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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thoughts on the cane

Who has experienced it? Who likes it, hates it, fears it? Who hasn't experienced it and thinks it's most likely the most horrible implement on earth?

The cane is a fascinating and often misunderstood implement. For some, its mention invokes images of the cane's potential brutality as showcased in Lupus/Rigid East videos, the harsh punishments in Singapore, or the painful corrections English schoolchildren have endured. But there are two things to remember about canes: 1) they are not all created equal. Like paddles and straps, they come in many different thicknesses and materials; and 2) canes are as harsh, sensual or anything in between as the individuals who wield them.

When I first got into TTWD (This Thing We Do, in case you haven't heard that abbreviation), canes terrified me. I'd seen the icky pictures and heard about how painful and punitive they were, and there was no appeal whatsoever. John, however, was experienced with them and after we'd been together a few months, he was able to convince me to let him try one on me.

We were in a friend's dungeon and I had my hands wrapped around a suspension bar over my head. I was well warmed up and I knew John wouldn't hurt me, but I was scared out of my mind. Still, my curiosity overrode the fear and I consented.

John knew all about proper technique -- about spacing the strokes, about waiting an extra few seconds to let the waves of pain settle in before applying the next stroke. And it was only six. But afterward, I burst into tears. When he tried to get me to let go of the suspension bar, he discovered that my hands were gripping it so tightly, he had to peel my fingers off one by one. Finally he got me down and took me into his lap, holding me close. I don't know why I came so completely unglued; I guess I was even more afraid than I'd thought.

How far I've come.

A cane doesn't have to cause horrible bruising, and it most definitely does not have to break skin. Used judiciously and with proper technique, it can impart pretty pink stripes in an even design.

It also can be used in a very sensual way, with a rapid tap-tap-tapping motion that warms and stings and stimulates. Throwing in a hard strike now and then when least expected adds the element of mindf***.

I've been lucky enough to play with some of the best caners, including Keith Jones. I would trust that man with anything in his hands, and he's brilliant with a cane. I have many fond memories, including one time when he had me biting on a leather paddle so I wouldn't scream. (gasp) I had marks for eight days after that scene. Ah, the good old days.

Canes are especially fun when you break them.

The more breakage, the better.

Of course, after you break them, you do have to face the wrath of the top who doesn't like losing his toys. But it's worth it. :-) Well, except when their backup cane is made of carbon fiber, as Craig's was. Holy crap, how I hated that thing!!! Unbreakable, too. Pure evil.

I suppose in a true punishment, there is no warmup and the cane is applied directly to cold skin. I experienced that once. Never again. How anyone can do that to children is beyond me... but we won't go there.

There is definitely a unique sensation with a cane. Unlike any other implement I can think of, the cane imparts a sort of double pain. First, you feel the sting of it striking the skin. Then, a second or two later, you feel a deeper pain penetrating the muscle. That's why caning too quickly or striking the same spot over and over is excruciating. Giving the bottom a second or two to catch their breath between strokes is a bit of kindness within the sadism. :-)

Overall... in the right hands, canes can be painfully delicious. And in the wrong ones, they can be pure torture. Pretty much like anything else.

Your thoughts? Experiences?


  1. Canes were hard limits for me. I'd had the proverbial bad experience.. so they moved right up the ladder with quirts and whips. At my first Crimson Moon party.. where I found this unbelievable trusting connection with my current Top.. he broke all 3 barriers/hard limits with me. I'm now a whip lover (quirts an singletails) (LOL)- but with canes... not so much! I got over my fear.. as my Top is big time expert with them.. but they are not high on my list of play implements.

    We tried again.. 6 wks later at the next CM party to allow me to have a healthy and likable understanding with canes. He did the technique you mentioned.. the "ratta-tat-tat-vibrational" stuff (very sensual).. all over my body.. I was in heaven.. till he popped me good and I saw the devil reincarnated!! LMAO! Oh it wasn't that bad.. I liked it - especially the thinner the better! BUT they are harder to use .. and my Top likes the "middle size" best. The more he played.. the more I got (ahem) "engaged" in the play. Soon he flipped me over.. and used a very fine (thin) cane on my front side.. and ever so lightly tapping everywhere, even across my breasts. Once again.. I got those warm fuzzy feelings. Wow! I liked canes! Woohoo!

