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Friday, October 1, 2010

Correspondence Hall of Shame, 10/1

Happy Friday, everyone. Some pre-weekend laughs for you.

Like your pix's and your bottom.......
Would love to spank..kiss and lick it..

You know, pix is short for pictures. Therefore, adding apostrophe + s to pix is redundant and makes you look stupid. Just thought you might like to know.

Lovely ass for spanking and whipping and much more ;)
you are hot cougar ;)

I do not want to know what the "much more wink wink" is. Go away.

you do prefer whitemeat correct?

Well, that depends. I don't care much for pork. But I do like chicken breasts. They're so much lower in fat and when prepared properly, they are as juicy and flavorful as thighs or drumsticks.

I trust this answers your question?

And finally, this gem:

My name Is Xxxx and I saw your profile and would like to know if you would like to have your own personal pussy eating/ass licking slave who will service your legs,pussy and ass orally in anyway that you desire.I just love sucking on pussy,licking a womans ass all over,rimming her and taking her verbal commands on how she enjoys getting pleased for as long as she desires.I can orally please you nonstop in anyway that you choose for as long as you enjoy it.I would love to be your new pussy eating/ass licking slave if you desire one.I look forward to serving you.

(groan) How do you serve someone orally when you never stop talking?

And again with all this pussy business. How many times do I have to tell you morons, leave my pussy alone?

Moving on... So I heard from New Guy, and he asked if he was "going to have to spank me again on Monday." I wrote back and said I didn't know about have to, but I'm sure he'd come up with some lame reason. His reply to that included this:

Monday 6:30 p.m. Expect to get what you deserve!

Well, you know, after a damn-near lifetime of therapy plus lots of positive reinforcement from friends and loved ones, I have come to believe that I am deserving of good things! So does that mean he's going to show up with a present? Nothing too expensive, dear, we just met. :-) But I appreciate the thought.

Have a great weekend, y'all. R.I.P., Tony Curtis.

EDIT: My blog about my belated birthday spanking got Chrossed today! Yippeeeeeeeeee! :-D


  1. (((shhhhhhhhh! you don't see me posting! i'm supposed to be 'on the road again'.. i'm going to be late to SirWm's.. and I'm sure that will warrant a spanking.. but I digress.. Mom was fried today with me leaving after 3 months, so I've slooooooowly loaded the car, had lunch with her over teary eyes, and of course the computer is the last thing to pack up right? Oh wait.. you wouldn't know bout that cause you are still on the bit TV type machine. ;-)

    Those are the worst notes this time! ewwwwww! Your answers are fantastic though!

    And yes.. "New Guy" is slowly getting your number.. I think it should at least be up to 50-100 swats with a wood paddle by now huh? I mean really... he wouldn't want to not leave you without... "a present".. to view in the mirror the next day.. hahhahahaha!

    See? he doesn't have to come with a present you're deserving of... but he can dang sure LEAVE you with one! hahaha!

    sneaks outta blog totally unnoticed.. and gets to finishing up good-byes to Mom and my butt on the road!

  2. (looking around) I could swear someone was just here... hmmm... guess I was imagining things. ;-)

  3. OMG my Erica you are so frickin funny hehehehe i almost fell on the floor from laughing, the whitemeat and what the cat pic said made me go into more fits of laughter.tell new guy to bring you a kitten for a present that would be cool.HEY ZELLE I KNOW YOU WERE HERE I CAUGHT YOU HEHEHE I MISS YOU LOL AND HUGS XOXO.i am so happy you liked my presents my Erica,you deserve them and more :-) i don't know what i would do without you,i don't want to even think about that.have a great weekend i hope J feels better soon.i love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  4. I know where he can get your a nice neckless - bet you would be happy to get it also. Oh yes, he might pick up some new toys also. :-)


  5. Hal -- he has plenty of toys! And as for that necklace you showed me... yes, it's certainly gorgeous. And it's $4500. Never going to see anything like that in my lifetime, I'm afraid. :-)

  6. Jade -- no pets in my apartment! (sigh) But I'm glad I could make you laugh. :-)

  7. looks around have i been banned ? Grins , Have a good weekend !

  8. Morris rules! Or the likeness of him, I do believe the original pussy cat passed on! lol!

    "New Guy" sounds like he's up to matching wits with a "Queen Brat". Wonder how he'd react if you hide his implements or...dare to give him a sound swat to his butt. Not that I'm into instigating or anything. :)

  9. Alan -- Banned? No. I didn't think your last comment was funny, though. Neither did anyone else. Sorry.

    Kelly -- You, instigate?? (rolling eyes) Please. I'm in enough trouble already. :-D

  10. Ha! Fantastic--that last paragraph. Made me laugh. I hope he brings you a lovely present--a wood paddle.

  11. Craig -- Hummmph. I believe YOU already covered that present, dearest. :-Þ

  12. Congrats on the Chrossing! I loved that post, and so will thousands this weekend.

    Pussy-licking? Sorry, but the image of cat fur on the tongue comes to mind. Or the reverse - a sandpapery cat's tongue.... never mind. I'm giddy from my own Chrossing, I guess.


  13.'ve hit the nail on the head yet again!

    i'm ashamed to be a male in a society that emphasises large breasts and [i dislike this word] pussys.

    for gods sake men....get real!!!!!

    a man who judges a girl from the neck down is a CHURL!!!!!

    when i looked at you and zelle's profiles i diddn't respond because of body parts.

    surfing the web i've found photo's captioned "tiny titty girl" and worse. i just feel sorry for all the girls that feel if the're not playby material they are somehow lacking. NOT TRUE!!!!! at least for me.

    i guess these morons think that e-mail means loose all curtesy. i mean would you walk up to a girl and say "hey, i'd like to see your,,,???


    i must be in the wrong world. when i started to corrispond with you and zelle i made it clear that it was similar interests not sex and spanking that attracted me. maybe i should join the rest of the idiots and concentrate on T&A and join the group.

    alone in this world..i remain,


  14. Alan -- Banned? No. I didn't think your last comment was funny, though. Neither did anyone else. Sorry.

    Then You have my sincere apology my dear !

  15. I must say that not only do you have the most succulent and spankable ass, you also have a great way of expressing yourself. I think that many of your relpys to comments are so original and often very funny.

    Then I thought to myself...' I wonder if she replyed to my comment about giving her a birthday spanking'

    So i look at the replys on that part and I see you thanking a few others, butt no mention of my comment. Then right below it I see this..... " Ooops! Skipped one -- yada_luke, thank you. Behave? Whazzat? :-) "

    I laughed so hard , then I thought " mmmmm, she really deserves a good spanking ! ...LOLOL "

    Next time im in your area, I would love to give color to those pretty cheeks on you

  16. Hermione -- and congrats to you too! :-) Isn't being Chrossed the absolute best?

    ddon -- look at it this way -- if the churls didn't exist, I wouldn't have this fun column!

    Alan -- accepted, and thank you. :-)

    yada_luke -- making people laugh brings me great joy. :-)

  17. too ttrue erica.

    if one of these clods is persistant and you think he might be from eastern europe you can stop him dead by calling him a "zwolick" [i can't spell in english much less russian but that's how it sounds]. we don't have single word in english that comes close. the best he can do is protest that he isn't but then the damage is done. chuckle.