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Friday, October 15, 2010

Three weeks in a row!

I can't believe it -- I've been Chrossed three Fridays in a row. My little attention whore heart is bursting. Oh, and I see my sisters Bonnie, Hermione, Poppy and barely-pink are on the roster this week as well. High-fives, ladies!

Let's see... I've played with New Guy three times, blogged about our play three times, and gotten Chrossed with all three of those blogs. Think he might be a lucky charm? :-)

I really wanted to post a CHoS today, but I didn't have enough material and don't like posting a half-ass collection. Maybe by next week it will be whole-ass.

J is still sick. 'Nuff said there. I'm going to his place tomorrow morning. At least it will be clean; I went there earlier this week while he was working and dusted, mopped, scrubbed and threw out trash. He's been too sick to do any maintenance and I couldn't stand it anymore. Oh, and I swept about a month's worth of leaves off his deck in the back yard, and I have the blistered thumb to show for it. Not that I'm a martyr or anything. Heavens to Betsy, no!

Last night at 2:00 a.m., my refrigerator started making very loud squealing noises. It was running, but the noise was awful -- I swear, it sounded like there was a puppy trapped in the freezer. So this morning, I got out the trusty Yellow Pages and looked up a local repair place. I described the problem to the tech and he said someone would come to my place between 12 and 2 today. I said thanks and hung up.

Right after I hung up, the noise stopped. Then started again, not as bad. Then stopped. Then a few squeaks... and silence. Hasn't made the noise since. Figures! Dammit... why does that always happen? I know how to make the noise start up again -- call and cancel the tech! Meh.

Spanking-wise, I have very good news. Either Monday or Tuesday, I am playing with... drum roll... Craig! I last saw him at the Shadow Lane party, and before that, we hadn't had a one-on-one scene since last June. Why? His life is overloaded lately, with lots of work, business trips back to back, etc. In fact, next week he was supposed to go to China, but then that got cancelled. So we're seizing the opportunity. I am looking forward to it. :-)

New Guy says that the week after, my butt is his. You know, I could get used to this weekly spanking thing. I like it. I like it a lot.

Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. High fives to you too, Erica. I always get a thrill from a Chrossing. Did you notice that our blogs are both in his blogroll? That would produce a steady supply of hits.

    I'm so glad you and Craig are going to get together. Not at the Lair, I assume. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.


  2. Hi, Erica! I've been thinking about you for the past several days because after 2 long years of hiatus I've finally resumed blogging. I've been rereading the interview you gave me in June of 2007, and it's simply terrific stuff! If you're at all interested I would love to do a reprise, with updated information and images. You're the best!

  3. Congrats, Erica!

    Although New Guy may have something to do with it, I suspect that your good luck charm may just be that beauteous butt of yours. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hermione -- oh, heavens, no. Wild horses couldn't drag me back to the Lair. But I promise, there will be a blog following my visit with Craig. I can't wait!

    Donna -- Hi! You know, I just did a two-part interview with Richard Windsor for Spanking Tube. What with that, your first interview and the one I did for Adele Haze, I think I'm pretty much interviewed out. But thank you! :-)

    pink -- Ah, shucks. Thank you, m'dear.

  5. OMG my Erica 3 weeks in a row that you got chrossed congrats and high 5 to you my special friend i am so proud of you your so amazing :-)i sure hope J feels better that's terrible that he is so sick :-( i am happy that you are going to see Craig that is so cool i can't wait to read your blog about and hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  6. If you play the lottery, 3-3-3 may be your magic number. Great stuff going on for you. Craig has much lost time to make up for. I anticipate lots of hilarious barbs exchanged.

    Since J's able to make it to work he must be on the mend, however maddeningly slow THAT seems.

  7. Jade -- thank you, dear. I hope J feels better soon too.

    Kelly -- J ALWAYS goes to work. He is a workaholic. In 14 years, I've known him to miss two days of work. One right after he had a bike accident and shattered his collarbone, and the other when he had surgery to repair said collarbone. So yeah... I need these fun times, in a very big way.

  8. Hearty Congratulations to all you Chross Ladies!

    Wait, that doesn't sound right...

    Lessee, wasn't there a Steven King story about rebellious appliances? And did he include any with the brand name Hitachi? THAT would be a horror story indeed.

  9. I'm jealous (only been Chrossed twice ever).



  10. It is wonderful, isn't it, Erica?

    My numbers are very healthy after Chross- I bet your numbers are healthy all the time.

    Have a wonderful time with Craig. I am a little jealous but only in my head. I suspect he is a bit scary. I hope you will write all about it so that I can think about it being me for about one minute before I run away from my laptop and hide somewhere. (That is what I did last time - when you wrote about the party- my dogs send their thanks. They had a fabulous run.)

  11. erica,

    i wish you woldn't use that word about yourself.

    you're not!!!!

    no more e-mails about poor j. you're just as stubern as he is. i tried my best.

    i'm glad to hear you're having some fun.

    congrats to all of you on your chrossings.



  12. Dave -- Hmm, not sure about King, but wasn't there a Twilight Zone about a Luddite who hated and feared machines and technology, and all his gadgets rose up against him?

    Prefectd -- thanks! :-)

    Poppy -- my numbers spike tremendously after a Chrossing. Day to day, they're about average, I'd say. Nahhhhhhh... no need to hide. I will be in very good hands.

    ddon -- it's just an expression. :-) As for J, if you knew him as I do, you'd know that I can't tell him what to do.