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Friday, January 21, 2011

Miscellaneous pre-trip meanderings

Checklist: Mail and newspaper put on hold? Check. Pedicure? Check. Bangs trimmed so they're no longer in my eyes? Check Plus (now they're too short... arrgggh). Boots and shoes polished? Check. Travel sizes of toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, etc.? Check. Shuttle to airport booked? Check.

Heading for John's tonight as per usual, but will come home tomorrow after lunch. Then it's packing time, and hoping I don't forget anything. Going to bed early, as I have to get up at 2:00 a.m on Sunday. The shuttle is picking me up at 3:30. Ugh. I'm scheduled to arrive that afternoon at 4:45, and nothing is planned for Sunday evening except getting me settled in. So I should be fine for Monday.

John seems to be doing a little bit better. He's seeing a dermatologist today, but who knows if he'll get any satisfaction. He thinks the itching is slowly, slowly fading -- we're hoping it's not wishful thinking.

I went round and round about what to bring re. warm clothing. I even went to an outdoors/sports store to check out thermal underwear, but was shocked at the prices. For one set, top and bottoms, I would have to spend between $70-$100. For something I'll never wear again?? Forget it! I bought a pair of liner gloves instead, which I'll wear under the mittens I already have. At least my hands will be warm. Lots of socks. And sweaters to wear under my unlined trench coat. Oh, and a hat, even though it's going to give me hat hair. I checked the CT forecast for Sunday -- sunny with a high of 16 degrees. How the hell can it be 16 degrees and still sunny?? Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about landing conditions.

I really hate doing this, but I think I'm going to turn on the comment moderation function just before I leave. I don't know when or how often I'll get to check in online, and I don't want to take any chances. Please know it's just temporary and it will be shut off as soon as I come home!

What else... guess I'm feeling a bit restless and prickly. On FetLife, I began a rather controversial thread in one of the forums, and I knew the Morality Police wouldn't let me down. I was (or I thought I was) fully prepared to bear up to any comments that were judgmental and narrow-minded -- I figured I'd ignore those and comment on the ones that were intelligent and thoughtful. But one woman, who is a well-known malcontent, swooped in and posted not one but two looooooong, preachy, holier-than-thou lectures. After the second one, I lost it and commented: "How does it feel to be so effing perfect that you can lecture other people about their lives?"

Ooops. My bad. I swore I wouldn't get personal with anyone and that I'd hold my cyber-tongue. Oh well. Guess I need some discipline. Big surprise there. :-D  Of course, she had to have the last word. I let her. She went on and on and on about HER truth, HER life, HER experiences (and yes, she used a lot of CAPS) and how she valued honesty and speaking her mind over being liked. Well, at least she has her priorities. :-Þ

I love you guys. I do. I know such wonderful, smart, sensitive and open-minded people. But you know, sometimes, it really boggles my mind, the level of suckage that some people achieve. Bless them... they help us recognize and appreciate the good folks even more.

And on that pearl of wisdom (rolling eyes), I will shut up. Have a great weekend, y'all. Wish me luck. Catch up with you soon!


  1. True words, Erica. I have a hard time holding my tongue in situations like that (well, actually kind of always) so I completely understand.

    Have a great trip. I know it's hard to believe it can be 16 and sunny. I moved to Denver from LA in May, so it boggled my mind too. It's possible!


  2. Although I'm a member of Fetlife, I rarely check in there. I've never been involved with any of the discussion threads--don't know why. I also don't know why I'm surprised that the morality police are at work there as well as on other, more private, web forums.

    Now, I'm mightily curious about your controversial topic. Which forum? What was the topic? I'm sorry that the morality police reacted so strongly to what you had to say. The last time I checked, we still had freedom of speech (which goes along with freedom of thought).

  3. Libby -- Denver, brrrrrrr! That had to be a shock to the system!

    Dana -- it was in the forum Ask a Female Questions. I had observed that there was an abundance of topics regarding lying and cheating (and a lot of judgments being thrown around). So I asked if perhaps, just maybe, those terms are used too hastily and with too broad a brush, instead of considering each individual situation?