    They say.. "3rd time's the charm" right? Just before Christmas we played again with canes, as I know he loves them. Well.. I totally shut down. My brain said.. "Be quiet - don't speak - maybe he'll go away - and I won't have to have him stop - so then - it's not my idea - it's his - and I won't feel bad for having him stop what he loves doing."... WELL.. he read my body language fast.. he checked in with me twice before he saw this was doing nada for me - and he saw I was tensing. And don't get me wrong.. he wasn't hurting me, I just shut down and totally shut him out.

    I think something inside triggered the past experience I thought I was over. So no matter how much fun we'd had before.. this time, I froze. All I can say is.. se la vie.. and I made sure that day that (in my mind - even though I didn't have to), but I made it up to him by learning to become a strap lover! So we shall see if I can overcome whatever it was about canes.. somewhere down the road.

  2. Like the pics as always, you have great taste in underwear and it does look like you have started the year well, with a very darker shade of pink,but it does look Great On You..!

  3. There are good canings and bad canings, and both can be delivered by the same capable hands. I love a "good" caning...when I've been warmed up and they're delivered with minimum force. Mmmm. Love it.

    But then there are the mean canings, the ones without warm-up or preparation. These are the ones I'm threatened with (the threats helped cure me of some bad habits this year) and I avoid this cane at any cost.

    D particularly loves to break out the cane when I'm all spacey from a session and I absolutely love the burn. It can be such a nice dessert. ;)

    Just keep that mean cane far away.

  4. I have a love-hate relationship with the cane. There is something about the searing burn that builds AFTER the cane comes down. Puts me in my yummy place.

    I'm pretty picky though... normally I don't mind tops trying new implements out on me, but the cane is the one item I reserve only for those who know how to use it. :)

  5. Erica, as you can tell by my 'nome de plume', a yiddish word, which in my opinion means, the beautiful sound of a pliable swishing, stinging cane, on an unprotected naughty ladies bare bottom. It's joyous sound, when falling upon a voluptous bare bottom, is pure music to my ears. Yes, I also like your choice of underwear, be it panties, knickers, or old-fashioned bloomers, that you so lovingly wore in the "Puritan", movies.

  6. Zelle -- well, despite your fears and unpleasant experiences, you're still more open-minded than I! There is no freaking way I'd let anyone cane my front. No, no, NO.

    Paul -- actually, none of the pictures in this entry are as recent as this year, but they're all within the past few. And of course, I don't wear bloomers -- that was a video shot. :-D

    Pink -- yes... Mean = Bad. Canes are much better as icing than the whole cake, methinks.

    Kat -- couldn't agree more on that point. Being picky about caners is necessary for one's safety.

  7. six -- (laughing) If "nom de plume" is Yiddish, I guess "oy vey iz mir" is French?

  8. And Mazel Tov is Bottoms Up. Depending on the size of the cane.


  9. Jon -- such mishigas. Don't make me verklempt. :-)

  10. Erica everyone needs a good verklempt once in awhile.


  11. Of all the spanking implements I've faced, canes are still new to me and I am admittedly afraid of them. But I WANT a genuine experience. My last spanking was firm to severe and I did want a sample of the cane which my top was kind enough to deliver after I was redressed. I got 4 or 5 strokes over my jeans which I enjoyed but can't judge for my tolerance.

    I am hoping when I do my video shoot that I will get to experience the proverbial "6 of the best" bare bottomed with as much force as I can endure. Always pushing my limits for better or worse! :)

    My skin is so pale and easily marked (yet heals very rapidly)so I would love to see lines days after the caning as long as I won't scar. What is the sitting sensation like after a caning? Wooden paddles leave me with the sunburn/rash combo sensation as well as the muscle tenderness from the bruises.

  12. Kelly -- I think only broken skin will scar, and you don't want that anyway. If you get cane strokes in the "sweet spot," you definitely feel that burn when you sit the next day, along with the deeper muscle pain.

