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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

@#$%ing stupid Blogger!

There is some sort of issue with Blogger the past couple of days, random and frustrating because it affects some but not others. Some sort of SNAFU with sign-in and commenting. I was unable to comment to my own blog, and through trial and error, the only way I was able to get around that was to change my Internet settings to "Accept all cookies." I don't know why that worked, but it did. Nevertheless, things still don't work right and Blogger's "Help" area is riddled with protests.

No sign of a fix yet, though. And I didn't have a single comment yesterday, even though I posted a new blog. If any of you tried to comment and couldn't, could you drop me a message and let me know?

Anyway... I have new pictures from Spanking Court, but I think I'll wait until this damn thing is fixed. Just another week-and-a-half and I go back to court -- I can't wait! :-)


  1. Blogger has been erratic for two weeks. Comments are going into the internet netherworld.

  2. joey -- well, I just got this one. Maybe things are improving...?

  3. I've notice that. My workaround is to post as "anonymous".

    Karl Friedrich Gauss

  4. Testy 1, 2, 3.. testy testy TESTY... LOL

  5. Karl -- well, at least you were able to get around it. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why can't they fix the damn thing and be done with it?

    Zelle -- yes, I am testy. :-D

  6. I was having this same problem and was going to ask around if it was happening to others. I always sign in to Blogger and then browse what's in my feed. Anytime I went to someone's page to comment it didn't show me as signed in anymore. When I tried to click sign in with Google account, it would endlessly take me to the sign in screen, then a Captcha, then the sign in screen, etc. Couldn't just leave a damn comment. I just logged out of the whole thing, logged back in, and here's hoping this comment posts.

  7. Lea -- yup, here you are. This is such a pain!

  8. Testing, testing--one, two, three.

  9. I once had that problem with my blog - no one could leave a comment. I fixed it by changing the comments from a little popup window to a full page, like you have now. I know that isn't any help, and others (morningstar of The Adventurous Journey for one) are having the same problem you describe.

    Allowing cookies is usually a good thing to do. Maybe that was associated with the latest Blogger upgrade. Anyway, things seem fine now.


  10. hmmmmmmmmmm Maybe your next spanking should be for being impatient and sassy !

    OHH wait thats why you get spanked every monday now ! :-D :-D ;-D

    Looking forward to seeing u in court

  11. Craig -- OK, working for you! Good.

    Hermione -- yeah, this is widespread throughout Blogger. And most frustrating, it's not affecting everyone. So I don't think they're taking it that seriously. I'm still getting private messages from people who can't comment. (sigh)

    AQ -- I'm rather looking forward to it myself. :-)

  12. I'll have to sign up for that web-site to see your bare bottom getting paddled!!
    They should have more of the girls get a preliminary over the knee spanking though, maybe by the judge!

  13. Anonymous -- I don't think they want to go that way; the judge is kind of in his own spot and maintains a degree of dignity. I do love OTK... perhaps in future shoots they'll find a way to fit it in on occasion. :-)