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Monday, January 10, 2011

Thoughts on the Cane, Part 2

So after that extensive discussion on the cane last week (and thank you all for the wonderful feedback), guess what New Guy brought with him this evening??

I suppose I should have seen that coming.

I was in trouble from the outset, tonight. Do any of you who play often notice that sometimes, for reasons unknown, your tolerance is through the roof and other times, it's practically nonexistent? Tonight was the latter, for me. Everything hurt hurt HURT; things he uses every week that I can usually absorb. Even his hand hurt. Oh yeah, I was screwed. Because I still couldn't stop sassing him.

But really, how could I not? I mean, again with the damn questions! "Just once," I snapped, "just once I'd love to hear you ask a question where you don't already know the answer!" He didn't approve of that remark. How did I know that? Guess.

I had to fight hard not to scream, and I kicked so fiercely, he accidentally clouted my foot with something. "That'll teach you to keep your feet down!" he said. Ow. He was right about that. It is my humble opinion that bastinado sucks all to hell.

He had two canes -- a thin whippy one and a thicker bamboo one. UGH! I hated that effing bamboo one -- it felt like being hit with a broom handle! Of course, he probably wouldn't have used that one... except I broke the thinner one. :-D  Tsk tsk.

Stupid me, I'd told him I had a cane as well, so he made me go fetch it out of the closet. After plenty of strap and tawse, that is. After my bum was so on fire, I thought I'd set off the smoke alarm.

My finale was 20 cane strokes. I was just about ready to lose it, and I begged him after stroke three, "Please, not so fast, please..." I guess some would say that's topping from the bottom. Well, screw them. Let them take the damn caning and see how they feel about it. Anyway, good and compassionate top that New Guy is, he did slow down a bit, so I could catch my breath in between. Did I want him to slow down? Yes. Did I want him to stop? No.

Stroke 16 was low -- I think I must have said something or another that was sassy, I don't remember. I smashed my face into the pillow and screamed. Then came stroke 17... and I heard him laugh. "Well, you broke this one too."

(No worries. It's just what's called tramlines... and two hours later, they've faded. No blood.)

I'd broken two canes in one session. I've never done that before. But I didn't get to crow about it just yet. He gave me the final three cuts with that godawful bamboo cane (the only cane left!) and I started to cry.

The good kind of crying, though. The releasing kind. Oh, it hurt... but clearly, I needed the tears, even though I hadn't known it. But he knew.

Don't you worry about me. Shortly thereafter, once I'd calmed down, then it was time to crow.

In fact, I was downright hysterical.

Of course, the night was still fairly young, and we had time afterward to relax a bit. He sat on the couch and I curled up on my side and put my head in his lap. Nice, right? Cozy? But he couldn't leave well enough alone. Kept reaching out and idly swatting the one cheek he could reach. When I protested, he said, "Oh, does it hurt when I do that?"

I replied by smacking him up the back of his head and repeating, "Does it hurt when I do that?"

Round Two. So unfair.

Then he kept poking his finger onto the one low cane stripe. I responded by poking my finger into his stomach. He didn't like that, either. Sheesh! He started it!

I really don't know why I'm so damn fond of this man. But I am. For many reasons... not the least being that he's a very good sport. :-)

This session ought to hold me for a while. At least a couple of days...


  1. Okay.. lets just say that Momma didn't raise no fool here.. so I'm making a mental note to never write a word on my blog about canes! (My Top comes by in stealth mode and damned if that sucker doesn't read.. imagine that???) - maybe I should write one in Spanish just to throw him off? LOL

    Allow me to just say.. that your dynamic with NG is just rapidly turning me into a major voyeur... It's like I'm sitting on pins and needles just waiting to read (and see!) what the latest exploits were when you post on Tuesdays! God forbid you are ever just exhausted and too wore out to 'sit' and type out a blog about your Monday night exploits!

    GREAT PICS little Miss Cane-Crusher.. LOL - BRAVO AGAIN NG! YOU ROCK!

  2. You mention something that some do not realize but is very important: not only does everyone react differently, but even the same person can have a different reaction at different times to the exact same thing. That is why it is important you communicate with your partner-friend. Our moods can change, our resistance can change, our enjoyment levels can change.