    Cane strokes can leave anything from pink stripes to deeper tramlines to raised welts. Oftentimes, the stripes become bruises. If a caner is skilled, they should be nice and even and well spaced.

  13. The who is just so important. From some guys six is enough but from others the sky is the limit .... Thick or thin, we all have our preferences. Warmed up always, cold caning does too much damage.
    It sounds like you and others who commented share the secret to caning, don't take it too often. Too often means loosing the fear, and the feel, of it, and a recipe for weak spots (Urgh! so unsightly!)
    I still get nervy just at the mention of a cane, but just can't help giving a visitor that little bit of cheek that has me touching my toes.

  14. I have to admit to being afraid of the cane. They do bring up images of brutality and broken skin in my head.

    I know they can be used nicely,, but I'm still scared of them.

    Now having said that, sometimes lately that stupid little curiosity thing has started to creep into my thoughts as well. I definitely have no desire to be walloped with one and I'm definitely not dying for "six of the best", but the tap-tap-tap thing has been starting to sound a bit intriguing (but still scary).

  15. NC -- you just touched upon one of my hard limits. I will not, WILL NOT, assume the bend-over-and-touch-your-toes position.

    I've heard mention of those weak spots -- I guess I've never had one. They sound wretched!

    Iggy -- all I can say is, remember all the stuff you've done that you were scared to do, including going to Shadow Lane! :-) If you're curious, pick a trusted friend, set all the limits necessary and know you can stop it anytime.

  16. Erica,

    Great topic. It seems the cane is something that is scarry to a lot of people including me. I have no desire to even try the freakin' thing! I have seen some pics that were simular to the above one of you and they weren't quite as strong and left just some very light pink marks that were not what I would call a severe caning. Then I have seen some really horrible markings and I wonder how on earth can those people take it.

    Anyway, I would prefer a hand or maybe a strap that is not applied too heavily. I am just not into anything hard. I like the light sting that lingers a bit and gradually fades away.

  17. Bobbie Jo -- the cane and whips and so forth are definitely not for everyone. And they can cause damage for sure. One of the models once told me that it would take her up to six months to recover from a severe caning shoot. Talk about suffering for your craft!

  18. I've only recently developed an interest in being caned. I was (and still am) one of those people horrified at the severity of the Lupus/RE pics that float around, which I unfortunately stumbled across during my early "bambi" stage. That turned me off canes completely.

    I had a few play partners before meeting one who really wanted to use one on me - except he wasn't that experienced - so my introduction to them was as a guinea pig. Just in case you didn't guess, not that fun.

    However, since I've finally gotten to play with someone who knows how to use them, I've been enjoying(?) them a heck of a lot more. I love that "tap-tap-tapping" you mentioned (even on parts other than my bottom), and that unexpected hard strike really works for me... Although I'd prefer the stingy ones to the thuddy ones any day.

  19. I think there are mind parts that only a cane can reach. For me it represents a kind of authority that a hand or a belt does not and I find that almost overwhelming which adds to the intensity of the experience.
    I have written a lot on the cane and how it alters me. It is not just the kind of pain it wields, it is the sound, the position, the traditionalism and more. But it is 7:02 am.
    I also think, as you say, that he who wields it has to be skilled and trustworthy.

  20. Beth -- yes, he does indeed know how to use them! :-)

    Wow... a guinea pig for a cane newbie? THAT is scary.

    Poppy -- I forgot about the sound; that SWISH. Especially when they do it in the air, just to mess with you. Brrrrrrrrrrrr...

  21. Erica, you made my day. "Zay gezunt", I love you.

  22. I have a love-hate relationship with the cane. There is just something about the cane that's like no other implement.
    Hearing the swishing of the cane through the air as he practises his swing. The first strike, knowing another one will follow the first, the burn. Makes me shiver just thinking about it.

    We have a cane similar to the one in your picture and a school cane.


