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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A new adventure

I've been sitting on some news for a while, but didn't want to post about it until I was absolutely, positively sure it was going to happen. (I've gotten burned on that before, blathering on and on about something and then having it fall through -- depressing and embarrassing!) But now I know it's for real... so here goes!

Some of you may know, or have heard of Paul "Tubaman" Rogers. (Yes, he was a professional classical tuba player in his youth.) He has been in the spanking scene for many years and hosts the Texas All-State and Bottoms Up parties in Dallas. I had known of him for a long time, and finally got to meet him in person at the last Shadow Lane party. Very sweet guy, and he wrote a lovely letter to me after the party.

He's recently retired, and has immersed himself in the video scene. Having written several books (about 800 pages in all) of spanking material in an instructional vein, he decided to make a video project out of it, gathering experienced and new models to participate, and traveling all over the country, or flying models to him. He even has one of the UK models coming over to work with him. He works closely with Sarah Gregory, as they are play partners and dear friends. The ultimate intention is to amass as much footage as possible, covering the encyclopedia of spanking, and then open some web sites to showcase the material.

A couple of months ago, he wrote to me and asked if I'd like to be involved.

We exchanged several lengthy emails and discussed details. Because he is covering so many different aspects and angles, I basically had my choice of whatever struck my fancy. He sent me a loooooooong list of topics and suggested I choose ten of them, which I did. This is flexible and we may do other things, but it's a starting point.

He is flying me to Connecticut, where we will be staying in a house owned by a friend of his and Sarah's. I will have my own bedroom -- he said if that wasn't OK, he'd put me up in a hotel, but I declined that offer. I'd rather be where the action is, anyway. I crave space and privacy, but as long as I have my own room, then that's handled.

Paul will cover all my expenses and pay me for the shoots as well. He is making me feel like a celebrity -- even offered to fly me out early so he could take me to a show. I asked if I might have access to a computer so that I could keep up with things while I'm there, and he offered to buy me a laptop. (I declined that too, but wow... wasn't that nice??) He has been so complimentary as well, saying how thrilled he is that I'm going to be involved and that I'm bringing "star power" to his project.


This has my head spinning, in a good way. And considering that my ego and feelings took a bruising recently (for reasons I will not go into here), Paul's kind words and offers have lifted my spirits greatly.

It's nice to be wanted. :-)

When Paul first contacted me about this, I was in the throes of dealing with John's illness and I didn't see how I could possibly do it. But he assured me that he was booked up until after the first of the year, and I figured (hoped) that I'd be less conflicted by then. John is stable, if still itchy, so I feel OK about leaving for a few days.

So... it's official, because I have the plane reservation in my hot little hands. I fly out on Sunday, January 23, and come back home Thursday. Connecticut in January! And I'm a California girl... I'm gonna freeze! LOL... oh well, I reckon I won't be spending all that much time outdoors. And at least one part of me will be warm.

I'll have to miss one Monday with New Guy... wish I could take him with me and get him involved in the shoots too! But one can't have everything.

Now begins the panic of planning... what do I need to pack? How many outfits can I cram into one suitcase? Make those lists! Don't forget anything! Book the shuttle to the airport! Cancel the newspaper! Hold the mail! Twenty million details!

(Can you tell that I almost never travel? I'm so unworldly about some things, I swear.)

Anyway... more details as I get them, but I am really excited. And SO pleased to be shooting once again. Every time I think my time in front of the camera is over, I discover there are people who still want to see me there.

Speaking of which, I got a holiday gift from the wonderful Lucy and Paul from Northern Spanking, with a note thanking me for working with them. Have I mentioned lately how much I adore these people??

That's enough blathering for now. Stay tuned! :-D


  1. BRAVA BELLA! (as they say in the theee-ahh-ter!)

    You so deserve this opportunity more than anyone in the scene that I know! (yes,..I DO know a few! I'm not THAT isolated!) LOL

    I'll be the first one to buy a DVD... or at least close! (grins)

    oooooooohhhh I can't wait to see what you all come up with!!

    Congrats ERICA! ♥

  2. OMG my Erica how EXCITING i am VERY happy for you this is AWESOME news YAY. i have an idea, the next state after Connecticut is Rhode Island is there anyway you can come visit me, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. one of my dreams is to meet you i been so sick lately and my life has been so messed up that if i met you i would never ask for anything more. i could even give you your gifts in person how cool is that and we could have pics taken together. I LOVE YOU BIG HUGS from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  3. Zelle -- thank you, sweetie! (beaming) You're such a wonderful supportive friend.

