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Thursday, December 25, 2014

So, this is Christmas...

... and what have I done? Not a blessed thing. I have been felled with a cold. It started on Tuesday night and was in full bloom by yesterday. So today, as I did yesterday, I'm going to burrow in blankets, cough and sneeze, watch a lot of TV and be very quiet. Which is exactly what I wanted to do anyway (minus the coughing and sneezing part). I will probably push myself out the door to make a quick run to the pharmacy; last night when I dug through the bathroom drawer to find nasal spray, I discovered that mine had expired in 2012.

And guess what? Sure enough, John did receive a last-minute invitation (yesterday) for Xmas dinner with his family tonight. Big of them. Too bad, so sad, I'm too sick to join him. :-)

Things have settled down a bit after all the upheaval last week. My stepsister was driving me nuts, calling me once or twice every day, but now she hasn't called for the past two and I'm relieved. My stepdad had a will, and she said that I'm in it (which surprises me, considering I'm not his child, but that's the kind of guy he was) but I doubt he had much of anything left after all the years of my mother's care and then his own. It's OK. As for John's mother, that will be a lot more complicated, what with all her stuff and the money and so forth. I guess there will be a memorial sometime soon, but we'll deal with that when it happens. 

Before I got sick, I got to see Steve for some much-needed stress release. Even though I'd apologetically told him that I wasn't doing gifts this year, he still showed up with some chocolate cake and a gift card for Target. On the card, he'd written "To: TBBITW  From: YLT." Can you figure out what that means? It took me less than a minute. We had a wonderful session and he held me for a long time afterward. I crave the nurturing as much as the spanking, maybe even more so now. Then again, for me, spanking is part of the nurturing. Perverse creature that I am.

Oh, and another gift this week. After nine weeks of my right eyebrow being completely frozen, I have movement!! Not a whole lot, and nowhere near as much mobility as the left one, but it's coming back. What a relief! My doctor had told me repeatedly that it would come back eventually, that nerves take a long time to regenerate, and I believed him... but it was still unnerving, having a part of my face that didn't move. So now I really do feel like I'm on the road to recovery. The sides of my face and my ears are still semi-numb, but they also hurt, if that makes any sense. There's still a lot of healing going on. But I am so, so much better, my smile is fully back, and I no longer feel like the bride of Frankenstein. :-) Last night, John sang to me on the phone: "On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: Two working eyebrows!" Hey, I'll take those over the freaking turtledoves. What the hell is a turtledove, anyway? A dove that flies really, really slowly?

This year, Spank Chief John Osbourne took over the annual spanking awards that The Spanking Spot used to do. I had been nominated for best Creative Blogger, but because of everything that was going on with me, I didn't bother posting about it. I never win these things, nor do I expect to. Being nominated feels nice, though. Yesterday, he put up the first results with three of the categories. In Creative Blog, Alex won first place! :-) Second place was Pandora, another great choice. And third place? Yours truly. I couldn't be happier, honestly. It's lovely to be in such good company.

I don't know how long I will be cooped up here, because I don't want to expose John to my cold, so I may have to forego heading there tomorrow night. He is in such a weakened condition right now, and any illness, even a cold, would knock him down hard. But hopefully, we can have some fun soon. Meanwhile, I'm reflecting on friends and loved ones, and hoping everyone is enjoying their holiday, whatever they may be doing.

I don't have a current photo for you, so here's a festive one from last year. :-)

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me this past week. I wish you happy times and peace. Be good to one another. ♥


  1. Hi Mother Christmas, great to see you've got your nerves back. ;-) May life become more co-operative really soon!

  2. If you don't know - has all of the Carol Burnett TV shows on DVD for sale. Being an old male, I have a lot more interest in other parts of your body than an eyebrow, but happy you are getting everything working again. When you can, tell Steve we all love him also. Hope you and John do much better in 2015. Hal

  3. Hi Erica -- I am so glad that,you have movement in your eyebrow now :-) That is GREAT news. I hope your cold goes away soon :-( I am so happy that you won.I voted for you YAY :-) You look so BEAUTIFUL in that Santa outfit. Much Love and hugs from naughty girl Jade/ Emily Jean

  4. Super glad to hear about your eyebrow! <3
    And I still think you're a better blogger than I am, so there! :P

  5. Santa effed up!
    He was SUPPOSED to give you COAL...not a cold!

  6. Since no one else has, let me take a stab at what seemed obvious:
    To: The best bottom in the world
    From: Your loving top

    Feel better soon!

  7. MrJ -- gawd, I hope so.

    Hal -- thank you.

    Jade -- sweetie, I didn't win, but I did get third place. :-)

    Alex -- so there, yourself! The public has spoken! :-)

    Kelly -- Santa's a sadistic old buzzard, make no mistake.

    Pam -- you got it! :-D

  8. Erica, you look so cute in your Santa outfit. All you need is a warm red bottom to match it. Congratulations on being voted 3rd place, for creative blogger award. But you have earned 1st place in my heart. XXX Luv ya.

  9. Six -- that's very sweet, thank you. :-)

  10. Erica, congratulations on your placing in the top three for best creative blog. You deserve it!


  11. Hermione -- aw, thanks. Really good choices this year, including your blog!

  12. Hey, how are you feeling? That is great news about your eyebrow. Slowly but surely right?

  13. KB -- yup! This cold has really knocked me out, and there has been a crap-ton of drama with John's family lately, but I'm hanging in there.

  14. Just caught up on your blog - I'm so sorry to hear about your stepfather and John's mother. All my sympathies. Hope you enjoy your rest, make a full recovery from your cold and enjoy your new improved moving eyebrows! Sending loads of love to you and yours. xxx

  15. I know the answer! "To: The Best Bottom In The World" and "From: Your Loving Top" :-) at least that's what I came up with anyway. Congrats on the award and for eyebrow movement! Hope you are feeling better!

  16. Pandora -- thanks, love. It's been a crazy time for all of us, no? Big non-germy hugs to you and hope I can see you in 2015. ♥

    Jay -- yup! :-) My cold is getting better, finally. We had all sorts of drama with John's family over the weekend, but that's for another time. Hope you're doing well.