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Friday, December 5, 2014


Here's the latest: me after six weeks. Again, a poor quality selfie, but you get the idea.

My smile seems to have returned. Reality check: This was just two weeks ago. What a difference! 

Still have a frozen right eyebrow and the red marks on my neck. However, am learning more and more about just how long it takes for complete healing. Nerves are tricky things. Still lots of numbness and discomfort, but I'm out and about now and back to the gym. Now, if Steve would just get well (poor thing has a horrible bacterial infection that has him sicker than a dog), I can get my spank on! Damn, do I need it.

OK, outta here for real now.


  1. You looked so amazing when Spankcake and I saw you the other night! You're healing up really well. :D

  2. Alex -- yayyyy! :-) I stare at this damn face every day... it's hard for me to tell what's changing and improving. So the feedback is much loved! (as are you)

  3. You look fabulous. But I have to chuckle at the sight of you wearing a SWEATER only because the intense heat must have diminished considerably on your coast. I live in sweaters and fleece jackets all winter, here. LOL

  4. Better and better! The smile is really back and I for one am glad to see it.

    Anon E. Mouse

  5. You are so beautiful, Erica! :-)

  6. Looking good Erica. Always loved your smile.


  7. Erica, resent photo's of you are so beautiful, I could rate them 'six of the best', and with all my heart, I wish I could deliver them to you, on that voluptuous naked rear end yours. Keep as informed about your surgical success, keep smiling, and keep on blogging those wonderful and one of a kind essay's that I love to read. .XXX Luv ya.

  8. Erica: If you really aren't a college student, you must be one of the young staff.

    I take to heart what you said to Alex R that it is hard to see what is changing. I'm going to brag on myself a bit as a way of encouraging myself to keep going.

    Eight month ago I finally listened to my wife's gentle insistence that she wanted me alive when she retired and my eating habits were not cutting it. The full story takes about 10 paragraphs, but here is the relevant nub: (not those nubs)

    I'm eating healthy, NO diet soda or anything else with artificial sweetners, lots of small meals, many foods that grow in or on the ground and very little meat, etc.

    The payoff: Ten days ago the dental hygienist (who cleaned my teeth right before the change) saw me again and said: "You have less inflammation." Last week my PCP ran the labs. Sugar down, all bad cholesterols down, good up. BP down. Various other baddies all down. Weight down 17 lbs. Today, my regular barber (someone else did the last couple of cuts) asked if I was losing weight! My wife has been claiming she sees a difference.

    Me - the only change I see in the mirror is nothing yet. So ... I have to put my trust in others and remember why I'm doing this. Slow change is worth it. In your case, the pictures are telling the tale.

    PS Don't let the guys know but this health food and small portions taste great.

  9. Kelly -- oh yeah, the heat is gone for now. We're in the chilly 60s! LOL

    Mouse -- me too! Thank you.

    Jay -- aww, thank you. :-)

    Ronnie -- thanks! ♥

    Six -- I will certainly endeavor to do so!

    Jon -- wow! That is fabulous! Be very proud.

    Al -- thanks. :-)

    DD -- me too; I had missed it a lot.

  10. Well Erica, that looks good - and complete recovery is nearby, especially if Steve feels better really soon.

  11. I see a lot of wonderful difference in just the two weeks! You are beautiful, Erica. And the smile is back! You didn't need to worry after all. I expect you will see more differences that you will be proud of as the healing continues.

    I hope Steve can get his groove on and tend to your other needs. Who knows but what a good spanking can speed up the healing process. We can hope, eh? We do know it can't hurt. Or does it? Hehe

  12. MrJ -- thanks. :-)

    Bobbie Jo -- thank you! My doc says my face will keep healing and changing for some time to come. He doesn't take the "after pictures" until six months after the surgery.

  13. You look BEAUTIFUL and FABULOUS :-) Erica, You are healing so very well.I am so glad your smile is back :-) I am so sorry that I haven't been around much, I am missing my Grandmother like crazy, since she passed away everything seems strange :-( she was my world.I am having such a tough time, I feel so alone :-( I had to go to the hospital 4 days ago, I have bronchitis and a cold, they put me on 40 mg of prednisone and it spiked my blood sugar VERY high :-( I am so glad that I took ny last 2 pills chest xrays show no pneumonia which is GREAT :-) I did a breathing treatment at the hospital and I do them at home with my own machine. I Love you, You're the BEST :-) big hugs from naughty girl Jade / Emily Jean

  14. Jade -- thanks. I'm so sorry for your loss and everything you're going through.

  15. Damn girl! I always thought you were and are lovely but this surgeon did a great job! So good to see a happy smile from you!