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Friday, December 5, 2014

UK: It certainly doesn't stand for "unlimited kink"

So I would imagine pretty much everyone in the spanko world heard about this week's new laws in the UK regarding restrictions in filming porn. Spanking and other related acts? No longer allowed. Which of course has a devastating effect on our friends producing video in the UK.

There is a ton of information about this situation out there, and also a whole lot of misinformation. For some thoroughly educational reads, I urge you to check out Alex's post here, and also three posts from Pandora Blake, herehere and here. In Pandora's posts, you'll find a petition that UK residents can sign, and a place where all other regions can file a complaint. 

It's disheartening, really. A huge step backwards, and a reminder of how much ignorance and narrow-mindedness we're up against. 

Yesterday, I was tweeting back and forth briefly with Pandora, protesting the new laws, and then some guy chimed in out of nowhere: "Its [sic] a great law. You broads should get decent honourable [sic] jobs."

I know better, kids. I really do. I know not to engage with fucktards like this. But I was in a mood. And you know how I am when I'm a mood.

So I tweeted back: "And you assholes can keep your opinions to yourselves."

Which then thrust me headlong into a cyber cesspool. He started bombarding us with tweets about "web cam tramps" who "spend half the day sucking cock" and how we have no morals, etc. Then it got personal. He pulled up one of my pictures (my face) and started insulting it.

As if that weren't enough, one of his cronies joined in. Reposted my face and tweeted: "Jesus Christ, is there really a market for granny porn?" The two of them proceeded to have a bit of back and forth, saying how pathetic and sad I am, trying to break into the "whore trade" at 60, and how I should be playing with my grandkids instead of trying to fuck them.

After I had a good cry, because I was just so fucking hurt and disgusted, I blocked and reported them both to Twitter. But it's my own fault. I never, ever should have replied to that first idiot. However, I have to admit that I'm proud of this tweet:

"You broads should get decent honourable jobs." Perhaps I should have been a scientist, studying how to ensure that jackasses don't breed.

Soooo... this is the kind of shit we're up against, kids. Some people really suck. However, I know the UK producers are not going to roll over for this. They will fight back. And they will have our support all the way.

(sigh) Think it's time to step back and go be with my love. Have a great weekend, y'all.


  1. Yes you knew better and yes you did it any way . Remember that cartoon character who said .... If I dood i get a spanking...... I dood it !!! lololololol 10 min in corner bare bum for not ignoring him :-P

  2. D -- I'd say having my face, my age and my proclivities savaged was punishment enough, thank you.

    1. yes it was . the comment was meant as tounge in cheek humor to get you to smile my dear . sorry if it offended you

  3. The new restrictions are ridiculous...especially after I read more about them on Alex's blog.

  4. Jay -- I'm just glad that Alex and Paul had a solution available to them, even though it wasn't ideal.

  5. Erica, its very sad, that from England, a country that put the phrase 'six of the best' so to speak on the world's map for the spanking community. Should legislate such a stupid censorship law. Of course we here in the good old U.S.A. must might such a law with all our hand. XXX luv ya.

  6. Six -- yes, and hope that the U.S. doesn't follow suit.

  7. Erica -
    Like you said, you know better! Often it is best to ignore the hate; remember it is impossible to engage in a civilized debate with the uncivilized.

    Sorry to hear about the insults. Can I just say that when I see pictures of you and Pandora the last thing I would think of is "granny porn".

    My tweet:
    "I'm glad you broads have the balls to publicly defend these decent honorable jobs. Such beautiful broads (with great asses) on top of that!"


  8. Goodness. Reminds me of Godwin's Law:

  9. Enzo -- (sigh) Yup, I know. My emotions overcame my brain. Not good. But thank you for the kind words. :-)

  10. Any kind of hit to freedom of expression is sickening. It surely must blow even more for people who make a living off of spanking content.

    If you read my loaded Fetlife comment to your recent post you'll see I'm going to respectfully disagree with you and others here who recommended you ignore those Twitter fucktards. People who behave that THAT is a consent violation by MY code of ethics and whatever fallout that bestows on those people-so be it. I'm glad you reported them.

  11. Alexis -- believe me, I get where you're coming from. However, the shitstorm that falls on me when I engage with the fucktards just isn't worth it in the long run. They're having too much fun and no matter what I throw at them, it just rolls off, because they don't care. Meanwhile, I'm bleeding.

  12. I saw this happen and was pretty thoroughly upset by it. I considered engaging, too (actually, so did Rafi when he saw how upset I was about it) but we decided not to encourage him. :/ I'm sorry you had to go through that. Thanks so much for the linkage. I <3 you!

  13. Alex -- live and learn, ya know? Except I seem to have to keep learning over and over! Thanks for caring, and I love you too!

  14. Erica,

    This jerk is just further proof that some people are irredeemable pieces of crap. And YOU, my friend, are further proof that - thank goodness - there are lots more who aren't.

    (Maybe he'll choke on a Hot Pocket while playing World of Warcraft tonight or something..)

    Love you,

  15. Dana -- yeah, one would hope. Thanks, sweetie.

  16. I guess the guy, in his 'comments' showed more of his fantasies than any of the movies he hinted ever did.

  17. MrJ -- dunno. He was a pig. I looked at some of his other tweets on different subjects and they made me want to throw up.

  18. Hi Erica -- I am VERY sorry you had to go through all that :-( it makes me very angry. That asshole had no right to hurt your feelings like that :-( I Love you. Why don't they mind there own Damn business, the UK has some of the BEST spankers.If they want to film spanking its their right.I know the UK will fight back, they will win :-) Hugs always from naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean

  19. Jade -- it's OK. Some people are stupid. :-)

  20. Some people frankly ought to be banned from the internet >:-/ One thing is to disagree with people, their oppinions and their life choices etc. Another thing is to insult and attack them personally and without the least bit of respect.
    The new UK law sucks on so many levels, and I'm frankly baffled that legislation like that still exist in a country like Britain. But I'm tempted to suspect that it's gone through because someone somewhere thought it would be a logical move to harmonize the law on two virtually identical products. Seen in that light, the change makes quite perfect sense. Unfortunately they just elected to harmonize the wrong way l:-/
    Hopefully someone in the UK govenment will see reason and get this garbage law updated to fit into the morals and society of the 21st century rather than the 19th century.

  21. Kyrel -- I sure hope so. I got a response back from my complaint message, and it was a bunch of buck-passing gibberish.