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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Much better, thank you

Steve was recovered enough to visit yesterday. I was feeling that need -- you know the one I mean. Craving attention, affection, good pain, a shakeup of my emotions. Feeling kind of blech lately... a combination of holiday blech, worries over John, the ongoing recovery, and it doesn't help that work is slow either. Too much time to think, which is not good for the Negative Nellies among us (raising hand).

So my body was practically thrumming to assume the position so near and dear yesterday. Finally, I can do it, if I rest my head on a big cushy pillow. It's a little uncomfortable on my face, but in a couple of minutes, I wasn't thinking about my face anyway.

That spanking was like nourishment yesterday -- my body and soul drank it in, absorbing, greedily wanting more, limbs twitching and spasming. It didn't take long before the tears came. The good kind, the kind that wash away all the tension and the nattering and the emotional clutter. 

But of course, we weren't done. There was still Round Two. We moved to the ottoman, but first, he wanted to take some pictures. I was impatient to get on with it, as you can see by my face here:

He used the heart-shaped paddle for a while, which was challenging, as I'm still not up to par with my tolerance. At one point, I forgot that we were on the floor, not on the bed, and I pounded my fist, hard. @#$%&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn near broke my hand! Didn't get any sympathy from him, of course.

Steve takes some very bizarre pictures sometimes. I'm not sure what his motivation is. For example, what's this one about? Perhaps he was trying to show me I needn't have worried during those first three weeks when my hair was falling out like crazy. I certainly seem to have plenty left.

And then there was the moment when I accidentally rolled off the ottoman into a heap on the floor, and lay there laughing. He took several shots of that, which I deleted because I thought they looked goofy. However, this one is interesting in that you can't tell whether or not I'm wearing underwear. Can you?

Anyway, a good time was had by all. And afterward (Steve no doubt due to his lingering illness aftereffects, and me due to emotional release), we both fell sound asleep.

I ♥ this hand. I ♥ my top.


  1. Hi Erica -- I am so glad that you got the spanking you wanted and craved :-) That's AWESOME. :-) I know I need a good spanking. I am also glad that Steve has recovered enough to come over :-) What is he recovering from? I know I missed a few blogs :-( You look GREAT :-) Much Love and hugs always from naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean

  2. Jade -- Steve had a cold that turned in a bacterial infection. But he's better now.

  3. Sounds wonderful, Erica! I'm glad you got what you needed and that Steve is feeling better. I love the first and last photos! ♥ And, the fourth definitely looks like you lost your underwear somewhere. :-) I hope John is doing okay!

  4. Jay -- (pssst... they were on, but you can't see 'em) :-)

    John is hanging in there, but purely through force of will. I need to post an update soon, I think.

  5. I'm glad you got have that proverbial itch scratched nicely, Erica. I bet you slept better last night because of it. At least, I hope so.

  6. Glad you finally got to play again, and got what you needed!!

  7. I sure missed you Erica. I already know you know it, but I just want to say publicly that you are so important to me. You, my wonderful Bottom. Hugs and firm hand, Steve

  8. Steve -- you are very important to me too. :-)

  9. Erica, since you have recovered enough so you can be spanked once more on your bare bottom. Would you say, "A spanking a day keeps the doctor away". XXX Luv ya,

  10. Steve better - you too - and the spanking you deserved.
    Be happy!

  11. Six -- could be.

    MrJ -- at the moment, I am. :-)

  12. I love your adorable underwear-the strategic hike clearly offers no protection to your cheeks. :)

  13. Kelly -- Victoria's Secret Cheekies! :-)

  14. Spanking was like nourishment......I just totally love that phrase and says so much, thank you. Oh and love the panty.


  15. Ron -- it really is; it's like nourishment and oxygen.