    I also note your mention of tears. That is a whole interesting topic on itself, and when it is that pleasant releasing feeling, that is a goal many want, but it often is difficult for many to acheive. Congratulations! You continue to be among the very best.

  3. Hello my Erica C O N G R A T S on breaking 2 canes little miss cane breaker hehehe :-) your so AMAZING, i LOVED your pics of triumph, i laughed when you said you smacked NG on the back of his head hehehe WAY TO GO GIRL your daring and brave like me. my cold got so bad that i have to see the doctor at 3:30 today which is 12:30 your time, i promise to keep you posted on all the details. i Love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  4. Erica,

    Congrats on breaking two canes! You rock! And the pics of you laughing and enjoying the moment of holding two broken canes is priceless!

    I'm glad you were able to cry. With the less tolerence you had, sounds like you needed a release. Sometimes we don't recognize it. Ususally my releases come out in anger and when I least expect it, too. I will be going along as "usual" and something will set me off and I will blow up. What I really need to do is have a good cry once in a while so that doesn't happen. So being able to let it go as you did was a very good thing and then laughing afterwards also was good for you. You had fun in spite of the canes.

    I can see what you meant by your "big yap", too. Love it. Hehehe! ;-P

  5. broke 2 canes huh , that in itself should require another good spanking cane killer you ! LOL

    Nice stripes , however I prefer your bottom a nice full even red allllllllovvvvverrr .

    Glad ya had fun

  6. I can so relate to the tolerance level being up or down on different occasions, even with the same implement. And I agree, there should be a Top spanking speed limit. Why do they like to go so fast? Slow is much nicer, or at least more bearable.

    I've been thinking of you lately as I transcribe some caning segments from a naughty novel.


  7. Zelle -- let me tell you, sitting last night WAS challenging! lol

    Paul -- there are few things more emotionally cleansing than good tears, brought on by a trusted top.

    Jade -- hope you feel better soon!

    Bobbie Jo -- I am a fairly easy crier, but I do get stubborn. So it's nice when the tears come without my resisting them.

    Alan -- I like the overall red too. But you know, something different now and then. :-)

    Hermione -- spanking-wise, I can take hard, and I can take fast. But hard AND fast is deadly!

  8. You broke TWO canes? And in the photos you are laughing? You are my spanking heroine. Seriously!


    I'm glad this session will last you for a few days -- maybe 6?

  9. pink -- (grinning) Well, he was too discreet and kind to stick the camera in my face when I was sniveling and had raccoon eyes. The laughing came afterward!

    Amazing how spoiled I've become -- I used to go for weeks, months without playing, now I can hardly stand waiting a week!

  10. "Glutton??".. nahhhhhh -

    Sputton: -- 1. A person with an inordinate capacity to receive or withstand something: (i.e. paddles/canes/belts)

  11. Zelle -- so, a spanking glutton = sputton? LOL... would that make a masturbation glutton, mutton?

  12. "I was just about ready to lose it, and I begged him after stroke three, "Please, not so fast, *please*..." I guess some would say that's topping from the bottom. Well, screw them. Let them take the damn caning and see how they feel about it."

    A. Only "some" would say that's topping from the bottom? How could that *not* be topping from the bottom? The spankee is actively at least attempting to influence how tolerable the pain in her bottom is while she is spanked. She who must suffer punishment is directly trying to influence the tempo at which her bottom pays the price for her misbehavior? (How much influence does a defendant have in deciding their sentencing after being found guilty?) Textbook example of topping from the bottom if you ask me--ya, I know, nobody did ask me : p.

    B. Screw them? For calling it like it is? Seems like someone desperately needs to be spanked more thoroughly ; ).

    C. Let the top take the caning? No, the top is not the one being punished. The top is in charge of punishing the bottom, i.e. your bottom is supposed to hurt while you are being spanked, young lady.

  13. The tramlines looked great - and nice undies,as always.

  14. Anonymous -- well now. You're certainly entitled to your opinion. As I am to mine, and since my bottom is on the line, I do feel I have the right to input as to what's being done to it.

    Begging for a slight slowdown in tempo at the end of the scene is not arrogance or trying to direct -- it is a plea out of sheer pain. Yes, it's supposed to hurt. But even the strictest of top can have compassion. In fact, I only play with compassionate tops. The over-the-top sadists are welcome to find their masochistic counterparts.

