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Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Hodgepodge + Question

No CHoS today -- I think I scared all the pervs away last week. :-)  Not to worry, they'll be back, I'm sure.

A bright spot in my Friday morning -- I got Chrossed! Again! Two weeks in a row! That's never happened before. Funny, I was just chatting with Craig last night about how some people write such creative and cool blogs that they get Chrossed week after week. This truly is the holy grail for spanking bloggers, folks. barely pink commented to me recently -- I can't remember the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of, "You know someone is important when their name has become a verb."

Side note: My entry that got Chrossed was the one about stress relief. This week, Devlin O'Neill also blogged about spanking as stress relief -- from a top's point of view. He got Chrossed as well. Excellent!

I'm not going to J's tonight. We decided that there's no point in my driving 30+ miles in Friday traffic to his place, just to watch his TV while he sleeps. (sigh) Instead, I will go there tomorrow morning after he's had a good night's rest and take him to lunch, spend the rest of the weekend. In every cloud there is a silver lining; we get to pass on taking his mother to lunch tomorrow, as we did last Saturday. Yes, I'm a bitch. :-Þ  For God's sake... I see my mother once every couple of months; we take J's mother to lunch every single weekend. Plus, she has three other grown kids, all local, who visit her and take her out as well. J can miss a couple of Saturdays.

Well, at least I get another dose of Stress-B-Gone on Monday. New Guy has the day off and is coming over that afternoon. He says he might even consider taking me out for a bite to eat if I'm a good girl. I guess I'll starve. :-D

Tomorrow, October 9, would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday. Seventy??? Un-freaking-believable. He'll always be a cheeky young "moptop" to me. The man who I said I would marry when I grew up (hey, I was six). The man whose death made me cry for two weeks. Happy birthday, John. And happy 35th birthday to Sean Ono Lennon, John's Beautiful Boy, also born October 9.

Question for you guys, along the lines of Chross's recommendations -- what makes you read a blog? There are so, so many of them out there. I don't know where Chross finds the time to read them all during each week to choose his list, but how about the rest of you? What draws you? Pictures? Stories? Stuff about the spanking video industry? Real-life D/D households? Humor? Which blogs do you read regularly, and why?

On that note, have a great holiday weekend, y'all.


  1. Hello my Erica C O N G R A T S on being chrossed again YAY you go girl i am so VERY proud of you :-) what makes me read a blog is that its interesting and humor and wit has to have something to do with it and pics, yours is all that your blog is the BEST i always look forward to your blog i wouldn't miss it for nothing. 3 CHEERS FOR MY ERICA!! i got suspended from spankfinder and i don't know why its so unfair i wrote them i hope i get a reply. i am a very naughty girl that needs a good otk spanking i am always in trouble.i love you big hugs from your naughty girl Jade xoxo

  2. Greetings o' star CHROSSed wonder woman!

    Poor J.. god love him.. he must be so sick of being sick! I do wish him a much speedier recovery than he's sure getting!

    Thankfully.. "New Guy" has probably lifted a bit of a weight off of J's shoulders too when ya think about it?? You see.. now, J won't worry about .. "you worrying about him" .. since you have been getting into a wonderful little spanking routine with 'seems to have your number' "New Guy".. "New Guy" is actually good 'stress relief' for J too.. knowing his woman is being 'handled' the way she needs to be in his absence!

  3. Congrats to an Ultimate BRAT on another Chrossing. "New Guy" is perfect medicine for YOU at least. :)What smart assed comments are you storing up for him NOW?! LOL!

    You know I love your blog for your outrageous sense of humor, your sassiness and bold honesty. I read Spanking Pixie because she also posts great questions and fun topics. And Chelsea'a Journal because she's one of my main spanking idols.

    I hate to slight other great bloggers but I limit to those few for time constraints ONLY.

  4. this ones a no do!!!! w., chross, devlin & co.,and pixie, all have wonderfull blogs, frequently updated andd sometimes i get feedback.

    your pictures are great and there can't be too many of them.



  5. Jade -- thank you, sweetie.

    Zelle -- you know, last week, J told me to tell New Guy that he was spanking for two. He took that very seriously. (groan)

    Kelly -- me, store up comments? They just happen! I've said this before, but it bears repeating: I think best off my feet. :-)

  6. ddon -- I know people love pictures. I guess I figure a few go a long way with me and I don't like to be redundant, so I try to keep them varied and infrequent enough to still be interesting.

  7. John Lennon - seventy? Wow! But George was the Beatle I was going to marry, so we weren't in competition. Congrats on your Chrossing too!

    What draws me to certain blogs? In general, I read blogs I can relate to and identify with. So the heavily into DD blogs don't interest me, nor do the ones in which people have lifestyles vastly different to my own. I prefer M/f erotic spanking blogs because that's what I blog about.

    Having said that, I'm not a picture person; I prefer words. So if a blog is well-written, funny or appealing, I don't care what the particular flavour of spanking is. I read it regularly. Two of my favourites are F/m blogs, and I do read DD blogs as well. I also try to read blogs if their owners leave comments on my blog regularly. There's a tip for attracting more readers!


  8. Hermione -- yours is one that gets Chrossed nearly every week! You post such cool and unusual pictures and tidbits. :-)

    And yes, comments do draw readers. We all benefit from each other's attention.

