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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Just when I thought I couldn't hate the upcoming "Fifty Shades" film more...

... I read an article about Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) on

(Yes, this is a rant. But that's a good thing. If I'm pissed off, that means I'm feeling something again. I'll take righteous indignation over the depths of depression any day.)

According to this article, Dornan did an interview for Elle UK magazine, for the upcoming February issue. In it, he talked about how he "researched" for his role by visiting a BDSM dungeon. The way he talked about the experience made it sound like he had done something extremely distasteful. And he topped it off by saying that afterward, he went home to his wife and baby, and that he had to take a long shower before he would touch either one of them.

So, our culture made you feel unclean, Jamie? Fuck. You.

I wonder if, now that the piece of dreck's release is imminent, this is a last-ditch attempt to distance himself from the role. ("I'm not one of those people, really!") Interesting. He's too good to hang out in a dungeon without having to go home and de-louse himself, but he can still play the sickest of sick fucks and take a heap of money for it. What a hypocrite.

Twitter buzzed a bit about this today. I tweeted, "HE NEEDED A SHOWER??" Yeah, all caps shout-speak. And Jillian Keenan herself tweeted back to me, "We have cooties, Erica. COOTIES." Then she tweeted directly to Dornan himself: "You've hurt our feelings, @JamieDornan."

Oooh, Mr. Big Shot himself is on Twitter? I couldn't resist my own tweet to him. He'd mentioned in the article that when he got there, they offered him a beer. So I tweeted: "'They offered me a beer.' Sure it was beer, Jamie? You know how twisted and disgusting we are. :-)"

What a little piss-ant. Please, people. If you have any regard for our community whatsoever, boycott this film. Granted, it's going to make gazillions of dollars anyway. But it shouldn't make any money from us -- The Great Unwashed Sickies. The real people behind the exploitation books and movies.

Wanna read the Jezebel piece? Here you go.

Blech. Now I need a shower.

EDIT: By the way, since I've been kind of out of it for the past week, this may very well be old news that people already wrote about. If so, my apologies for the redundancy.


  1. If the dungeon he chose was anything like the Lair, would you blame him for wanting a shower? Maybe it's not US, maybe it was the contact infection he feared he could have gotten from the PLACE.

  2. Craig -- re. the Lair, you said it, I didn't. :-) But while you have a point, it seems it was more about his attitude than any possibility of "exposure."

  3. He sounds like a pompous douchelick! I have to ask myself WHY in the fuck he would agree to a "controversial/polarizing" lead role if he was so uncomfortable. I swear people like Jennifer Anniston and male counterparts would have probably aced these roles. Aren't quality actors supposed to be "comfortable" delving into roles outside of their basic "real life" personalities?!

  4. Kelly -- I have a feeling that a lot of more well-known actors/actresses didn't want to touch this thing with a ten-foot cane. They knew it was crap and they didn't want to be associated with it. But this guy probably needed a boost to his career, no matter how dubious.

  5. Hi Erica -- I agree with you, that Jamie Dornan can go FUCK himself. He is the one with the COOTIES, not any of us. All I can say is what an ASS he is UGH. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean

  6. It's called acting people - and the guy can act. Check out 'The Fall'

  7. Would this actor make it a habit to distance himself from his role?

  8. Hi Erica,
    It is kind of weird that he said that. Jamie Dornan is currently on a TV show, the Fall, where he plays a serial killer who ties up and tortures women before he kills them. I have watched a couple of episodes out of curiosity and I really don't see this guy as Christian Grey. But why would he get so freaked out about dungeons if this is the character he is playing weekly?

    There is an actor, Matt Bomer, who starred in the show White Collar. I think he would have made the perfect Christian Grey and if they had cast him, I probably would have gone to see 50 Shandes but with Jamie Dornan I just prefer my fantasies!

  9. Speaking personally, I would like a side order of Erica's and Jillian's "cooties."

  10. Jade -- yup, he's an ass all right.

    Darren -- I understand researching a role. And I can see that an actor might feel like a shower after he visits a prison because he's playing a serial rapist, or after he interviews a former WWII Nazi. But to act like kinky people are disgusting and have germs? That feels personal.

    MrJ -- probably.

    R. -- Matt Bomer is gorrrrrrrrrrrrgeous! But ladies weep, the lad is gay.

    Biker -- ha!

  11. Charlie Hunnam was in the role first. He may not be kinky precisely, but he's very open about sexuality. He also would fill out those suits and jeans- yum.

    (I'll also admit that I laughed my way through the trilogy- literally laughed- it was the worst!)

  12. Anonymous -- and yet Charlie pulled out (pardon the expression). He insists that it was due to a scheduling conflict, but I can't help but wonder.

  13. Personally, I can sympathize with Dornan. A lot of what goes on in the BDSM community and in dungeons makes me feel like showering. And I say that as a member of this varied, weird, loveable community of kinksters. I'm fairly used to people's varied kinks. Assuming that was Dornan's first trip to a BDSM dungeon, I can completely understand why he'd find the experience unsettling.

    I mean, just for comparison, Erica, you've blogged that you have screamed and cried over things you saw happening at a BDSM dungeon. Surely you get where he's coming from with his comments about wanting to shower the experience off?

  14. Anonymous -- I see your point. Unsettling, sure, especially since he's not into it and he's just researching a role. However, the way he expressed his contempt was a bit over the top, and seemed a lot more general -- more of an indictment of the culture overall, rather than a specific act or two. My complaints were far more situational: for example, yeah, I was a bit skeeved when a man and two women engaged in graphic sex acts on top of/up against the kitchen counter, with the snacks we all eat just inches away. Or when there was a bloodletting going on a mere two feet from my scene.

    Also... Dornan's comments (and contempt) went out to far more people, and are far more influential, than anything I could ever say.