    I am not a criminal being sentenced; I am a bottom engaging in consensual play. I play hard and I take a lot. My top comes here week after week, so I guess he doesn't find me too desperately annoying. Your mileage may vary, of course. Have a lovely day. :-)

  15. Paul -- thanks. People didn't really get to see how really pretty they are, since he yanked them down so unceremoniously. :-D

  16. Anonymous, at what point did Erica state that this was a punishment? I must have missed it. As she says above, she is not a criminal receiving a "sentence" for some wrongdoing. A consensual "play" spanking is different than a punishment. Personally, I get spanked only because I LIKE it. And Anonymous, you would hate playing with me because 1) it is PLAY, not punishment to me; 2) I am very vocal about how I like to be spanked; and 3) I have been known to rip an implement out of a top's hands and throw it across the room or under furniture if I don't completely enjoy said implement. (My fiance/top Razor can attest to this!)

    Erica, brava for your response! Razor and I commend you!

    P.S. Razor says thanks for the vote! He's presently in 2nd place.

  17. ascuseme -- ah yes, pitching implements across the room... sounds vaguely familiar. (snickering) Thanks, honey -- and give that bad boy a smooch for me!

  18. Thanks for the response, Erica. To me, spanking is a woman being punished by a man. He has her permission in the sense that it is an established dynamic which she has agreed to, i.e. he is not assaulting her. But while she acknowledges that sometimes she does need to be spanked, and has bequeathed her spanker full authority to have total control over the fate of her bottom, she should be as powerless as she is miserable when she is held down firmly and thoroughly spanked.

  19. Kudos to Erica and Katie (ascuseme). If spanking weren't fun, I suspect we wouldn't be doing it consensually. If spanking weren't exciting, I expect that I would not be breathlessly awaiting the touch of his hand....

    Lovely pix, Erica!

  20. Passing thought...
    I get spanked by a Top cause it feels freakin awesome and a "give n' take" rapport with my partner makes it tons of FUN..

    I'm so thankful I CAN "established a dynamic" - that puts me always in control- even though I put my Top in charge. The "fate of my bottom" is really in MY hands.

    I don't "sometimes" need spanked.. I ALWAYS NEED SPANKED! LOL - CAUSE IT'S FEELS GOOD AND IT'S FUN! I love to be held powerless.. and I love to 'feign' disdain when my Top is thoroughly spanking me.. and I love knowing I can halt it at any given moment. That feeling alone.. is what rarely has me stop play.. and so it gives me the ability to give my Top all of my power... we sometimes call this a power exchange in my neck o' the woods.
    :-) ...just saying.. cause I couldn't help myself!

  21. Beautiful photo of your striped bottom.

    Sounds like you had a great night. Talking back, breaking canes, giving your top instructions (good for you), and giving him a whack too. Not to mention getting to cry and then having those wonderful photos as you laugh in victory.

    You take being a Brat to whole new level.

    Thanks for sharing the fun.


  22. Erica,

    Great answers to Anon. You said it much better than I can.

    Personally, I don't believe that every spanking is for punishment. What part of PLAY is so hard to understand?! Play has nothing to do with punishment. If I had a top right now, that person would have to spank me the way I want it or they would be out the door in a hurry! I have limits that I would set and if they were passed at all, that top would not be on my trust list. I will not get into the discipline arena. It is strictly play for me and anything else is out of the question. I can get very angry about this issue of the top being in total control and the bottom has nothing to say and has to just take what the top dishes out. That can, and has, lead to so much abusive activity and I better stop here before I blow a gasket!

  23. Anonymous -- I completely understand the dynamic you're speaking of. It sounds like pure domestic discipline and I realize that a lot of people in the spanking scene practice it. HOWEVER... I'm not one of them. :-)

    Dana -- "breathlessly awaiting the touch of his hand"... YES!

    Zelle -- yup, power exchange. Or power sharing, if you will. And the objective is fun.

    Jon -- I have many scenes without crying, but I don't think I could ever have one that doesn't involve laughter. :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- the discipline thing is a whole 'nuther realm, and I respect it, even though parts of it disturb me sometimes. I can understand giving a top the power to discipline... but I would need a great deal of trust and secure knowledge that it's not his desire to injure me or make me suffer beyond reason.