  4. Happy mini vacation, Erica.

    As crazy as this sounds, here in Pittsburgh, we've had a hellaciously bitter cold winter which I HATE! But with lows of 6-7 degrees, 16 feels actually decent as long as the EM'Effing wind isn't kicking up a storm! :)

    Now SURELY Paul isn't going to punish you brats by making you take a snowy walk to the woodshed, right? If not then you'll hardly notice the weather.

    As for the malcontent, maybe she'll bore herself if nobody acknowledges her preachings any more. I'm not a member there but YES, the idea is open mindedness, to each his own, etc. What works for her isn't one size fits all so you said what others may have been thinking.

  5. Kelly -- here is the updated temps for the days I'll bet there: 21, 21, 13, 23, 31 and 35. No snow in the forecast except for Wednesday.

    You know, I've been told that I'm a pleasure to shoot with (yes, really!), but if Paul tries to make me go outside for anything shoot-oriented, I'm pulling the diva card! :-)

  6. WOW ERICA! ONLY 16 degrees?? Must be a heat wave up there! Hope it doesn't warm up much more... you need that snow for your snow angel! I heard it was snowing today! Just think.. nice fresh powder to wave those hands and legs up and down and back and forth.. and OMG.. Paul will take such wonderful pics of you doing that I'm sure!


  7. Zelle -- I repeat, again and again and again: NO @#$%ING SNOW ANGELS! (laughing) You tryin' to kill me?? Still don't know how you did it...

  8. I wonder if PAUL reads your blog??? hmmmmmmm???

    How'd I do it?? Well.. I was hand spanked for a long time.. and then.. several different wooden paddles landed upmteen times.. then the straps came out four or five different types ..and then I was begging for SNOW! LOL


  9. Hello my Erica that lady on fetlife should shut her mouth tell her to go suck an egg hehehe i have trouble holding my tongue as well. i need some strict discipline as well i been a naughty girl. i will make a snow angel for you hehehe it will be so much fun. i hope John gets rid of the itching for good itching sucks. i wish you luck but you may not need it you do EXCELLENT work, wishing you a safe trip i wish i could be in the clip with you that would be so COOL, i can't wait to hear about your trip. I LOVE YOU BIG HUGS FROM YOUR NAUGHTY GIRL JADE XOXO

  10. Jade -- I will take all the good-luck wishes I can get! :-) Thanks, sweetie.

  11. Good luck, Erica!
    I think maybe if it gets too cold, then it's always sunny, cause there is no moisture that can possible get warm enought to evaporate...anyway...
    I think your comment on Fetlife was awesome. And really, if she had a problem, you could have repeated her words back at her. :)

  12. Bonnie-jo -- being a native California who almost never goes anywhere, I am woefully unsophisticated about travel savvy (and knowing the particulars of weather). I have a feeling I'm going to get a rapid education shortly! :-D

  13. Erica,

    16deg is rather balmy compared to -20! I was in that kind of weather in Kentucky once and had to walk outside to the building where the dining room was. Brrr! The next morning I noticed it had warmed up a bit. It was only -10!

    I am a native Californian, too, and once in a while it does get cold where I live. One year we had 0deg wind chill and we have been having 20deg weather, too. It was nice today.

    Have a great trip and if your bum gets too warm, well, you can always go out and... yeah, I know. You just ain't gonna do that! ^_^

  14. Have a great trip! Sorry to hear about your Fetlife experience there... fuggetaboutit!

  15. Of course we wish you luck and wish you well! Safe travels! Have fun! Get attention and of course, ham it up!!!!

  16. Enjoy, travel safely...and re seems that the lady in question do not quite understand that it is one thing to have an opinion, it is another to be opinionated...



  17. It's usually sunny here when it's bitterly cold. Then when the clouds come, it snows and warms up.

    Oh yes, did anyone explain wind chill to you? The temp may be 16, but the wind could make it feel like 3.

    Have a lovely time, and make sure you insist on a warmup spanking every time you start to feel cold.


  18. In re the Fetlife woman who knows it all, permit me to share two non original thoughts.

    There are two significant dates in each person’s life. The date of one’s arrival, and the date of one’s departure.

