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Monday, October 18, 2010

Rainy Monday

I love it. It's gray and serene and so, so quiet. Just the patter of the raindrops. It soothes my soul.

This weekend was a little better than the last one; J is very weak and tired all the time, and still a little feverish, but he was a bit more himself this weekend. I saw glimpses of his joking self now and then. I just wish he'd get his appetite back... he's so thin. He did go to the doctor again last week, had an exam. It's not in his lungs, he doesn't have swollen glands in his neck. I don't know why it's lasted this long, but it could be because he was so damned run down before he got it, working 12-14-hour days and sleeping so little. Anyway, I took him on his various errands, made sure he was fed, helped him with his chores.

Regarding my scene with Craig tonight -- unfortunately, life interferes with one's fun once again, and he had to postpone. Too much stuff going on, very understandable. We are hoping to reschedule soon.

Meanwhile, last night I remembered that New Guy had suggested our getting together tonight and I had told him I couldn't. Taking a chance that he hadn't made other plans, I wrote to him and said that if he wasn't busy and would still like to come over, he was more than welcome.

He'll be here at 6:30 tonight. :-)

It's raining. I'm playing. For another little while, I can let go of worrying about J. He called me this morning... just wanted to assure me that he's hanging in there and tell me how much he appreciated my care this weekend. (sigh) I'm glad it makes him feel better. I just wish I didn't hate doing it so much. Seeing him in such a weakened state makes me panic and project, and when I do that, I'm screwed.

Off to the gym with me.


  1. I see the rainbow... it's over --> there!

    Love this song: by: Happy Rhodes

    -- and you need a happy 'road' .. because your strength is what is keeping J on the mend. (sends cyber hug to him).. and bless Craig's heart.. so much work.. so little rest. He better be careful he's not gonna end up like J did!

    Have fun tonight! (waves to "New Guy"!)

  2. Don't overdo the workout at the gym. You want to be well-rested and at your bratty best for NG tonight.

    When does he become something other than New Guy? I don't want to call him Old Guy. Flavour of the Month? Naw. Can you think of a good alternative?


  3. Hey, beautiful photo! I love it. Very pensive.

    Sorry about tonight, doll! We'll try again in a few weeks when I'm back in town, I promise!

  4. Zelle -- thanks. I do need a happy road.

    Hermione -- yeah, I don't like Old Guy either. His initial is D, but I don't want people to confuse him with Danny. (sigh) I'll figure something out, I guess! Not-so-New Guy?

    Craig -- no worries. :-)

  5. Happy spank day to you and your new friend.

    Maybe you'll get a few extra spanks in honor of Craig...or just because you are the ultimate brat! LOL!

  6. I love your pic my Erica you are very pretty :-) i am happy to hear that J is becoming more like himself again :-) that's very good news.i feel bad that you can't play with Craig but in a few weeks you will be able too, you have that to look forward too.have fun with new guy tonight be extra sassy and bratty i would hehehe, LOL and HUGS from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  7. Kelly -- Hmmm. Look who's calling ME the ultimate brat. :-) Pot/kettle, anyone?

    Jade -- thanks, sweetie. Yes, I will look forward to seeing Craig when I can.

  8. Love your rainy day picture!

  9. erica,

    that is one great portrait.

    hope you had a fab time tonight.

    sitting on my hands.



  10. Dana -- thanks!

    ddon -- I did indeed; blog to come tomorrow. :-)

  11. Hey! I forgot to tell you.. LOVE THAT PHOTO!.. you have a gorgeous profile, and your expression tells a story.

  12. Zelle -- thank you, sweetie. :-)