  9. I understand that being Chrossed is a big deal, but the why escapes me. I do not find many of the items on Chross to be of much interest.

    Why do I read a Blog? Sometimes for pictures, but there are so few I find good enough to save.

    BTW, how about making your opening picture one with a smile?

    Stories? Very seldom.

    Stuff about the spanking video industry? NEVER

    Real-life D/D households? What a bore?

    Humor? YES Which is why I come here.

  10. Woot! Nice job on getting Chrossed! That was a pretty accurate quote -- although I think I said "cool" instead of "important", but really, in this case, they're interchangeable.

    I avoid downer blogs. Or ones with excessive pay links. I look for interesting perspectives, mostly all M/f, and bloggers who can write and spell. Beautiful photos are important to me, too, as they function as inspiration.

    Your blog always makes me smile, so I am a daily visitor. Keep up the fantastic work, Erica!

  11. Oh, and I should can definitely spell and write! I'm such a snob about spelling.

  12. Hi!
    I got Chrossed too. It is like a Friday treat, I love that feeling of waiting all day to see if it happens. I love it!
    I read blogs that are sexy without being crude and well written without being hard work.
    I hate misery blogs. I can't bear clicking through and thinking I am going to read something lovely and finding a tale or misery and woe about something really awful. So drug addiction, child abuse, terrible poverty or traumatic divorces (in which the blogger destroys his or her ex) just destroy a blog. If I wanted to read about that sort of thing then I would go to sites about that.
    I like blogs that are honest. I like people that admit when it goes wrong and have a bit of humour. I also like people that make me think sometimes.
    I like blogs that treat their readers with respect. I have commented a few times on blogs with very few comments and had no response.
    I don't like blogs with 2,000 ads all over them. I don't want to see some poor girl getting her breasts whacked with bright pink writing all over her. Such a nasty image when I want to be delighted. If I want to go shopping then I go shopping (I am rather good at shopping) and if I want to read I go to blogs. I do not want to be treated as a customer so that someone can make a few extra dollars a month.

    And any spanking blog that has pictures of the writers children on it ... shudder.

    I have a lot of opinions, don't I? It is proof that I am a demure, submissive woman. ;)

  13. erica,

    sarah and sheldon met in a tampa bay retirement community and one hing le to another.

    shelly, one fine day said "why don't we live together"?. then we could sell one of our condomim's and save expenses.

    sarah said "my late husband was a stockbroker and he left me well off. how are you for the financille"?

    shelly said "i took over my fathers hardware store in queens and built into a six store chain. my oldest son got the business and i get a nice check evert month. my daughter married a lawyer and they take care of me also. so i'n o.k. for the financille"

    sarah said "how about the sex thing? for you how often"?

    shelly said "infrequently".

    sarah said "is that one woid or two"?

    some of us can't get enough of your infrequent pictures.



  14. By the way, your picture is beautiful. It shows you off wonderfully. Your humour (it does have an 'r' in it, I do not care what you say) shines through in your words.
    I like that your picture shows you in a more pensive, soothed pose. I think it adds balance to your blog by hinting at the depth of who you are.

  15. OBB -- Being Chrossed is a lovely acknowledgment, and when it happens, it has a ripple effect. More people read you, more people comment, and you gain awareness of other blogs you may not have noticed before.

    I usually prefer to post a smiling picture, myself, but I really like the mood portrayed in this one.

    pink -- thank you! I love yours as well. Hope you had a fantabulous birthday. :-)

    Poppy -- you're another one who gets Chrossed nearly each week, and deservedly so. And yes, you have opinions, as well you should, dammit. ;-) I agree with most of your preferences, although the ads don't bother me (I pretty much ignore them). Thanks for the photo compliment; I'm glad you like it.

    ddon -- "in frequently." Har, I get it.

  16. Hi, Erica! Congrats to you, and thanks for the plug. Pass along my best wishes also to J, but glad to know you are being dealt with regularly, and somewhat sternly it seems. Knowing that makes my heart soar - and sounds like you're enjoying that last word's homonym somewhere quite else. ;-)

    As to Chross, peer acknowledgement in any field has long been a reward, and the significant spike in readership is an added bonus. Chross is very good at what he does, and I've often got lost for hours in his collection.

    I like photos in a blog, as well as good prose, but also I look for playfulness. One should be serious occasionally, but I like exercising my smile muscles whenever possible. So if that happens I'm likely to return to places. This place stands out in that regard.

    As to your photo, behind those temporarily closed lips I see an as yet unspoken wickedly humorous barb waiting to be hurled. That's absolutely splendid, so don't mess with it.

  17. Devlin -- I thought it was very cool that we had a sort of inadvertent "he said she said" thing going on and we got the double-Chross!

    Playfulness is good. I know I'm a downer on occasion, but ultimately, it brings me a lot of joy to know I make people laugh.

  18. Just realized I didn't answer your question about what blogs I like to read.

    HUMOROUS BLOGS. (LIKE YOURS!) I need stress relief from life.. (since I don't have a local play partner to attend to that!) LOL.. And since my online time is meant to act like "Calgon, take me away!", my time is best spent humoring myself somehow. (LOL).. so seek out well written blogs that are heavy on the intelligent humor side. (hence the reason I'm here).

  19. Zelle -- you're a peach. :-) Thank you.

  20. Oh dear! Another dreadful weekend! I'm glad you got through it and survived!