  24. Erica,

    Yes, I agree with you. I guess I just got a bit upset there. A lot of people are into the discipline thing and that is ok for them provided no one is really hurt. I just want some fun and play. That is where it is for me and a lot of us. We want to enjoy our spankings.

    Anyway, I loved the way you described your evening! You are very talented with words and very gifted.

  25. I agree that punishment does not figure in the world of spanking that we enjoy. Even as a pro sub it is a consensual process, and just because a guy pays does not entitle him to abuse.
    Varying tolerance to pain affects me as well. It could be biorhythms if one believes in that sort of thing, or it could be the good old hormones and our natural cycle. Sorry to get graphic over this, but if I am feeling horny my tolerance is at the highest, but no top has ever found out!!
    Lets be honest, the thrill of being spanked is about shared control, at my guess at about 60/40 in our favour. How do others feel?

  26. Careful, careful, Bionic Butt.

    Haven't you heard that saying, "You break it, you buy it?"

  27. NC -- good point about arousal heightening one's tolerance; I guess it's those lovely endorphins at work again, huh?

    I never thought about the control ratio; that's a very interesting question. Might be a subject for a future blog (although I suspect it may ruffle a few feathers! lol)

    Kelly -- HA! Well, one of those canes was mine. However, no one has ever asked me to replace a broken implement. I guess I should count my blessings! :-D

  28. @Erica (re: DD): Obviously it is your right to practice whatever type of spanking that suits your fancy. All I'm saying is you shouldn't sound so resentful that certain aspects of your style fit the definition of "topping from the bottom."

    Either you're completely against it in a scene, or you think it is sometimes appropriate. But if the latter is the case, you shouldn't go out of your way to bitterly criticize those who would point out the obvious.

  29. Anonymous -- a small correction if I may: YOUR definition of topping from the bottom. Not everyone agrees with you on that one.

    I didn't think I sounded bitter, just emphatic. I'm sorry you thought so.

  30. No need to apologize, this is your blog and you shouldn't apologize for anything except maybe if you personally insulted someone--but that hardly seems your style. It was the whole let anyone who would call your style of spanking--where you as the bottom are at least partially in control--what it is that sounded bitter to me. But again, this is your blog and it was hardly offensive.

    That said, it's not just my definition, as far as I'm aware at least. To the best of my knowledge, "topping from the bottom" means the one being spanked is instructing the one administering the spanking while she is spanked. Regardless of how and to what extent, that is what you did, and it fits every definition of "topping from the bottom" I've ever heard.

  31. @ Anonymous

    I'm guessing Erica is thrilled beyond the capacity for speech at your gracious permission for her to say anything she likes on her blog.

    As long as we're dealing in definitions, perhaps a cursory glance at the definition of "insecure" might be of help.


  32. Billy -- are you new here? Welcome! :-)

    Despite my seemingly scrappy nature, I detest arguing. It's a no-win situation, so I simply bowed out. People see what they want to see, and trying to get them to see otherwise is often the onset of much ugliness.

  33. Erica:

    Though some practice "true" punishment, I have no real interest in it. That said, it's up to others to decide for themselves.

    One of the reasons we have safe words, are not to top from the bottom, but to let the top/dom know when something is wrong or limits are passed or close to that edge.

    I see no contradiction to expressing that this might be "going to far". To me topping is more along the lines, of use that implement, start here slowly, a little harder here, switch to the paddle... Ultimately, your there to fill mutual needs, not to get your ass "kicked in".

    The whole idea of TTWD is mutual consent. In most relationships it is freely given to a trusted partner, but it can also be withdrawn, if the trust is misplaced.

    I am not saying there is any misguided trust, just a note that everything hinges on consent.

    Erica, you need make any apologies (if that was your intention), none is needed.

    Have fun, play hard (if you wish)

    Rob from NY

  34. @Billy: I wasn't giving Erica permission, I was acknowledging her right (and obviously that she doesn't need my permission) and confirming for her that I was not at all offended. But thanks for trying to be inflammatory.

    @Erica: Without wishing to be a pest, do you disagree with my definition of "topping from the bottom"--and that you engage in it--even as I say that it is a practice used in varying degrees? (My apologies for attempting to revive a disagreement we were having after you've said that you detest arguing--I'd prefer to consider our discussion a friendly and polite conversation in which we disagree with something, not an argument.)