    Between those dates lies an actual lifetime. A life of joy, laughter, fear, sorrow, adventure, boredom, excitement, anxiety, reward, pain, growth, bravery, cowardice, everything... the full range of experiences and emotion.

    With the first date, the potential begins. With the last date, the reality ends.

    Official documents describe our lives in symbols and numbers:

    J. Doe 1955 - 2004

    In between, separating those two important dates, is that little dash. And that
    dash IS your life! Enjoy it!

    and less well known..

    "The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so
    certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts." --Bertrand

  19. Remember the words of the wise prophet my dear when someone wants to rant lie that .

    " opinions are like asses , we all have one , some are bigger than others, but most of the time , ............there fulla shit !

    Have a great time and keep the round side toasty warm ! :-D

  20. Dig out your old school leg warmers! A pair of tights under your slacks help a well. best advice i can give you, dress in layers.
    Have fun and I will be thinking of you.

    So close and yet so far.....

  21. Bobbie Jo -- you know what? I've decided. I'm just not going outside. Period. :-)

    Weave -- thanks! Yeah, she's not worth my aggravation.

    Craig -- ham it up, ME? ;-)

    Raven -- amen to that!

    Hermione -- I do know about wind chill. I'm hoping it won't be windy!

    OBB -- very true words, and thank you.

    Alan -- I will do my best! :-)

    Poppa -- you know, I never wore leg warmers. Not even in the 80s. :-)

    ddon -- thanks. :-)

  22. It's all about layers and unattractive socks. I hate that I spend half the year in thick, man socks, but if my feet are warm and happy then I'm satisfied.

    I read the thread you talked about. While I understand her point, there is a huge difference in sharing how she lives her life and the judgmental way she thinks others should live, too. Which was the whole point of your post, I think, so she is a perfect example of one painting the broad brush strokes that you asked about.

    Paraphrasing, "living without sex isn't the end of the world" HER. But to others, such as myself, it absolutely would be the end of the world as I know it since sex & kink play an integral part of who I am.

    Anyway, I should post this over on FL, but I'm not super active over there. And I'm shy. :P

    Hope you have much success & safe travels, Erica!


  23. Have oodles and oodles of fun and be good.

    Ha, ha, ha. Just my little joke.

    And do you know what? Some people on the internet are bonkers. Proper bat poo crazy. (Blame Dev for the "poo" rather than the other word.) I think there may be a life lesson in there for us to learn but I don't want to.

  24. pink -- she does have her points, absolutely. But her way of expressing them sucks. :-) Anyway... I have arrived! And yes, it's freezing!

    Poppy -- Bat poo it is, then. I know what you meant. ;-)

  25. YAY FOR MY ERICA :-) you arrived safe and sound just remember your just 1 state away from me and your in my thoughts i am all smiles knowing that your so close if you do get done shooting early and want to visit me PLEASE let me know i will totally faint from excitement hehehe, i know it's freezing i deal with the stupid cold all the time it sucks i want spring, how do you like the new time zone? well for a few days we both will have the same time YAY, LOVE YOU BIG HUGS from your naughty girl Jade XOXO

  26. Erica! I hope you have a wonderful time. Make sure to maintain the shy, soft-spoken, submissive and respectful demeanor for which you are known and loved worldwide.

    Oh, I think I goofed, this is a different blog. Oops!

    I meant to say, give em hell and get spanked for it! Love ya lots!

  27. Ha! It was minus nine on my dashboard thermometer yesterday morning here in Connecticut. And we've got another snow storm forecast. This is why Eskimos aren't into spanking.

    In any event, wishing you safe travels. Hope you'll return to us sometime in the summer. We are a really lovely region in the summer.
    -Jack in CT

  28. Jade -- yup, I made it! I didn't even think about the time zone; that's right, we're on the same one now. :-)

    Danny -- your comments weren't showing up 'cause I turned comment moderation on. :-) Yes, my dear, you most certainly have the wrong blog! Love you too.

    Jack -- well, that's why I'm staying inside; haven't left this house since I arrived! :-D