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Friday, January 7, 2011

Another weekend upon us

And another Chross Friday! :-) I had no idea my post on caning would end up on Chross's list, or that it would generate so many comments, both on the blog and to me privately. I love it when people engage with me and each other and we all make one another think. Again, I want to thank people for being respectful and non-combative, despite opposing opinions. We're all adults and I cannot stand flaming.

Forgot to post one picture with that entry -- for those who like facial reactions. Here's one of mine -- quite authentic, I assure you.

I don't have much to say today, really. I love the week after the holidays, when everything returns to normal. My favorite TV shows have new episodes! (see, I am easy to please) I did see a couple of holiday commercials this week, however. Uh, it's January, guys. Knock it off.

John is seeing his doctor again today, trying to get to the bottom of his rash/itching mystery (and misery). Fingers crossed.

The Spanking Awards of 2010 have been tallied, and Brushstrokes is blogging the results, one category at a time. I followed the Best Blog category, of course. Chross was wayyyyyyyy ahead of us, as expected, and there was a tight race for runner-up between The Spanking Writers and Pixie. I came in fourth, out of ten. I'm quite pleased with that, actually! :-)  Thank you so much to my voters.

(yawn) OK, I'm boring myself. Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Hello my Erica CONGRATS on being on Chross's list again that is so AWESOME i am VERY proud of you YAY good for you :-) i am also happy you got fourth place and i voted for you too. the expression on your face is an OUCH from the cane i would probably make the same kind of face. i am keeping my fingers crossed as well that the doctor finds out why John keeps on itching that would drive me insane UGH. I am feeling a little better today i can't wait to mail you your gift and other things i made,i wrote you on space, wishing you and John a fun weekend LOL to you both always and big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  2. Jade -- glad you're feeling better. Promise you'll do everything the doc and your dad say, OK? :-)

  3. little vote did mean something.

    i didn't vote against anyone, i just like your blog.

    john's itching drives me bonkers. it's 2011....there has to be something??? may be an ocean of calimine lotion.



  4. ddon -- Haha! You'll be scratchin' like a hound, the minute you start to mess around... poison ivy!

  5. Hi Erica,

    That picture nicely captures my thoughts on the cane as well!

    Congrats on another Chross selection and for your very respectable finish in the SS poll. Have a great weekend!


  6. Bonnie -- thank you, sweetie! Always makes me smile when I see your name in the inbox. :-)

  7. Yay Erica! 1st of many Chross's this year, no doubt.

    It IS great to be able to have freedom here to express ourselves with passion AND respect to you and your fellow posters. It seems the people who truly know their own needs', desires most are the most objective and tolerant of others' differing opinions.

    But damn it, woman! It's been an exceptionally looonng week for me. I don't WANNA think! :)

  8. Kelly -- so get some rest, woman! :-)

  9. I promise that i will listen to the doc and my dad. YOUR THE GREATEST LOL AND HUGS from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  10. Have a great weekend Erica. Thanks for a great week of blogging and all the readers who contributed to the caning blog. As well as congrats on the 4th place finish.

    Hope this week brings a resolution to John's health issues and you both can look forward to a healthy year together.

    Love the facial expression photo. You definitely captured what I meant by Mazel Tov.



  11. Jon -- thank YOU. You're very kind. :-)

  12. Hey you! Late to the party tonight! Congrats on the CHROSS listing again! It was so warranted! Great blog on canes! Super all around input from your readers as well! ALSO, congrats on being 4th outta 10 in the Blogger category! WOW! That's quite impressive!

    Here's hoping John got some kind of relief from the Doc.
    Your pic is cute as hell.. (OWWIE!)

  13. Hi, Erica, I will also keep my fingers crossed for John.

    And congratulations on your good showing in the Spanking Awards, and for your excellent post about caning being Chrossed.

  14. Congratulations on being Chrossed for your great post on caning Erica. Love the picture.

    Have a good weekend.


  15. Great to see you came 4th - very good, you will go higher next time.
    Good pic of you..! and you are laughing..!

  16. Erica,

    I am happy for you being on Chross again. This has been a great discussion and very worthy of being on Chross' site. I am so glad you decided to post about it because it was something that was interesting and got us going about what we were thinking and feeling about caning.

    Keep us posted on John's progress on getting rid of this #$%& rash he has. I hope he can get rid of it soon.

    For the weekend, it started out sunny and now it is cloudy. I did get to the river today with the Motherlode Goldhounds on the first outing this year. We got rained out on the first. Yeah, that is another one of my hobbies. :-) The river USED to have a very nice sandy beach. The water was so high lately it washed it all away! Hmmm. More gold. ;-D

  17. Congrats on being Chrossed! You deserve it. Wanna do me a favor? Vote for John Ryan in the M/f Hardest Spanking Scene (you know him as Razor Ryan). Pretty please? Thanks!


    Katie :)

  18. Congratulations Erica, on drawing a huge number of correspondence, for your excellent provocative article on 'caning'. Written with much thoughtfullness. You well deserved Chross's accolades. I love you.

  19. Zelle -- thanks! Danny was doing the honors in that shot. :-)

    Damn doctors! All she did yesterday was tell John she'd put in a referral to a dermatologist for him. Big help! (sigh)

    Michael, Ronnie, Paul -- thank you! :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- I can thank you for giving me the idea.

    Katie -- HEY! Of course I'll vote for sweetie-pie Razor! Hugs to both of you.

    six -- you're very kind, thank you. :-)

  20. Erica,

    I am glad that you think I "gave" you the idea although I wasn't intending it that way exactly. I was just being a bit of a smart a** and teasing you a bit, but there was a bit of seriousness about it, too. After all, I have not had a cane used on me so what do I know about it? Not that much. "_" Anyway, I am still glad you got on Chross for the post. I think that is just great! :-D

  21. I love the return to real life as well.

    I love Christmas and New Year, the colour and the champagne and food. But now I am craving vegetables, exercise and good books to be read in utter silence.

    Congratulations on being Chrossed and I am not in the least surprised you were Chrossed for that piece.

  22. Bobbie Jo -- well, you definitely planted an idea in my head... sometimes people will make a comment and I'll think "Hey! There's an idea for a blog!"

    Poppy -- utter silence is a wonderful thing, isn't it? And congratulations to you for your Chrossing as well!

  23. Nice, strong showing on The Spanking Spot poll! No surprise there. :) And Chross Fridays rock.

    Have fun tonight!

  24. pink -- thank you, sweetie! And I saw you got Chrossed as well, for that beautiful piece you wrote on tears. Well done!

  25. Erica,

    I'm glad I did plant the idea. It got you Chrossed. Yea!!

    I hope you are now enjoying yourself and having fun with NG, and I look forward to the next report you do on you escapade or some other subject material.

    Cheers. :-)