  23. Hello my Erica i have to admit that canes make me nervous but i am willing and daring to try it,if Keith Jones or your boyfriend John were to cane me i would trust them because they are experienced and you know them VERY well :-) i also saw Jean Bradley from Northern Spanking cane a few people she is experienced as well, i would let her cane me and give me an otk spanking that would be so COOL, someday if i am lucky enough to be in a spanking shoot maybe you can watch it i know you would like it i was told i am an AMAZING actress. BUT YOU KNOW YOUR THE GREATEST SPANKING ACTRESS OF ALL TIME. I LOVE YOU BIG HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  24. Ronnie -- I guess love-hate is a perfect description! :-)

    Jade -- thanks, sweetie. Hope you're feeling better today.

  25. That was an interesting analysis to read, Erica :-)

    I don't have any experiences of canes, so I have very curious to read this!


  26. Though I have a few wood canes I certainly don't favor them. I much prefer the carbon fiber cane (as you described above) which is wicked, thinner than a pencil and utterly unbreakable. I also love my rubber cane, which is pencil thin, whippy and very stingy.

    Of course I also love my THICK canes like my bamboo cane often referred to by others as the "telephone pole". I prefer the name "Canemore" because it's a cane...and more (duh).

  27. Maria -- glad I could be somewhat enlightening! :-)

    Craig -- far as I'm concerned, that broom handle you call an implement should be called "Caneless." :-Þ

  28. I saw an extreme Spanking Tube vide last year where a girl had already been spanked hard enough that she had to sit on a pillow prior to another segment with a caning. The girl's bottom was already red and pretty much covered with bruises. She instructed the caner to "completely" line over her whole bottom. When he was close to drawing blood he warned her but she didn't care. The cane did break skin in more than one spot.

  29. Yeowza! I guess some people can just take a lot. I think that is going just way too far even it they want it. I think light and pink is good enough. Well, maybe a bit on the red side is ok, too, but without bruising or breaking the skin. I think that should be THE limit. No bruising or breaking of the skin. Period.

    I did see one picture of a lady with her back looking like it had gone though a meat grinder. Not a cane, but a whip. to me that was just beyond over the top. It is like being in the dark ages. Maybe that is where she wanted to be at that moment. I sort of get TTWD, but not the brutal stuff.

  30. Kelly, Bobbie Jo -- different people need to go to different places, I guess. I actually don't mind some bruising... but I cannot wrap my head around broken skin. Ever.

  31. For me , it seems that the cane is to easy to go from discipline / erotic to abuse . I dont use one and dont want to. I know there are those who like/prefer it and to each his own . I am simply stating MY feelings . Any time it goes to the point of bruising , marking etc: it loses me . Pink is one thing , marking , bruising , broken skin is another .

  32. Alan -- just to play devil's advocate for a moment... your first sentence could be said about ANY implement, if you think about it. Any paddle, strap, etc. has the potential to inflict damage if the user is harsh with it. So, my point was, if the cane does nasty things, fear the caner, not the implement itself.

  33. Well said, Erica! As I have said, I have seen the cane used and the person's bottom was pink with maybe a mark or so, but no bruising and no skin was broken. Then there are the ones who use a whip that does not cause much damage, just a welt or so, but no breaking of the skin, though a whip can really cause a lot of damage. I have seen the results of a paddle and just a rather nice pink/reddish bottom and also heavy bruising to the point the muscle was also bruised. So what is used can be stingy and turn you a nice pink or a bit on the red side or it can do damage. I think there are some tops out there who just like to be brutal. Not my forte. That is not play. I don't know what to call it, but it is not playing. Play to me is something that is fun for both and maybe a bit on the sensual side. Then when there are two people who love each other, it can get into the erotic fun and play.

    Anyway, just know who your top is, if you can trust that person, and set the limits. Then have some fun.

  34. "" Any paddle, strap, etc. has the potential to inflict damage if the user is harsh with it. So, my point was, if the cane does nasty things, fear the caner, not the implement itself. ""

    This is true , my point is i feel its easier to get there with a cane than a strap , easier to go "to far" and u are correct , its the user that one needs to beware of !

  35. I'm a cane virgin, but after reading all this, I admit I'm curious. Guess I'll have to find one somewhere and convince Ron to try it. Trouble is, he's never used one on anyone, and I doubt he'd read a blog post on correct caning technique. (I'm the manual/instruction reader in our house.) Oh, well, it might be fun.


