for all you have done for the spanking community.

  18. Anonymous -- wow. How nice... thank you so much! :-D