    Jade -- honey, we can talk about this more in email, but that won't be possible...I'm going to be busy every minute that I'm there and then I'm scheduled to fly back home when we're done. Please know I would do it if I could, OK?

  4. Tubaman has chosen well! In fact, if Professor E. Scott had NOT been involved in the creation of a Spankopedia, there would have been much amiss!

    Congratulations to all involved, and I, too, will look forward to the, er, end results!!

  5. Congratulations, Erica! It is quite an accomplishment to be included in any sort of reference material, kinky or no. :)

    Sorry to hear about the ego blow that shall not be mentioned, but it's funny how things seem to have a way of balancing.

    Can't wait to hear more details!

  6. Dave -- did you know there really is a spanking version of Wikipedia? :-D It's at

    pink -- thanks! :-) I agree about life's balances.

  7. Erica, that is so freaking cool! I can't imagine a better person to help teach people about spanking. I'm really happy for you.

    BTW, forget the laptop, get a winter coat instead.

    And I'll definitely buy the DVD!

    Big congratulatory hugs,

  8. Way to go, Erica! Such a fun adventure to look forward to. I think it'll will be one hell of a laughfest when you girls gang up on him. The poor man WILL have his hands full with you lovely smart allecks. :)

  9. Erica,

    That is just fabulous that you are going to be in that endevor with Paul. I don't know Paul, but the way you describe him, he sounds like a great guy. I am happy for you getting this opportunity adn maybe this will help balance out the other not so good experience and give you the recoginition you deserve. Have a great time. Well, I know you will. :-D

  10. Erica, I spent many a January in my (almost) native Connecticut, and now as a true blue Californian of some 30 years, all I can say is....bundle up, girl! It is likely to be shockingly cold to you. But then again, you WILL be spending almost all your time indoors. Congratulations to you on this very nice recognition and compliment--it's always nice to be wanted, and all of us who are your fans will await the outcome, and your full report on same. Happy travels--and since the airlines don't provide them anymore (along with everything else), you might want to bring a travel pillow along for that sore bottom on the way home!

  11. Bonnie -- I know, right? I have a London Fog (or London Fog-esque) long coat, but it's not lined. Oy...

    Kelly -- it will be fun indeed! I don't know at this point who-all is going to be involved during the time I'm there (aside from Paul and Sarah), but I hear people will be coming in and out. Paul will need his Wheaties. :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- Paul is a sweet man. I do believe I'll be in very good hands! I haven't traveled for a shoot since 2005, so this is SO exciting for me.

    Anonymous -- thank you! I'll certainly consider that pillow. :-)

  12. Bonnie-jo -- thank you so much!

    We have a Bonnie, a Bonnie-jo and a Bobbie Jo. Now we just need Billie Jo and Betty Jo and we have our own Petticoat Junction. :-D (yes, I'm dating myself with that reference)

  13. "It is run by Kate, come and be her guest at the Junction. And that's Uncle Joe, he's a movin' kinda slow at the Junction."

    Nah, you're not dating youself too much, Erica. Heck, I could give a list of stuff that I remember and, well, we won't go there right now. LOL

    Have a fantastic time and I am so happy you get to go and have a lot of fun. Remember the pillow Anon mentioned. I think it will come in handy. :-)

  14. Yay Sweetie!! I'm so excited to hear about this! You and I have lost touch a lot in the past months. I wish I had kept better tabs on you, but you are one of the few who knows what my life is really like. Congratulations! I hope you have the time of your life. Love and hugs, Juju

  15. Juju -- Hi honey! I do know what your life has been like, so please don't worry about not keeping tabs. I'm not going anywhere (well, beside CT for a few days), so we'll catch up. :-) Thanks!

  16. Wow Erica, how cool is that. Fantastic news. Congratulations.


  17. I'm writing from Connecticut. We're sitting under two feet of snow and it's freezing around here. Bring really warm wool socks. Get some of those black Arctic weight thermo long Johns. Personally, I am dreaming of warm climates. But work and family keep me here. From your posting, I am guessing that you'll be down in the Greenwich area. Try to get into NYC for the restaurant scene at least one night.

  18. As another Connecticut native, please do keep us updated (maybe there is something in Connecticut water that makes us all spankos). I have often thought someone should do a documentary history on our scene. As an aside, I know few pre-1950s films remain in existance, and I have seen very little on that era, but I know they existed. Ed Lee began writing his memoirs, but I do not know what he decided to do. Yet, while there were some Irving Klaw stuff in the 1950s, it will be interesting what existed pre-Irving Klaw and pre-Ed Lee. Ironically, in that era, it was more predominante in the mainstream films. I do not know where this Paul is taking things, and I know I am rambling with those brain storming thoughts, yet I throw them out for people to consider.