  36. Alan -- I think you're right about that part, which is probably why I advocate being judicious in selecting one's cane-wielder.

    Hermione -- I'm sure if anything, Ron would err on the side of caution. It's definitely a different feeling and worth a try if you're curious.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Congrats on being Chrossed for this! The man has great taste in blogs.

  39. This is a very interesting topic, Erica, and I would like to throw in a few thoughts. I hope you don't mind longer comments, but I would like to make sure that no one gets me wrong because this is a rather complex and quite emotional topic.

    I've got a special relationship with the cane. It fascinated me right from the beginning because of its elegance, the beautiful marks it can produce and its reputation. I tried it right in my first play with my then friend and now beloved partner Ludwig. I had met him through his Blog Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast (“Ludwig's caning palace” in English, you can easily guess what his favourite implement is). From his writing, the free video clips I had seen and our correspondence I knew very quickly that Ludwig was the one I trusted to introduce me into the world of erotic spanking. And that despite of the knowledge that Ludwig enjoys severe canings as well, like the ones from Lupus. Our first play, however, was of course not about severity. We had a wonderful ceremony including candles, torches, a tea ceremony and a trust fall into Ludwig's arms. Ludwig started with a hand spanking, then came a plastic paddle and finally the cane. Having never been spanked before I was afraid that I couldn't take it and would let him down. But Ludwig made it very clear to me that trying a spanking for real was very brave, that I could stop the scene any time and that he would never be disappointed. For him the whole scene was more about me than about him, anyway, even though he enjoyed the idea of introducing someone into the world of spanking very much. Ludwig gave me as much time as I wanted and needed between the different implements. He always started with light smacks and then increased the intensity. So, I was warmed up nicely when we started the caning. I was very nervous, nonetheless, and then quite surprised because it didn't hurt as much as I had expected. After a few lighter strokes Ludwig finished my initiation ceremony with several medium severe strokes. I got 25 cane strokes in total that day. It was a wonderful first experience, despite some heavier bruising, the worst of it being from the paddle, by the way. We just posted a free clip as a Christmas present for our blog readers using the scenario from our first play but with a hand spanking only. Ludwig is a movie buff and I enjoy the creative work with him which, as you can see here, if you like, is much more important to us than pure severity.

    Today most of our play as a couple ranges from rather soft to medium severe. Because even someone like Ludwig who enjoys more severe play as well, only wants to do rather severe scenes which might cause a higher degree of bruising on very rare and special occasions, for example for a special film clip. Ludwig is even more cautious than I am in our private play. But still he is into more severe spankings and especially spanking films as well, and I would like to add a few words about that because I've read some comments with which I can't agree.
    [To be continued...]

  40. [Continued]
    First of all, for all those who condemn severe canings because they're not into it, please don't mix up personal preferences with moral judgements. Severe canings are safe and sane spanking play like any other form, as long as they happen between consenting adults and as long as the top is experienced and accurate enough to avoid accidental damages caused by mishits. Some people might not like it, some might even find it disgusting, but that doesn't mean that it is morally objectionable. For Ludwig and me there is a moral line where permanent damage is caused. Which isn't true for spankings like the ones shown in the Lupus films. The canes used in Singapore for real judicial punishments can produce scars, but they are much heavier than the ones used in the more severe spanking movies.

    Ludwig has received at least one much more severe spanking than the ones shown in the Lupus films (because he wanted a first hand experience of how it feels like) including broken skin which left no permanent marks. I accompanied him to a film shoot with Lupus (Ludwig was a guest top) and have met several models who shot with them. None of them has permanent marks, either.