    Good luck to you and the project.

  19. Sounds like fun. We will be looking for the release.

  20. Good Luck Erica on your new endeavor with Paul. Sounds like an exciting adventure for you. Let us know how you are progressing along those lines. Especiallly the movies, you might appear in. Six of the best to you, and I mean the very best to you, on your ever voloptous bare bottom.

  21. Fantastic news! You must be THRILLED!

  22. Star power - you haz it!

    Congratulations, Erica. That sounds fantastic!

    Make sure your bed has flannel sheets too.


  23. Kewl , All i can say is , Make sure and put ur best side forward !! ROFLMAO !

  24. good on you girl.

    paul sounds like a gem.

    i wouldn't worry too much about the cold. it just may be mild that week. boots, socks, warm slacks, shirt, sweater, jacket and cap should do you fine.

    tues.-thurs. doesn't leave much time for a show. i can save paul some money here and setup passes for everyone at the nearest showcase cinema. i'm guessing wed. evening. i just make a simple phone call and you go to the courtesy desk and tell them how many you're bringing in.

    good luck and have lots of fun.



  25. Ronnie -- thanks! And can I call you Ronnie-jo? :-)

    Anonymous -- Oy... thermals and wool socks? I'm shooting in dresses, shorts and lingerie. I'm doomed. :-)

    Paul -- I am practicing the utmost in restraint to keep from commenting about Ed Lee. :-) This isn't really a documentary-type thing... It's more of a spanking compendium, I think, covering all the different variations within the genre.

    OBB -- thank you!

    six -- I will certainly keep y'all posted with details as I get them; thanks!

    Craig -- oh, you KNOW it. Can't go to BBW or FM, so this is my big adventure until Shadow Lane. I can't wait!

    Hermione-jo -- (snicker) I haz? thanx!

    Alan -- I plan to. :-)

    ddon -- that's a very sweet offer, but you know, movies and shows will be the farthest thing from my mind. When I'm shooting, I'm quite consumed with it and when I have down time, I just want to crash and decompress.

  26. That is so exciting and well deserved- you are wonderful and they are lucky to have you.

  27. Poppy -- ah, you're so sweet. :-)

  28. Erica have a great time on your adventure.
    I wish you lots of Mazel Tov!


  29. Paul and Sarah are the classiest people and you need to make sure you are protective of their reputations. Do you really think it was necessary to portray this wonderful gentleman as a rich guy who gives strangers expenaive gifts? I mean you could have told your "happy tail" without the stoopid tally of the list of cash outlays. You made yourself look mercenary and money grubbing disguised as gratitude and u made him look like a guy who spends money like a drunken sailor and must be so old that he has to BUY his female companions. Which is untrue. Id advise you to act a little classy and respectful of private offers people make or you may shortly find that you dont receive any more.
    You broadcasting your giddy jigallo bragging will likely make you a one trip girl so enjoy every frigid moment. If life offers u a second chance be mindful of the reputation of benefactorz instead of your own insecurities. Its not cute. Its not helping Paul or his real friends. Mostly its just not very wise. Take this entire matter off he internet today for a start on life as a classy woman.

    With the best interest of all at heart
    ms tery of the midwest

  30. Well... I am deeply chagrined that you got these negative impressions from what I wrote. I definitely didn't intend them.

    My gratitude is quite real. When someone is kind to me, I appreciate it sincerely. Paul is a lovely man with a huge heart and I don't take his friendship or our video collaboration for granted.

    For what it's worth, he had completely approved this post back when I wrote it. Had he not, I would have taken it down.

  31. As much as I appreciate the protectiveness of ms tery of the midwest, I do want to state that not only did Erica show genuine surprise at my offer, she turned me down cold several times. Not a really good mercenary.

    I had the privilege of meeting Ms. Scott in person, so I know firsthand what a kind and truly real person she is. When bad times befell me, and some in the Scene pounced as if waiting for something like that to happen, she was one of the first, outside of my closest friends, who expressed the sweetest kindness and support.

    She is a delight both as a person and as a model, professional, yet friendly and completely and utterly without pretense. I look forward to future shoots and visits.

    I know that some of my friends, who've seen the damage firsthand, are overly protective, and I am grateful, but Erica did nothing whatsoever that resulted in anything from me except laughter.