    But I wanted a first hand experience myself because I still felt uncomfortable with the films. Vocal reactions from bottoms scare me, I'm easily scared by darker storylines and I had no idea how the models really felt during such a scene. I wanted to develop an informed opinion based on experience not on movie preferences and gut feeling. So a bit more than one year ago I asked Ludwig to give me a fifty strokes full-arm caning like the ones in the films (delivered in two sets of 25 strokes) and recorded not only the caning but also my thoughts before, during and after it. I knew that I was in safe hands because Ludwig is amazingly accurate with the cane. The strokes were on the bottom only, not even on the back of my legs because I've got a very weak skin there, so this is a hard limit for me. All I can say is that it hurt very much and that I don't like cold severe canings (starting lighter and increasing the intensity is much better). I even started to hyperventilate at one point because I didn't really know how to deal with the pain. But, as soon as the caning was over, I felt okay. I even found the scene partially erotic afterwards because it fitted into what I call my “heroine” fantasies. Thanks to a good aftercare (disinfectant, icepacks and arnica ointment) most of the marks were gone after only about two weeks. The rest of them (a slightly different colour of the skin) lasted for about some time between four and six months. In conclusion, I can understand everyone who isn't into severe spankings and broken skin, but please don't mix up taste with moral issues.

    I hope you don't mind my long comment, Erica! Thank you for bringing up that interesting topic. :-)

  41. Sorry for the deleted comment, I had problems with blogger and my browser, so accidentally the second part of my comment was posted first. That's why I deleted it and posted both parts again, this time in the correct order...

  42. Kaelah -- first of all, welcome. Second, your posts got printed out of order, and I'm sorry about that. But most important... thank you for taking the time to write this, and to do so with such intelligence and reason. You're right, it's a very emotional topic, and the comments could have erupted into a firestorm if people posted from emotion.

    I admit to personal squeamishness about extreme play, but my intent in this blog was not to focus on that, but simply to present a view of the cane as an implement that has great potential for intense play as well as its standard reputation for severe punishment.

    Again, thank you for presenting your view so thoughtfully. I appreciate it greatly!

    Hermione -- yes indeed, he does, as you got Chrossed as well! :-)

  43. Kaelah -- oops... never mind. I see you fixed the comment order while I was writing about the comments being out of order! :-D

    No worries about the length, by the way. All good.

  44. WOW! Congratulations on being CHROSSED ERICA!

  45. Zelle -- thanks, sweetie! Wow... I had no idea this post was going to take off like it did!

  46. Thank you Erica, I'm very glad that you didn't mind my two long posts! I saw that you focused on the different ways in which a cane can be used and on the different possible experiences. That's why I wrote about my own first experience with the cane first.

    And it's great that your readers don't react as emotionally as I've seen elsewhere (“People who enjoy spankings which are more severe than the ones I enjoy are sick...”). I only wanted to add a few words about the topic of severity because I was afraid that some of the comments which I had read might make readers who don't have any personal experience with the cane think that more severe canings lead to permanent damages. I was scared by pictures and films of severe spankings for a long time and I'm still not really a fan of most of the severe clips. But I can deal much better with them since I know now that even a severe caning is bearable and that no permanent harm is done.

    What I really enjoy, though, is a caning that starts out lighter (or after a proper warm-up) and gets more severe over time. After a good warm-up and with the right scenario the cane can indeed feel rather nice (maybe challenging, but still nice)! :-)

  47. I can understand that touching your toes is a hard no-go area for you. Because of the stretch and the inability to wriggle I find it hurts my back more, but its a classic position, particularly in a schoolgirl scenario. My only no-go position is on my back with the legs stretched over my head. Nearly every stroke lands on the thighs.
    Here in England a lot of girls have weak spots. At a recent spanking party nearly all the girls had them. Someone said they they were too brave for their own good, how true. That's why I hardly do any parties!
    As other comments say, however you like the cane, being warmed up is a must. That applies to amateurs and pro's alike.
    Hermione, just take it really gently to start with, holding one of his testicles between thumb and forefinger, is a great regulator! Only joking!

  48. i love fun caning my 'S', but fun caning it is. Never bare bottom, just skin tight thin jeans, stretched to bursting point. Pencil thin cane, used with wristy flicks, and used to cover the full expanse of S's ample bottom, with the more telling swishes landing on her skin fold and overhang, which have the added benefit of a sitting problem later. Some of her canings are quite lengthy, but if she can find a clear stripe on her lovely bottom 24 hours later, she picks up the cane for use on my bare bottom D.